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The Legendary Man Chapter 887

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-“Jonathan!” Ksana cried out in alarm as she approached Jonathan.
“You’re hurt!”

As she spoke, Ksana took out some medicine from her storage ring, intending to help Jonathan tend to
his injuries.

“Don’t touch it!” Jonathan gritted his teeth and exclaimed, “This is a lethal poison. If you touch it with
your hand, you’ll have to cut off your entire arm to save your life.”

Jonathan sat atop the chessboard and coldly warned her, instantly scaring Ksana from coming closer.

Jonathan controlled two daggers using his spiritual energy and enveloped his surroundings with his
spiritual sense. Then, he projected the situation on his back into his mind.

He had only encountered this poison once since he began his cultivation. It happened during a chaotic
time when he met a rogue cultivator in Mysonna.

Although the rogue cultivator’s cultivation level was only that of Superior Realm, he managed to break
through the encirclement of the Asura’s Office army with a mysterious weapon in hand, carving a
bloody path to escape.

By the time Jonathan and Dorian arrived, the rogue cultivator had injured nearly three hundred people.

Jonathan had managed to kill the rogue cultivator, but of the three hundred injured, less than fifty

Those wounded back then suffered an injury similar to his current condition.

Their wounds quickly festered, spreading throughout their bodies until they became a pile of rotten
flesh and died.

Aiden and Jason had managed to trace the origin of this poison.

It was called Deadly Poison, and it could only be formed slowly by a weapon soaked in blood and the
resentment of the dead for a long time.

The poison only appeared in the era of cold weapons. After all, only during such a time would there be
a situation where a sharp blade would reap the lives of thousands of people.

Modern firearms were disposable, and thus, would not lead to the formation of the poison.

It seemed that the arrows in Paurius’ hands were indeed a peerless weapon!

As Jonathan thought about this, he had already begun to control the two daggers, causing them to
dance rapidly in the air.

Behind Jonathan, strips of rotten flesh were continuously cut away by the daggers.

Even the unfussy Ksana couldn’t help but feel nauseous at the sight and turned her attention to
searching the body of the slain God Realm cultivator nearby.

In just a few dozen seconds, Jonathan had managed to clean the festering area on his back.

He even used a sharp knife to shave away the surrounding flesh from the injured area on his hand.

However, after cleaning up the wound, Jonathan’s brows furrowed slightly, and his expression turned

He could feel that the edges of the wound on his back were beginning to fester again…

“If you don’t help me now, Coffin, I’ll have no choice but to wait for death.” Standing in his energy field,
Jonathan called out to the coffin in an icy tone.

The coffin floated at the center of Jonathan’s energy field as weak tendrils of spiritual energy seeped
into it continuously. It was as though it had existed since the beginning of time.

“I need the heart of the Remdik Emperor.” An ancient, hoarse voice emanated from the coffin.

“Go to hell!” Jonathan waved his hand dismissively and rejected the request without hesitation.

“Seboxia, have you gone mad after sleeping for more than a thousand years? Any three God Realm
cultivators from Sanctuary could take my life. And now, you want me to get the heart of the Remdik

“Didn’t you hear that God, the leader of Sanctuary, is a Divine Realm cultivator?” Seated across from
the coffin, Jonathan spoke irritably. “It’s true that you saved me, but I can’t just throw my life away for
you like that, can I?”

“I chose you as my host in order to absorb life force through your hands.” From within the coffin, the
hoarse voice slowly rang out. “But so far, the life force you’ve expended has far exceeded what I’ve
gained. Since you’re unwilling to help revive me, there’s no point in keeping you alive. You may die


With a muffled thud, the coffin lid that had been sealed for over a thousand years seemed to have been
struck by something from the inside, and it slowly moved to the side, revealing a small gap.

With the existence of this gap, Jonathan felt his spiritual energy completely stagnate.

The vortex that had never stopped rotating since its formation was utterly frozen in his elixir field. In the
entire energy field, only the coffin could move.

The gap on the coffin lid had now widened to nearly a finger’s width.

Above the Divine Chessboard, streaks of purple light flickered continuously.

This was because Jonathan’s spiritual energy to the Divine Chessboard had been cut off, causing the
chessboard to lose its support.

And Ksana, standing on the chessboard, felt the change even more clearly.

Before this, Ksana had stood beside Jonathan and felt his vigorous vitality. It was like a leaping flame in
the darkness, impossible to ignore.

However, as the spiritual energy on the Divine Chessboard fluctuated, Jonathan’s vitality also rapidly

In just a few breaths, it became like a candle flickering in a violent wind, as though it would be
extinguished at any moment.

Ksana quickly moved before Jonathan and grabbed his wrist, her consciousness sinking directly into
his elixir field.

Manifesting in Jonathan’s elixir field, Ksana stared at the ancient coffin before her, somewhat lost and

Meanwhile, Jonathan, whose body had already become somewhat ethereal, could only smile bitterly.

“Oh dear, here’s another one to be sacrificed.”

Looking at the coffin, Jonathan could clearly feel his life force being rapidly stripped away.

“Against ancient creatures like you, we never had any bargaining power from the very beginning. So
what if I’m Asura? In the end, I’m still nothing but your puppet. I agree to help you find the Remdik
Emperor’s heart.”


With Jonathan’s words, the coffin lid closed gently, and a large amount of life force surged into his limbs
before the lid closed completely.

With a thought, Jonathan’s consciousness returned to his Anima, and Ksana’s consciousness inside
his body was also expelled.


Ksana’s consciousness returned to her body, and she wanted to ask him what the coffin was all about.
However, she noticed a sharp blade pressed against her forehead before she could say anything more.

Jonathan slowly got up, the wounds on his arm and back healing rapidly.

The life force given by the coffin was very limited, so only a little bit remained after Jonathan’s wounds
had healed.

This somewhat made Jonathan feel that the coffin was stingy.

Regardless, what worried Jonathan more now was how to deal with Ksana.

Jonathan would never have allowed anyone to explore his energy field if he had been conscious.

The coffin was one of Jonathan’s hidden cards and could not be revealed.

This was not only about life force but also his own safety.

If those old geezers learned about the coffin, I can already predict that the eight respectable families
would likely abandon Joshua and turn to hunt me down instead.

And that’s only the eight respectable families. If I include Seboxiasm’s Kenado and other forces…

He would probably be hunted down by countless God Realm and even Divine Realm powerhouses.

Escaping with a group of Divine Realm powerhouses chasing behind him—that scene would be
thrilling, to say the least.

For my own safety, Ksana cannot be allowed to live…

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