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The Legendary Man Chapter 882

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-It was supposed to be the day they received their monthly portion of
Holy Blood.

The remaining thirty youths were given their respective shares. Only Ksana was brought away through
the backdoor when it was her turn to receive it.

The person who did so was none other than Paurius.

Paurius subsequently led her to a clinically white room filled with scientific equipment she could not

The moment she entered, Paurius and the others gestured for her to lie down on an examination table.

Previously, the children would undergo a checkup once every three months, but that was clearly not the
case then.

Just as Ksana lay down, she was immediately restrained by alloy cuffs.

Realizing something was amiss, she wanted to resist, but the doctor had already injected her with a

Even Ksana herself was oblivious to how long she had been unconscious. By the time she regained
consciousness, she was already inside a laboratory.

It was then that she heard about Sanctuary’s plan to create God.

All the children, including Ksana, were descendants of the Remdik Emperor.

It was just that their genetic connection to him had been gradually diluted over time.

Nevertheless, nothing was ever set in stone. Even though Sanctuary could not tell whom among the
children was genetically closest to the Remdik Emperor’s main bloodline, they had devised a way to
trigger the atavism within one’s bloodline.

It was none other than the blue-colored Holy Blood, which was retrieved from the corpse of the Remdik

The Remdik Emperor died more than a thousand years ago. Although his body had long been devoid
of life, and all that was left was a shriveled corpse, his heart continued to beat for some mysterious

Moreover, the members of Sanctuary discovered that by extracting the live flesh from his heart, they
were able to produce fresh blood continuously.

Despite the small volume available, the unending supply provided them with endless samples for

As for Holy Blood, it was the diluent extracted from the Remdik Emperor’s purified blood.

Previously, Ksana and the others only thought of Holy Blood as a medication that could enhance their
cultivation. Little did they realize its real purpose was to find out who could be genetically closest to the
Remdik Emperor.

To a cultivator, Holy Blood was a double-edged sword.

Whereas, for the common man, it could elevate one’s vitality but also act as a poison that would
exhaust one’s potential and innate talent.

For someone like Ksana, who had a high degree of compatibility, Holy Blood provided a significant
boost to her cultivation despite being harmful to her.

For example, Ksana achieved God Realm effortlessly.

Although Holy Blood allowed her to break free from the shackles of nature, Ksana could not progress
any further after reaching God Realm.

While listening to her story, Jonathan pressed his hand against her abdomen.

He then extended his spiritual sense into her elixir field with a burst of spiritual energy and observed
her energy field from within.

At that moment, an image of Ksana appeared inside the energy field.

“What are you looking at?” she asked.

“I’m observing the flow of spiritual energy in your energy field.”

Just as Jonathan spoke, an image of him slowly emerged right beside Ksana.

Then, he continued, “Our bodies are just like a sophisticated machine churning away. From head to
toe, our consciousness field, circulatory system, and energy field are the three most important
components. Before achieving Divine Realm, one’s vita is contained in the consciousness field, a place
brimming with our spiritual sense. Thus, every thought and action starts from the consciousness field.

“As for the circulatory system, it’s the bedrock of one’s physical body. The reason one cultivates
spiritual energy and the body at the same time is to ensure that they feed each other in a virtuous
cycle. For example, if you take a pail filled with water, you will need to strengthen the pail’s structural
integrity as your cultivation turns the water into gold. The same applies to our bodies. One that is too
weak will collapse under the weight of overwhelming spiritual energy, which will waste all of one’s

Pausing briefly, Jonathan could not help but think of Aetomoye in the West Region.

That old man cultivated his spiritual energy but not his physical body. Consequently, despite having
fully grasped Pryncyp of Blood, he exploded into mush the moment he achieved Divine Realm and was
completely stuck in the absolute phase of God Realm. If he hadn’t run into the mysterious coffin inside
my body, he wouldn’t have been able to make any more progress despite having an immortal body.
While that would be nice at first, he would end up becoming a walking corpse from the sands of time
wearing him down.

Every time those thoughts crossed his mind, he would feel a chill down his spine and remind himself to
take it as a warning.

“I met a man in West Region who cultivated his spiritual energy but not his physical body. Since he met
a miserable end, I hope the incident can serve as a lesson to you,” Jonathan said to Ksana in a solemn
tone. “As for the third point, it is the elixir field, the center of the body’s spiritual energy. The elixir field is
also the foundation of a cultivator, the place where all one’s energy intersects. If something were to go
wrong with it, it would negatively affect one’s future cultivation path.”

Although Ksana spoke Chanaean well, her proficiency was limited to daily conversations.

Therefore, she was left in a daze when Jonathan explained the mechanics of cultivation.

“Jonathan, I don’t really understand what you’re saying, but I guess you’re telling me that this place is
important?” she asked.


As the image of Jonathan continued to travel through the elixir field to scrutinize it, Ksana followed
closely by his side.

“However, there’s nothing wrong with my elixir field. I did not face any obstacles during my cultivation,”
she remarked.

Staring at the chaotic border of Ksana’s energy field, Jonathan turned around to face her.

“Nothing wrong? If that was the case, why aren’t you making any progress? Why don’t you use your
cultivation method now? I want to see how your energy field operates when you do so.”

If Jonathan had said those words to any other God Realm cultivator in Chanaea, they would have killed
him for it.

After all, the core of everyone’s cultivation method was the flow of spiritual energy in their energy field.

In Jonathan’s case, his energy field was like a vortex where the energy spun around its axis, similar to
the eye of a hurricane. Once spiritual energy entered from the outside, it would then be sucked into the
center to be cultivated.

That method was a lot more efficient than those who used the spiritual pressure of their energy field to
contain spiritual energy.

Ever since Jonathan achieved God Realm, the vortex would continue to spin even when he was not
cultivating. By doing so, it could continuously absorb the spiritual energy in the surroundings.

Although the automated operation was slow, it had the advantage of never stopping, even when he
was eating or sleeping.

That resulted in a significant compounding effect with the passage of time.

That aside, Jonathan’s scrutiny of Ksana’s spiritual energy flow was by itself considered taboo among

Nevertheless, she simply responded to his request with a faint smile.

After she hummed in agreement, her image gradually faded away. The previously quiet energy field
began to operate, complying with her will.

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