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The Legendary Man Chapter 888

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-Ksana felt a strong killing intent from the Heaven Sword that was
suspended before her.

Prior to this, she had witnessed Jonathan’s prowess before.

If Jonathan had not been injured, he would have defeated Paurius easily.

Thus, Jonathan’s combat ability was not something Ksana could ever hope to fight against.

Ksana shook her head slightly as she stared into Jonathan’s eyes. She raised both hands to show that
she had no intention of attacking and slowly took several steps backward.

“Jonathan, I finally managed to escape after all this time. I’ve been imprisoned by Sanctuary ever since
I was five years old. I’m not a threat to you. Please, I only have three months left to live. Please let me
see the world. I’m begging you…” Ksana pleaded before turning around and sprinting away.

“Bind!” Jonathan spat out the command coldly.

Bolts of purple light shot out from the chessboard, instantly restraining Ksana’s figure.

Jonathan’s hand clamped down hard on Ksana’s neck.

“Ksana, Coffin is one of my trump cards and is something that cannot be revealed to others. Do not
blame me for this.”

“I’m willing to sign a contract!” Ksana shouted.

Jonathan, who had been about to exert more pressure with his hands, paused briefly before giving
Ksana a puzzled look.

“Contract? What are you talking about?”

“A soul contract!” Ksana squeezed out the words painfully. “It’s similar to Chanaea’s blood ritual. If I go
against the condition of the contract, I will die a violent death.”

Ksana reached for the blade of Jonathan’s Heaven Sword and tugged at it. Immediately after touching
the sword, a dark red stain coated her right palm.

Spiritual energy surged as the blood on Ksana’s hands turned into interwoven tendrils before they
drifted toward the sky.

Soon after that, a complex oval-shaped arcane array was formed.

An odd fluctuation of energy descended from the sky, enveloping Ksana and the arcane array in front
of her.

“Esteemed lord of all beings, I hereby bequeath you my blood and offer up my soul for the contract. If I
reveal what I’ve seen or heard today, may you eradicate my soul, disintegrate my flesh, and turn me
into a reviled creature that can no longer hear your gospel.”

Following the incantation, Ksana pressed her wounded right hand on the sigil.

A cold wind blew as the sigil that was suspended in mid-air trembled as if it had come to life and
entered Ksana’s body.

Jonathan remained indifferent as he gazed at an exhausted-looking Ksana.

“Jonathan, I will be punished by the Pryncyp if the notion of revealing your secret even crosses my
mind. Before I can utter a single word, the Heavenly Pryncyp will strike me down. Would this suffice?”

Jonathan nodded slightly in response to Ksana’s bitter look. “Truth be told, I have no idea what you’re
talking about, nor have I ever seen such an arcane array. I find it hard to trust you.”

“What should I do then?” Ksana asked helplessly. Invoking the Heavenly Pryncyp took a heavy toll on
the cultivator’s essence. Not only does he not believe me, but he also stood there and watched as I
completed the ritual. Is he messing with me?

Jonathan was deep in thought as he pondered the dilemma.

He knew of sacrificial methods that could restrict a person’s movement. However, he did not know of
any that could prevent a person from speaking, let alone the ritual that Ksana described.

A method that can kill a person a moment before they intend to reveal a secret? Honestly, I find it hard
to trust her words.

“How about this? You and I will sign a master and servant contract, and you will follow me for the next
three months. After you die, I will deal with your corpse.”

After giving the matter some thought, this was the solution Jonathan finally came up with.

While the master and servant contract could not restrict Ksana’s movement as the blood ritual did, it
would give Jonathan complete control over her life and death.

After signing the master and servant contract, he would be able to cut off Ksana’s energy field and
circulatory system at will.

It was the most powerful method of controlling someone.

Ksana should have no reason to reject my suggestion.

However, Ksana shook her head slightly and sighed helplessly. “That’s not going to work on a cultivator
who comes in contact with Holy Blood regularly unless you’ve already achieved Divine Realm. A
master and servant contract will not work otherwise.”

“How is this possible?” Jonathan was doubtful.

Once again, Ksana shook her head. “You can try it if you don’t believe me. The Holy Blood contains
blood from the Remdik Emperor. Once it has assimilated into our bodies, it renders any forced
sacrificial contracts useless.”

“She’s telling the truth.” The coffin’s voice sounded in Jonathan’s mind. “The Remdik Emperor is
powerful. As long as a drop of his blood essence remains, it is impossible to force them to submit to
you unless you’ve already reached Divine Realm. If you possess a complete Pryncyp, you can eschew
it when signing a contract. Otherwise, any method you use to bind her to the contract will be completely
destroyed by the Remdik Emperor’s blood essence.”

Jonathan came to a realization after hearing the coffin’s explanation. In his heart, he also felt a deep
admiration for the Remdik Emperor who had been dead for over a thousand years.

The emperor has been dead for so long, and yet the blood essence he left behind is capable of
affecting a master and servant contract bound by Pryncyp.

He must have been an unrestrained and formidable man when he was alive.

If even Pryncyps cannot restrain him, then he must have achieved the legendary Half Immortal Realm.

“Mr. Coffin, is there no way I can control Ksana? Is there perhaps a spell that can erase memories?
You’re more knowledgeable in this aspect. Surely you would know of a method to break through the
Remdik Emperor’s gimmick. Moreover, I agreed to get you to Sanctuary in order to find the Remdik
Emperor’s heart. We need a guide. If Ksana dies, I’m afraid I’ll never find another.”

Jonathan attempted to coax the coffin. Although he made it sound like he had the coffin’s best interests
in mind, he was actually trying to reap some benefits from the latter.

Ever since Jonathan had obtained Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, he had been focused on his own
cultivation. Since he had an ancient relic stuck in him, he felt it a waste if he could not reap some
benefits from it.

As for the coffin, it did not hesitate for long before speaking. “I can help you temporarily block out
Heavenly Pryncyp so you can sign the master and servant contract with Ksana.”

Jonathan deflated when he heard those words.

However, the coffin soon continued, “If you help me steal the emperor’s heart, I will help you eradicate
the Remdik Emperor’s legacy from Holy Blood. You will be able to create more God Realm cultivators
without any worry then!”

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