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The Legendary Man Chapter 889

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-“Create more God Realm cultivators?” Jonathan practically bellowed.

At that moment, he did not care about keeping it a secret. To him, the ability to create more God Realm
cultivators was of greater importance.

Currently, he was Asura’s Office’s sole God Realm cultivator, so he had to shoulder everything by

However, he often wondered how long he could keep it up.

The eight respectable families and Wilbur from Yaleview had him in their sights. Besides that, he also
had to worry about Jetroina, Remdik, and the West Region.

With the broadening of Jonathan’s horizons, Apocalypse from Anglandur and the Enlighteners, too,
began to enter his field of vision.

The current situation could erupt into an all-out war at any moment, and the lack of high-ranking
cultivators was the Asura’s Office’s most pressing issue.

If the coffin could solve that problem for him, Jonathan would no longer have to fret over that matter.

It would seem his trip to Remdik this time would require him to head to Western Epea.

“Mr. Coffin, if you truly have a way to get my subordinates to God Realm without any negative effects,
I’m all ears.”

“It’s not without negative effects.” The coffin’s voice rang out again. “I can only guarantee that your
people will not be affected by the Remdik Emperor’s blood. However, the effect it will have on their
elixir field is permanent. People who achieve God Realm with this means will end up in a situation

similar to Ksana. Their cultivation level will forever be stuck at the beginner phase of God Realm. They
can never go any higher.”

The smile on Jonathan’s face froze after he heard those words.

He had seen Ksana’s elixir field before. Although the coffin did not manifest directly, it should be aware
of the problem with her elixir field since its abilities were vast.

If they truly ended up like Ksana, the people who entered God Realm with such a method would be
stuck there for life.

Once they achieved God Realm, they would finally be at the threshold where they could finally see the
Heavenly Pryncyp. However, they could only look at it but never touch it.

To a cultivator, that was an unbearably cruel thing.

“The harm to the elixir field…” Jonathan hesitated to voice the rest of his question. However, before he
could finish, the coffin spoke up once again.

“Give up on thinking about how to circumvent the damage to the elixir field. There is no way to offset
the damage. If a person’s cultivation level is forcibly raised to God Realm, it is already going against
the Heavenly Way. If one does not work for their foundations and forcefully try to ascend, only a dead
end awaits them.”

The voice fell silent after that.

Jonathan stood rooted to the spot as he stared at Ksana with a somewhat lost expression.

Dorian, Tiger, Hades, and Andy…

The faces of the Eight Kings of War flashed past Jonathan’s mind.

They did not have Karl’s innate talent, and even if Jonathan helped them with their cultivation, they
would likely be unable to proceed past the advanced phase of Grandmaster Realm.

They were going to be Jonathan’s first batch of God Realm cultivators after he got his hands on
enough Holy Blood. While their realms would rise, Jonathan would be personally destroying their hopes
for a higher cultivation level at the same time.

Jonathan was at loss as to what to do.

“Jonathan?” Ksana called out to Jonathan weakly.

Jonathan came back to his senses and smiled. “Ksana, let’s sign a master and servant contract.”

Pricking his fingertip, Jonathan drew lines that interwove and entangled in the air.

With Jonathan at its center, a strange pulse scattered in all directions, completely enveloping the

Meanwhile, at Delisgar Ridge at Unnamed Mountain.

A figure flitted across the snow, followed by two figures in pursuit.

“D*mn the little sh*t from the Whitley family. How the hell is he so fast? He’s faster than a wild hare!”
yelled a sturdy man clad in a fur coat. He held an axe in his hand.

Although he appeared to be bogged down by his clothes, his movements were extremely nimble.

The instant he touched the ground, he was already up and meters away before the snowflakes that had
been stirred up by the airflow had even landed.

Winston was next to him with a billhook in his hand.

They had rushed here from the Leeson residence after obtaining Joshua’s location.

“Joshua managed to get himself to Doveston after escaping from the Salladay family’s and Wilbur’s
clutches. He must be quite capable. Be careful not to fall for his tricks!”

Tapping the dry branch under his foot lightly, Winston turned into an afterimage and flitted across the
mountain stream.

Just then, a gunshot rang from somewhere below them.

Winston dropped to the ground and instantly hid behind an ancient tree. He turned his head to look at
the man who had fallen to the ground and hurtled a palm-sized stone toward the hill.

The bullet from a sniper rifle traveled faster than the sound did.

It was meaningless to duck once the sound of the rifle firing was heard.

The stout middle-aged man’s right arm—the one that had been holding the axe—had been shot off.

“Winston! F*ck, it hurts so bad!” the middle-aged man cursed.

“Joshua already ran past here. How can he possibly shoot us from below? He must have an ally!”
Ignoring the middle-aged man’s pained cries, Winston fished out a long rope from his storage ring and
used it as a tourniquet to bind the former’s bleeding arm.

“Focus some spiritual energy on the wound to stop the bleeding so you don’t die so fast,” Winston
ordered coldly as he reached for the billhook by his side. “If you can no longer fight, go back and fetch
someone. If you can, stand up! I can’t go against the two of them alone.”

Winston strode to the front of a tombstone as he spoke. Joshua and a masked figure with a sniper rifle
stood on both hills overlooking the stream, surrounding Winston and the middle-aged man from both


“Joshua Whitley, I finally found you,” Winston said coldly as he gripped his billhook.

Behind him, the stout middle-aged man walked over with gritted teeth.

With a beckon of his left hand, an axe came flying over from the forest below the hill, a dismembered
arm still gripping it tightly.

The middle-aged man grabbed the handle of the axe with an icy expression as he glared at Hayden.
“You’re going to pay for what you did to my arm!”

He bit down on the arm that was still holding onto the axe, ripped it off, and kept it in his storage ring.

Joshua stared down at Winston before flicking his hand, a yellowed ancient book appearing in it.

It was none other than Troop Summoner, a spiritual treasure from the Whitley family that the eight
respectable families had been searching for over a decade.

“Winston, I can no longer stay in Yaleview now that the Whitley family has been destroyed. I only wish
to hide out in the woods for the rest of my life. Having fame and power in Chanaea no longer matter to
me. I only wish to stay here peacefully and live out the rest of my life. Won’t you show some mercy?”

Winston nodded in response when he felt the waves of spiritual energy from Troop Summoner. “In that
case, you can pretend I was never here. We’re leaving,” Winston answered with a smile.

However, the next moment, he lifted the tombstone next to him with one hand and hurled it toward

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