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The Legendary Man Chapter 883

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-Jonathan’s image, too, gradually disappeared from Ksana’s energy

Despite the lack of a physical presence within it, he could see every single detail of her energy field

As ripples began forming on top of the previously peaceful energy field, it felt as if a pebble had been
dropped onto the middle of the quiet lake.

Thereafter, waves of spiritual energy visible to the naked eye began to rage within her elixir field.

They rolled, settled down, and crashed against one another.

Every time the process repeated itself, plenty of energy was expended unnecessarily.

The phenomenon was similar to how a giant wave crashed onto the shore. When it began to recede, it
would create an opposite force that went against the waves coming behind it.

Although the force of the subsequent wave could not be entirely negated, it was enough for its
momentum to be diminished.

However, that was where it did not make sense. The energy that was supposed to be counteracted did
not disappear nor be reinvigorated.

Instead, it evolved, right before Jonathan’s curious eyes, into turbulent spiritual energy that flooded
toward the elixir field’s exit.

That was when he found the reason behind the intensity of Paurius’ spiritual energy.

Closing his eyes, he put his hand on Ksana’s abdomen. Both of them subsequently formed a
mysterious bond.

With his hand on her energy field, Jonathan could easily cripple her by sending a burst of spiritual
energy to disrupt the rhythm of her spiritual energy flow.

Conversely, it was also easy for Ksana to do the same, as Jonathan had immersed himself entirely in
her elixir field.

The situation was a testament to their mutual trust despite only knowing each other for less than three

One could not deny how mysteriously the world worked.

It was not until ten-odd minutes later that Jonathan finally retracted his hand.

Ksana dismissed all her spiritual energy before looking at him.

“What do you think? Is my elixir field still doing all right?” she asked.

Jonathan shook his head in response.

“No, it has reached its limit.”

“Its limit?” Ksana did not understand what he was saying.

“Yes, its limit.”

After pondering for a moment, Jonathan raised his gaze and asked, “Didn’t you say that you had no
progress ever since you achieved God Realm?”

Ksana nodded in acknowledgment.

Frowning, he took a deep breath and explained, “When I observed the flow of your spiritual energy, I
found it to be chaotic, yet it seemed to be constrained by its own rules. Its unpredictability is what
makes it unique. However, your elixir field isn’t showing any elasticity in the face of your raging spiritual
energy. Instead, it feels just like a wall made of metal, an indication that it has lost its vitality entirely.”

Jonathan downed a mouthful of vodka and added, “Holy Blood has not only placed a limit on your
physical body but also overstretched your elixir field in the name of strengthening it. You have hit the
ceiling when it comes to your cultivation. If you insist on breaking through it by force, your elixir field will
explode, causing your death.”

By then, his thoughts were no longer focused on the condition of Ksana’s elixir field.

Instead, he began to wonder if Holy Blood could be used on members of Asura’s Office.

The objective of Jonathan’s trip was for him to find Charleigh.

If he could convince Charleigh to return with him, that would be for the best. His second choice was to
kidnap the latter if push came to shove. In the worst-case scenario in which Charleigh could not leave
with him, he had to figure out how to obtain all of the latter’s research so that Jason could work on

Jonathan was willing to sacrifice everything as long as he could elevate the cultivation level of Asura’s
Office’s cultivators.

Otherwise, they would end up being massacred in the upcoming war.

As of then, Chanaea was incapable of defending itself against its foreign foes, be it the tsar of Remdik,
the religious factions of West Region, or Apocalypse of Anglandur.

Nothing would be better than if the eight respectable families and various large sects were willing to
combine their strengths to fight the enemy.

Unfortunately, uniting all of them was a task just as difficult as the current one Jonathan had on hand.

By combining the improvements he made in cultivation techniques with the spirit stones from the
Blackwood family, he would be able to produce many Superior Realm cultivators.

As for Jason, he could use Charleigh’s research results to mass-produce Grandmaster Realm

Back then, Jonathan assumed they had reached the limit of what was possible. Little did he expect
Holy Blood to open a whole new paradigm for them.

The two batches of cultivators that would be produced with the methods mentioned earlier were
capable of further elevating their cultivation level, but their chances of doing so were close to zero.

Under such circumstances, it was inconceivable that any one of them would reject the temptation of
leveling up to God Realm with the help of Holy Blood.

“As someone who’s dying soon, the condition of my elixir field barely matters to me,” Ksana replied with
a smile after putting her clothes back on.

Even though she was still being hunted down, she was experiencing true freedom compared to when
she was trapped at Mount Enly.

“Jonathan, do you still have any more of those peanuts? Chanaean food is really delicious,” she asked.

“Peanuts are delicious?”

Smiling wryly, Jonathan brought out a dozen vacuum-packed snacks with a wave of his hand.

“I have a variety of snacks here. You can have them all.”

He had bought them for himself as food reserves.

After being sick of having all sorts of opulent food due to his station, he felt that such snacks were the
best accompaniments for alcohol.

Right then, Ksana smiled gleefully at the pile of snacks she had never tasted before, ripped one of
them open, and popped some baked beans into her mouth.

Staring at the delighted woman, Jonathan put down the vodka bottle in his hand.

“Ksana, there are two things that I still don’t understand.”

“Go on,” Ksana replied while munching on the baked beans.

Staring into her eyes, he began to speak. “Firstly, based on what you said, you have seen Paurius
before. However, when he sat across from us on the train for almost an entire day, why didn’t you
recognize him? Instead, you only did so when he was about to strike. While I was fighting him, I seized
the opportunity to ascertain if he was in disguise. The result was that he wasn’t, so you should’ve been
able to recognize him.”

Throughout his utterances, he watched Ksana intently. If she were to show any signs of panic, he
would break her neck without any hesitation.

In truth, he had deliberately exposed his vulnerable spots to Ksana when he helped her examine her
elixir field.

He only dared to do so because the mysterious coffin was by his side. Regardless of how powerful
Ksana was, he would definitely not die at her hands.

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