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The Legendary Man Chapter 880

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-By then, Jonathan had brought the blue vial to his lips.

However, the coffin’s words frightened him so much that he halted urgently. Realizing what he had
almost done, he swiftly set the vial down.

Due to his body’s desire for the blue Holy Blood, he nearly consumed it instinctively.

Looking down at the vial in his hand, Jonathan discovered that the fragrant scent wafting from the
opening had gotten stronger.

It felt as though a woman was beckoning at him through a curtain of haze. Truth be told, it was a tough
invitation to turn down.

Stamping out the overwhelming craving for the blue liquid, Jonathan stuck the cork into the opening.

At the same time, Ksana, who was on the ground, abruptly opened her eyes.


A string of sparks ignited, casting bright golden scintillations in front of Jonathan.

Ksana gripped an extremely short dagger as she stood several meters away from him.

“Hey, I saved your life. Aren’t you being too cold-blooded for attacking me the second you wake up?”
he complained with a frown.

It was then that Ksana recognized Jonathan and finally dropped her guard.

With a light leap, she landed near the fire and took a cigar from her storage ring before picking up a
piece of burning wood and lighting her cigar with it.

The woman looked incredibly bold as she took long drags after long drags on her cigar, looking nothing
like the patient who was on the verge of death a while ago.

“You’re an interesting character. You nearly died earlier, and now you’re smoking a cigar as though
none of that happened. Are all Remdikian women like you?” Jonathan remarked.

Ksana tilted her head to look at him and inhaled a lungful of her cigar before passing it to him.

“Want one?” she asked.

“No thanks. I’m not interested.” Jonathan declined her offer with a wave of his hand.

Her attention then fell on Jonathan’s hand. Within his palm, the light blue Holy Blood appeared magical
under the illumination of the dancing flames.

Noticing her gaze, Jonathan rotated his wrist and kept the vial of Holy Blood in his storage ring.

Ksana smiled at his actions.

“You’d better hold onto that vial of Holy Blood tightly. With that thing, my life is in your hands.”

As she spoke, she placed her left hand on the ground to prop up her body before inching closer to

“Only Holy Blood can suppress my curse. With it in your possession, you can make me do anything,”
she added.

Jonathan stared at Ksana’s gorgeous face that was right before his eyes. He took a deep breath before
slowly saying, “Ksana, the cigar smell on you is overpowering. Could you maybe sit further away?”

At first, Ksana was stunned by his request but soon grinned as she returned to her seat.

She took two more puffs of her cigar before gazing at the fire and sighing.

“A person on the brink of death all year round has neither pride nor humility. The woman that you’re
seeing now is the real me.”

Ksana did not skirt around the truth as she told him about her past. Despite appearing unbothered, a
hint of agony flashed across her eyes.

“Ask her the origins of Holy Blood.” Coffin’s voice sounded in Jonathan’s mind once again.

Jonathan dared not delay the matter, so he put forth the question after a brief contemplation. “Ksana,
how did Holy Blood come about? What about the witch you mentioned earlier? What is that?”

“It’s not witch,” Ksana replied.

She then took out two bottles of vodka as well as a large piece of ham and set them down in front of

“This is made from human flesh. Do you want some?”

Jonathan eyed the bright red piece of ham and downed a mouthful of vodka.

“What is it then if it’s not witch?” he probed.

“It’s Alexievich, the founding emperor who united Remdik for the first time one thousand five hundred
years ago. He’s my ancestor.”

Ksana’s tone was casual, yet Jonathan was shell-shocked.

He was sure that he had heard the name Alexievich somewhere before.

Thanks to Ksana’s reminder, he finally recalled the renowned figure of Remdik.

Most people might be unfamiliar with the name Alexievich, but the Remdik Emperor was a prominent
figure in the course of history.

Instead of a human, the Remdik Emperor was exalted as a God in history.

According to the records, the Remdik Emperor was merely a lord before he became emperor.

The number of servants he had was less than one hundred.

At that time, there were many kings in the vast lands of Remdik, each having states and governments
of their own.

The Remdik Emperor lived in a small state under the reign of a tyrant.

One day, the tyrant king went hunting on a whim. As he passed the Remdik Emperor’s land, he took a
fancy to the latter’s wife.

Despite being a minister of the tyrant king, the Remdik Emperor could not bear the humiliation.

Alas, his powers were far too weak against the king’s army.

After a fierce battle, the Remdik Emperor’s servants were either dead or heavily injured. Having
witnessed the horrific scene, his wife slit her throat with a knife in front of him, which forced him to flee.

No one heard from him or saw him afterward.

A decade passed, and he returned. Upon his return, he first killed the lord governing the land he had
owned before freeing the slaves. Leading a troop with less than two hundred men, he charged toward
the capital.

It was recorded that the Remdik Emperor hovered in midair and destroyed the entire capital with a flip
of his hand.

For fifty years after the incident, he slaughtered hundreds of kings throughout Eastern Epea and
established a powerhouse that occupied Epea for nearly two thousand years—the current Remdik.

From a mortal’s point of view, the Remdik Emperor’s life might seem nothing more than a miracle tale
later generations came up with.

The historical records might be inaccurate, but cultivators knew it was a simple story of a mortal
becoming a cultivator to exact revenge.

However, soaring across the sky with a leap and crushing cities with a flip of a hand in merely a decade
was an incredible feat in cultivation. The truth to that story still had to be verified.

Regardless of the legitimacy of the legend, it was undeniable that the Remdik Emperor was one of the
unrivaled figures in the history of the cultivation world.

Yet, Ksana, sitting in front of him, had claimed to be a descendant of the Remdik Emperor.

Anyone in Jonathan’s shoes would find it unreal.

“The Remdik Emperor’s bloodline did not end?” Jonathan asked curiously.

“Wait, that’s wrong. You mentioned earlier that Holy Blood came from the Remdik Emperor… Ksana…
don’t tell me… The Remdik Emperor is still alive…” He eyed Ksana with an odd expression on his face.

Others might not think of that possibility, but Jonathan was an exception.

It was because the person sealed in the coffin within his body might be Seboxia, the one who founded

The interval from the organization’s founding date to the current year was around a thousand and six
hundred years.

It was a century earlier than the day the Remdik Emperor rose to fame.

Even if Ksana told him the Remdik Emperor was still alive, Jonathan would not be surprised.

This bunch of ancient immortals sure have remarkable tricks up their sleeves. But if the Remdik
Emperor is still alive, then the issue with Doveston is a moot point. A cultivator who lived for nearly two
thousand years isn’t someone I can afford to mess with, regardless of how untalented they are!

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