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The Legendary Man Chapter 884

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-Jonathan’s suspicious nature was something he himself could not

In fact, it was inevitable since he had experienced far too much throughout the years.

It was not that he was cruel, but the bloody reality forced him to doubt the motives of everyone who
approached him.

Ksana had also sensed the man’s solemnity by then and slowly stopped eating.

“What’s the second thing, then?”

“Secondly, it’s the direction you were traveling,” Jonathan replied placidly.

Subsequently, he continued, “You said that Sanctuary is based at Mount Enly. But Mount Enly is at the
borders of Remdik and Western Epea. Meanwhile, the train we took was westbound. If the truth is as
you claimed, and you fled from Mount Enly, you would either head west toward Western Epea or east
toward the barren area at Centum Mountain. On the whole, you should be moving away from Mount
Enly. Why did you take the same train as me, heading toward Saspiuburg, which is close to Mount
Enly? This isn’t an escape route. Instead, you’re offering yourself up on a silver platter.”

At his question, Ksana carefully put away the baked beans she had opened before downing a big gulp
of vodka.

After pondering for a moment, she asked, “What would you do if I can’t answer these two questions to
your satisfaction, Jonathan?”

“Kill you,” Jonathan answered unhesitatingly, taking out his Heaven Sword and plunging it into the
ground beside him.

Sensing the murderous intent emanating from the man, Ksana was not at all angered. Instead, she

She took a large swig of vodka and burped before stating, “Let’s start with your first question. Before
Paurius came out this time, he’d probably been baptized with Holy Blood.”

The instant Jonathan heard her response, a slight frown marred his countenance.

Isn’t Holy Blood drunk? Why is it now used for baptism?

Right then, Ksana did not bother keeping him in suspense but recalled every little detail about

“As I’ve said, the blue Holy Blood is a diluent of the purified blood extracted from the Remdik Emperor.
However, that isn’t the only thing extracted. There’s another substance, and it’s rumored to have the
ability to reverse time and restore one’s youth so long as the person can survive the baptism. The God
Realm cultivators in Sanctuary are divided into two types—those who have successfully been baptized
and those who have never been baptized. I’ve never been baptized and must depend on Holy Blood for
survival until my body is completely eroded by the poisonous elements within Holy Blood, and I slowly
die. On the other hand, there are others like Paurius. They survived the baptism of Holy Blood, and
their bodies will soon generate new vitality. They don’t need Holy Blood to sustain their lives. This
applies to the three children you saw previously.”

Her explanation at present boggled Jonathan’s mind.

Even though I’ve accepted the fact that the Remdik Emperor’s corpse still has vitality left, the usage of
his blood is downright ridiculous. Not only can it improve one’s cultivation level, but it can also restore
one’s youth, huh? In that case, It’s no longer blood but a drug of immortality!

Ksana did not bother about whether the man believed her but proceeded to answer his second

“I took the westbound train to avoid those from Sanctuary. Previously, I’d also wanted to flee beyond
Remdik’s east borders and go to Centum Mountain. But I only have three months left to live. What’s the
point even if I took off to Centum Mountain and survived? I might as well die.”

“Since you had already escaped to Redlington, why didn’t you head south and cross River Onxy to
enter into Chanaea? Then, you could’ve gone anywhere,” Jonathan pressed.

Shaking her head, Ksana sighed and lamented, “There’s no way I can survive in Doveston. Why do
you think Remdik’s soldiers suddenly gathered in Doveston? Do you really think it’s because of the
minerals there?”

“Is that not so?”

That abrupt question from her puzzled Jonathan.

As a relatively qualified strategist, he and those from Asura’s Office had long since analyzed the reason
behind Chanaea’s and Remdik’s mobilization of troops lately.

As both countries bordered each other on a vast stretch of land, there had been conflicts and frequent
battles since ancient times.

In the past hundred years, however, the situation between Chanaea and Remdik had stabilized due to
the rapid rise of Anglandur, which continuously supported the development of Central Epea and
impeded that of Remdik.

Other than the intense battle between Medved Army and Eastern Army that terrified the entire world a
decade ago, there had not been any large-scale exchange of fire.

Based on Jonathan’s conjecture, Remdik’s troops headed south that time around because they were
aware of Chanaea’s current state of affairs.

He surmised they wanted to seize advantage of the conflict between Yaleview Army and Asura’s Office
to occupy Doveston for the myriad of rich minerals there.

But as of then, it would seem from Ksana’s tone that there was some other reason behind the matter.

“According to the information I gathered, Jonathan, you’re one of the representatives of Chanaea’s
military forces. I really didn’t expect your thinking to be so simple!” Ksana exclaimed in surprise.

She then continued, “The north of Remdik is close to Aizkovos. It has the largest territory in the world,
but its population only stands at less than a hundred and fifty million. Verily, it’s spacious but sparsely
populated. Honestly speaking, we can’t even survey our own land for mines. How would we have the
time to bother about Chanaea’s mines in Doveston?”

Following her remark, Jonathan’s heart sank inexplicably.

Wars struck at a country’s economic resources, and that was also ultimately the reason they were

By then, Remdik had already sent four hundred thousand soldiers to the north of River Onxy.

That aside, there were still close to half a million troops ready to be mobilized anytime.

With such numbers, they could conquer eighty percent of the small countries in the world in a brief

Once war broke out, fatalities in Chanaea and Remdik would likely amount to hundreds of thousands.

If resources were not the reason behind such a tragic war, the true motivation behind it was bound to
be even more shocking.

“What exactly are Remdik’s troops doing, then?” Jonathan asked.

“I was considered a core member of Sanctuary back then, and I heard other God Agents speaking of
the matter. They’re purportedly looking for a tomb,” Ksana replied.

“A tomb?”


She cast her mind back carefully before she clarified emphatically, “It’s a tomb, seemingly belonging to
some general. I don’t know the details.”

A general’s tomb?

Jonathan looked at her in bewilderment.

The whole of Doveston only flourished after the great population migration in Chanaea three hundred
years ago. While there have been several renowned generals from Doveston in the past three hundred
years, their tombs aren’t that significant to start a war between the two countries. And even if there
were treasures hidden in there, it’d be far better to secretly dispatch a few God Realm cultivators to find
them than to have hundreds of thousands of people going over.

“Do you know the name of that general, Ksana?” he asked.

With a shrug, Ksana replied, “Sorry, but no. I’m not Chanaean. But I remember hearing a God Agent
say that the general alone could intimidate all the countries in the world, for he was a veritable

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