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The Legendary Man Chapter 881

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-Jonathan decided that if the Remdik Emperor were still alive as he
had thought, it would be the right choice to return to his home country immediately and flee with his
friends and family.

However, just as he was ready to part ways with Ksana, her voice rang out again.

“The Remdik Emperor isn’t alive, but his body is in their hands. The vial of Holy Blood you’re holding is
the diluent extracted from the Remdik Emperor’s purified blood. It can make the cultivators’ spiritual
energy unusually active. If consumed on a short-term basis, it works similarly to the mortal world’s
stimulant, having the same effects as the drugs used to boost one’s potential in the cultivator world.”

“Then what if it’s consumed on a long-term basis?” Jonathan doubtfully questioned as the thought of
how he had wanted to gulp the liquid medicine crossed his mind.

Ksana took a bite of the ham she was holding onto. After a long while of rumination, she threw it aside,
crossed her arms to grab the hem of her top, and pulled it upward to remove it.

In the cave, Jonathan, sitting near the fire, stared dazedly at her fair chest.

Ksana was only wearing a brassiere at that very moment. Yet, what attracted his attention was not her
bosom but the black lines at the center of her chest that appeared and disappeared following her

With her head lowered and eyes fixed on her chest, Ksana sighed and revealed, “This is the side effect
of consuming Holy Blood for a long-term period.”

“Have you seen enough?” she then asked.

“No.” Jonathan got up, walked over, and crouched in front of her. “Let me touch it.”

Verily, his eyes were clear, and his gaze never roamed elsewhere. As he extended his right index finger
and lightly touched the black line on her chest, a threadlike surge of life force penetrated her skin, and
one of the intermittently visible black lines gradually faded.

Before Jonathan and Ksana could rejoice over it, that gradually fading black vein spread aggressively
toward her neck.

“What’s this?” Ksana exclaimed in fear.

Seizing hold of her neck, Jonathan whipped out a dagger and pierced it straight into her flesh.

As he used spiritual energy to seal the blood vessel above the cut, black blood spurted out from
Ksana’s wound and splashed right onto the rocks beside her.

That black blood had impressive agility, persistently spreading across the rocks as if it had tentacles.
However, because it had left Ksana’s body, it eventually lost its sustenance and turned into a pool of
black, gooey mess.

“Can’t you force all of it out?” Jonathan asked while eyeing the tainted blood with a frown.

Ksana forcefully pried open his arm, then promptly picked up the vodka and poured it on her wound.

“Using our words, we’ll say that this kind of blood has permeated my heart and lungs. But you
Chanaeans will call this invasion of the circulatory system. Simply put, I won’t live for long,” she

Ksana put on her top and continued munching on the ham.

“So, I’m not afraid of anything,” she added afterward.

Tears had brimmed in her eyes by the time she met Jonathan’s gaze again.

“That vial of Holy Blood you have can only let me live for a month longer. I still have two more vials;
they are my last lifeline,” Ksana stated.

With a wave of her arm, she placed the remaining two vials of Holy Blood in front of Jonathan and
continued, “I’ve seen many breathtaking sceneries online previously. I know there’s not only white snow
and cold oceans in this world. There are also clear blue seas and vast, boundless meadows. I thought I
would be able to make use of my last three months to go and take a look at these places, but I didn’t
expect that they would find me so quickly. If you want, I can give you all three vials. If I must keep
fleeing for my life, there’s no difference between living for another three months or only one more day.”

At the sight of the two vials of Holy Blood in front of him, Jonathan took out his and put it together.

He looked at Ksana and replied with a smile, “These are originally your belongings. Be it gambling or
drugs, I’ve always avoided them. Frankly, I still don’t know which organization you belong to after
listening to your explanation. Since you’re the Remdik Emperor’s descendant and have such an
impressive talent for cultivation, your status in Remdik shouldn’t be too low, no? Why would you end up
getting hunted down?”

A hint of gratitude flashed in Ksana’s eyes as she gazed at the three vials of Holy Blood on the ground.
Lifting her head to glance at Jonathan, she appeared less wary of the man before her at that point.

“The Remdik Emperor has already been dead for over a thousand and four hundred years. Even if I’m
his descendant, who would bother themself about that? Even I couldn’t care less about it. Besides, do
you think the Remdik Emperor only has a few descendants? Based on what I know, there are over two
hundred of them. It’s just that I have a bit more luck and a more profound cultivation level.”

While she recalled everything she had experienced in the past, she slowly redirected her gaze toward
Jonathan and remarked, “Jonathan, I never thought I’d meet you while running for my life. The past two
days I spent with you were the happiest days of my life.”

Ksana gulped down a large mouthful of vodka and quirked the corners of her lips into a smile as she
looked at him. “Forget about the so-called nation or its people. I’ve never had a home anyway. I shall
tell you everything I know today. If you ever make your way up to Mount Enly one day, I’ll consider that
as you avenging me.”

“Sure. Go on. I’m listening.” Jonathan cheerily took out two packets of peanuts, and with the help of
vodka, a hard liquor, he sat through the entire story.

Nonetheless, neither Jonathan nor Ksana, who believed she would die for sure, could have imagined
that their conversation that day would completely change Chanaea’s and Remdik’s situation.

In fact, from then on, the opportunities in Asura’s Office all came from the words Ksana had said out of

Munching on the peanuts, Ksana, under the influence of alcohol, began giving an account of the
organization behind her—Sanctuary.

The inside of the mountain under the main peak of Mount Enly had long been secretly emptied by the
members of Sanctuary.

Ksana and two hundred other children grew up on that mountain.

Starting from a young age, they learned about cultivation from a group of people known as God
Agents. Throughout the years, to stimulate those children’ potential, those God Agents fed them the so-
called Holy Blood all year round.

During the initial years, those children, despite being imprisoned on the snow mountain, did not have to
struggle with getting food and drinks. Other than mandatory cultivation, they led a rather free and easy

However, as those children grew up, they soon had varying cultivation speeds because of their different

Then, the God Agents began to split those children into two batches—the fast learners would continue
with cultivation, while the slow ones had to do miscellaneous work, or in other words, assigned the role
of a slave.

Ksana once witnessed her best friend being served a forceful slap that left her skull shattered, then
afterward being thrown off the mountain just because she dozed off from getting too exhausted from

Just as those children with higher cultivation speed were relieved and rejoicing over their innate talent,
something strange began to happen.

Ksana’s companions slowly disappeared one after another. They seemingly vanished into thin air
without any signs whatsoever.

Thereafter, those children never appeared again.

Finally, on one fine day about three years ago, Ksana was the one to disappear.

At that point, she finally understood the true goal behind Sanctuary, which was none other than
creating God!

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