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The Legendary Man Chapter 879

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-Within Remdik, Mount Enly was a volcano that had lain dormant for
thousands of years in the Darlita Range.

At over five thousand four hundred meters high, it was the highest peak in Epea.

As a matter of fact, Mount Enly was the only volcano in the world with a height exceeding three
thousand meters, which was why it was dubbed “the World’s Furnace.”

However, that massive furnace had been completely carpeted with snow due to its proximity to

Notably, the volcano was a well-known restricted area in Remdik. Along with most of the Darlita Range,
it was a very mysterious spot in Epea due to the many losses of lives there.

Every year, countless adventurers journeyed into the mountain range, hoping to conquer it. Alas, they
all ended up missing and never walked out of it.

At that moment, a young man stood at the edge of an escarpment halfway up Mount Enly, silently
watching the snowfall.

Before the snowflakes could fall on the young man’s head, however, they would be repelled to the
sides as though an invisible shield was enveloping him.

It seemed like there was a hidden wind-like barrier around the young man, flurrying snow away from
him. Undoubtedly, it would be a mysterious sight to anyone who witnessed it.

Right then, a burst of spiritual energy rapidly approached the young man from a two-meter-square cave
behind the escarpment.

In a matter of seconds, an old man zoomed out of the cave and stopped behind the young man.

“Master, I’ve received word from Paurius.”

As the young man slowly turned around to face the old man, he dismissed the energy surrounding him,
allowing the snowflakes to land on his body. The moment the snowflakes came into contact with his
shoulders, they vaporized, emitting a sizzling sound of a water droplet on a hot pan.

“Did he manage to catch her?” he asked impassively while walking toward the old man.

With every step he took, the knee-high snow would swiftly melt beneath his foot.

Shockingly, those puddles of melted snow had long vaporized into steam before he lifted his feet.

“Paurius didn’t manage to catch Ksana, and she had already leaked the secret of Holy Blood to


Before the old man could finish his report, the young man arrived right in front of him.

Gusts of spiritual energy surged, radiating from the young man. Raging heat waves shrouded the entire
area, plunging the escarpment into a furnace in the blink of an eye.

Under the blistering heat, the surrounding snow quickly melted. The resulting liquid vaporized, and
those curtains of steam flowed up into the atmosphere, melting the falling snow.

The old man was forced to pull out all the stops— vehemently summoning spiritual energy—to resist
the overwhelming heat. Despite being a cultivator in God Realm, he still had a tough time withstanding
the scorching heat.

To prop himself up, he had his left knee and right hand on the ground. The droplets of sweat dripping
from the tip of his nose vaporized immediately the second they hit the ground.

At the same time, a burnt smell started to waft from the old man’s right hand.

The searing heat emitted from the young man had burnt through the old man’s spirit shield and singed
his palm.

“Master, Paurius already led his subordinates to pursue the duo. He said he was confident in bringing
Jonathan’s and Ksana’s bodies back to the holy land in three days,” the old man reported humbly as he
clenched his teeth to endure the agonizing pain.

The young man walked past the old man.

“Tell Paurius to end himself if Holy Blood is not within my sight in three days,” the former stated.

Once the young man had disappeared into the cave and the remaining energy pulses had dispersed,
the old man slowly rose to his feet.

He dropped his gaze to his right palm and noted the burnt flesh.

“You’re on your own this time, Paurius!” he muttered to himself.

In an unknown mountain range twenty-five kilometers from Gerrain River, Jonathan was hiding in a
naturally-formed limestone cave with Ksana in his arms.

At that time, Remdik had entered the dead of winter. The temperature there had stabilized at negative
thirty to forty degrees all year long.

Nevertheless, Jonathan was not afraid of the freezing temperature. After all, as a cultivator at his
cultivation level, he could handle even harsher environments with ease.

Ksana, who was lying in his arm, however, was still out cold. Her tumultuous spiritual energy could not
protect her against the freezing temperature.

In fact, her body had started to lose heat, and her breathing had also turned shallow.

Jonathan took out the timber he collected along the way from the storage ring and started a fire in a
spot sheltered from the wind. Once the fire was blazing, he carried Ksana closer to the fire and took a

A pucker formed between his brows when he took her pulse.

He could suppress the turbulent spiritual energy in Ksana’s body but had no idea what to do with the
black vein markings crawling up her face.

Deciding to deal with the solvable problem first, Jonathan forcibly pumped spiritual energy into Ksana’s
meridians. His spiritual energy, cultivated using Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, possessed an
incomparable level of purity. When his spiritual energy crossed paths with hers within her body, it stilled
hers in an instant.

In less than ten minutes, the previously-tempestuous spiritual energy within Ksana’s body had calmed

Despite that, without Ksana’s will, her spiritual energy was akin to a dead calm sea, silently lying in her

If it continues in this vein, she’s only waiting for death to come knocking.

“Coffin! Do you want to know the origins of Holy Blood? Then help me out by giving me some life

At his wits’ end, Jonathan negotiated with the coffin.

Due to the incredible healing nature of life force, he would often badger the coffin for it. Yet, the coffin
never once entertained his whining, behaving just like an actual inanimate object.

That time around, Jonathan was simply trying his luck when he asked the question. He was not hoping
for the coffin to agree.

Unexpectedly, the coffin spoke.

“It’s the Pryncyp of Curse. My life force can’t help her. Try that vial of Holy Blood.”

It was the third time the coffin had spoken to Jonathan. The previous times were to warn him not to
misuse life force.

It seems that Holy Blood must have a complicated origin since even this big shot is coveting it.

With those thoughts racing through his mind, Jonathan took out the vial containing the so-called Holy
Blood and fed Ksana a sip.

At the same time, Jonathan wondered what benefits he could gain in exchange if the coffin were to
force him to search for Holy Blood.

Holy Blood appeared light blue in color and had a faint coppery smell mixed with a flower fragrance. A
whiff of it would cause one to be inexplicably excited.

Even the spiritual energy within one’s meridians would flow faster.

The black markings on Ksana’s face faded slightly after she had taken a sip of Holy Blood.

Noticing her improvement, Jonathan hurriedly helped her sit up and fed her another sip. After she
swallowed the liquid, her breathing stabilized completely.

Plus, the deathlike pallor of her face had been replaced by the faintest flush of red.

“Although this thing can’t revive the dead as the life force does, it has similar properties,” Jonathan
commented while carefully studying the blue vial in his hand.

He then continued, “I wonder what it will do to me if I drink it.”

“If you drink it?” The coffin sneered. “Do it if you have a death wish!”

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