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The Legendary Man Chapter 885

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-Broken Bronze Handbell

As Ksana recounted her tale, Jonathan’s face grew as cold as ice.

The dispensation of a million-strong Remdik army was not for territory or resources but for some sort of
general’s tomb.

What is in this tomb that the tsar is willing to spend so much effort to acquire it?

Moreover, how is Ksana privy to this information, and what role does Sanctuary play in all this?

“Ksana, what else do you know? I want more detailed information,” Jonathan urged, his need for
answers growing.

Knowledge of Sanctuary’s and the tsar’s latest movements was of vital importance to Jonathan.

He could foresee the entire Doveston becoming embroiled in a tricky situation, and he would not be
able to find a way to break the deadlock.

Ksana understood the importance of this information.

In the past, she wouldn’t have betrayed Remdik and shared the intelligence, even if it meant her life.

But now, with only three months left to live, why should she care about such matters?

The nation, the citizens, these were inconsequential.

She herself was an experiment, after all.

“Sanctuary is very mysterious. I was supposed to be dead during the experiments, but somehow I
survived,” she mused. “They kept me as a sample for future experiments, and my role in the Sanctuary

was limited to routine patrols. Though I was considered a semi-core God Agent, I didn’t have access to
many secrets.”

“The only certainty is that Sanctuary’s establishment is closely related to the tsar. The God of
Sanctuary can even change the tsar’s decisions,” Ksana continued. “Jonathan, you saved me, so let
me give you some advice. You’re being targeted by Sanctuary, so it’s best to leave Remdik
immediately. Otherwise, you’ll face endless pursuit!”

Jonathan’s brows furrowed as he listened to Ksana’s words and the mysterious coffin’s whispers deep
within his elixir field.

That mysterious coffin had only one demand of Jonathan: the still-beating heart of the Remdik

It wanted that heart, and nothing less.

Ksana’s words were no longer important to Jonathan.

Instead, the enigmatic coffin’s voice drowned out her pleas.

According to Hossom, the mysterious coffin could very well be Seboxia’s incarnate.

So what does a being who’s been dead for over a thousand years want with the remains of another
legendary figure?

Ksana claimed the existence of many God Agents like her in the Sanctuary, with some even more
powerful and terrifying in their abilities.

As for God, his cultivation level was even more terrifying – he was a true Divine Realm expert.

Although Jonathan considered his skills formidable, even among his peers, he was just one man.

He knew he couldn’t stand against multiple God Realm cultivators, especially with the Divine Realm
cultivators joining the fight.

Back at West Region, Jonathan had merely acquired the complete Bloodline Pryncyp momentarily.

Even so, he couldn’t even withstand a single move from Damoyed and Kenado. Jonathan would
probably have been killed there and then if it weren’t for Blaze’s spiritual treasure.

It would be easier to just kill him with a single strike rather than send him to steal a corpse on the
summit of Mount Enly.

Jonathan muttered in a disgruntled tone, “I won’t risk my life for this. There’s no room for negotiation.”

Ksana, on the other hand, was detailing everything she’d seen on Mount Enly.

She paused, momentarily taken aback. “What?”

“What what?” Jonathan looked at Ksana in confusion.

“Just now, you said there was no room for negotiation, and you wouldn’t go to your death?”

Ksana stared at Jonathan with wide eyes.

At that moment, Jonathan realized that he had inadvertently spoken his mind due to his frustration.

Seeing Ksana’s puzzled expression, Jonathan rubbed his temples and shook his head.

“Never mind. Anyway, how much do you know about that general’s tomb?” Jonathan changed the

Ksana shook her head slightly.

“I don’t know much about it. The only thing I know is that they have been searching for the tomb for
over three hundred years, but there has been little progress.”

Three hundred years.

How complex can the situation actually be?


Jonathan wanted to ask more, but suddenly, a red light flashed on his watch.

Ksana’s gaze shifted to Jonathan’s wrist, and she saw him wave his right hand, extinguishing several
nearby flames.

He then used his spiritual energy to gather the ashes and throw them into a nearby puddle.

“What’s going on?” Ksana whispered to Jonathan in the darkness.

Jonathan stood up and walked toward the entrance of the cave.

“I placed three sensors on the only path leading here. The red light flashing means something is
approaching us.”

Jonathan’s words startled Ksana.

She put away the three bottles of Holy Blood and took a wooden stick from her storage ring.

Holding the Heaven Sword, Jonathan looked at Ksana’s wooden stick, somewhat puzzled.

“Is this your weapon?”


Ksana shook the wooden stick in her hand and said to Jonathan, “I found it in a snow cave on Mount
Enly. It’s very useful!”

Faced with such a simple-minded woman, Jonathan sympathized yet, at the same time, pitied her.

“If there are three of them, we have a chance of winning as long as you can take care of yourself.”


The whistling of something cutting through the air sounded soon after Jonathan pulled Ksana against
the cave wall.

It was that arrow!

With quick steps, Jonathan rushed out of the cave entrance, only to find two spears thrusting toward
his abdomen and head.


With a soft chime, Jonathan’s body was surrounded by a golden glow.

“Take this!” Jonathan roared and charged straight at Paurius while putting away the mysterious bronze

Previously, Jonathan had thought Paurius was a young genius, but through Ksana’s narration, he
learned that Paurius was actually a middle-aged man in his fifties.

The stark contrast in age and appearance instinctively repulsed Jonathan, and his attacks were


Jonathan’s Heaven Sword, infused with murderous intent, cut through the air toward Paurius.

Paurius, on the other hand, had a hint of mockery in his eyes. With a slight hook of his hand, Jonathan
felt as if a venomous snake had targeted him.

The strange bronze handbell appeared, and a faint golden light surrounded Jonathan.

However, just as the golden light formed, Jonathan felt a sudden pain in his back.

His spiritual sense indicated that the strange arrow had pierced through the golden light and stabbed
into his back.

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