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The Legendary Man Chapter 878

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-“Ksana, you cannot escape. Come back with me to receive your
punishment!” Paurius shouted.

He and the two other cultivators had surrounded Jonathan and Ksana in a triangular formation.

The arrow that was clutched in his hand, which had been on fire only moments before, suddenly
became encased in a thin layer of ice. Ksana had only just managed to open up a gap in the ice, yet in
the blink of an eye, the arrow had done its work and the space was completely encased in a layer of ice
once again.

“Why are you not moving?” Jonathan shouted.

He pressed his palms on the glacier and directed his Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique to the water
flowing underneath the ice.

“Sacred Dragon, go!”

Jonathan’s cheeks were flushed as he raised his arms high. A huge gush of water shot up and brought
Ksana’s magical item up with it, seemingly carrying them away into the furthest reaches of the horizon.

Outside, Paurius and the other two summoned three strange-looking long sticks from their storage
rings carved with complicated patterns and stuck them into the ground.

As their spiritual energy swirled around the area, Jonathan felt a peculiar ripple surrounding him.

It’s a formation!

His expression grew grim when he realized their intention.

The formation was already in place. It would be easy for him to leave, but not for Ksana as she was still
flying midair.

“Divine Chessboard!” Jonathan growled.

He leaped out of the formation and tossed the chessboard in Ksana’s direction.

Before the formation could encircle them, the Divine Chessboard expanded, forming a huge
chessboard hundreds of meters wide in the air.


Jonathan held his hands together to form a hand seal, causing Ksana and the strange magical item to
be transported to the other end of the chessboard.

With that, Ksana was no longer trapped in Paurius and his helpers’ trap formation.

“You’re a f*cking cultivator! Can’t you save yourself?” Jonathan chided as he delivered a kick to the
weird magical item.

He had no choice but to save Ksana to ask about the origins of the Holy Blood due to the mysterious
coffin in his body.

Yet, the moment Jonathan made up his mind to protect Ksana, she behaved as if she weren’t even a
cultivator of Grandmaster Realm, much less a cultivator of God Realm.

Crack, crack…

As the ice cracked open, Jonathan thrust Ksana’s magical item into the river.

Having done that, he finally saw Ksana’s current condition.

The hatch door to the mysterious, enchanted item was still ajar, and when Jonathan peered inside, he
could see Ksana’s body stuck to the wall. Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be in a deep

Her face and neck were covered in red lines that resembled spider webs.


Jonathan used his spiritual energy to encircle the magical item as he leaped into the icy river.

Despite being in the space of the bronze handbell, Jonathan could feel a chill down his spine as the icy
cold water touched his skin.

Three vicious forces closed in on him from behind.

A whirlpool formed behind Jonathan, pushing him and Ksana along the current.

There were also countless needles stabbing into the water. If the bronze handbell hadn’t blocked the
attacks, Jonathan would’ve been impaled by the sharp objects.

“Wake up, Ksana!”

Jonathan reached into the hatch door and grabbed her hand. Mere moments after his spiritual energy
flowed into her meridians, he quickly retracted it.

The spiritual energy in Ksana’s meridians was too chaotic.

Her spiritual energy wasn’t simply flowing in reverse. It seemed as if her meridians had been
completely liberated from any sort of control or restriction based on his quick diagnosis earlier.

Her spiritual energy was wildly surging through her meridians without any direction.

As she wasn’t trying to cultivate, she shouldn’t be experiencing this.

The black veins and strange patterns on her face seemed to indicate that she had been poisoned, but
he wasn’t sure about that.

“Ksana, if you don’t wake up, I’ll have no choice but to leave you behind!” Jonathan warned as he
controlled the whirlpool to increase its speed. It was then Ksana’s fingers moved slightly.

A spirit stone fell out of nowhere.

Jonathan grabbed the stone and turned to Ksana. She was pointing weakly at an opening within the

Without hesitation, Jonathan pushed the spirit stone into the opening.

Immediately, the magical item started emanating a white glow.

He glanced at the front of the magical item and saw a sharp structure that had been formed by spiritual
energy. It resembled a bayonet.

“Place… your hand… on the spirit stone,” Ksana said weakly.

Sensing the three bursts of spiritual energy above him, Jonathan stepped on the whirlpool and entered
the hatch door.

As soon as his hand made contact with the spirit stone, he immediately knew how to use the magical

Without delay, he harnessed his spiritual power and channeled it into the spirit stone, releasing and
activating the spiritual energy that was contained within the spirit stone.

The magical item emitted a brilliant light as it flew across the river like a comet, leaving a magnificent
trail in its wake.

Above the glacier, Paurius and the other two sensed a huge burst of spiritual energy moving away from
them. They took on a serious, almost grave expression, and the air around them grew heavy with

Paurius hollered, “Get our men to search for them along Gerrain River!”

Beside him, one of the God Realm cultivators nodded and left to relay his order to the organization.

Meanwhile, the magical item Jonathan and Ksana were taking was about to lose control.

The spirit stone had the remarkable power to enable the magical item to traverse distances of a few
hundred miles with ease.

However, Jonathan had tapped into the full extent of its capabilities in order to escape from the scene.

They were traveling at remarkable speed, but the magical item could not withstand the intense spiritual
energy. In less than sixty seconds, the protection markings on the magical item began to fracture.

Losing the protection of the markings, the magical item started buzzing. It shattered into pieces after
traveling for thirty miles, causing Jonathan and Ksana to sink with its remains.

“Hang on. We won’t die!”

Jonathan held Ksana as they sank into the river. As the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was
activated, a huge palm pulled Jonathan, Ksana, and the remains of the magical item to the riverbed.

Above them, Paurius and the others flashed past.

Several seconds later, Paurius returned and activated his spiritual sense, using it to explore the ground.

“How strange. I sense the fluctuation of spiritual energy. Did they leave those behind?”

Confused, he turned to continue his search downstream.

A few hundred meters beneath the riverbed, Jonathan was moving swiftly with an unconscious Ksana.

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