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The Legendary Man Chapter 877

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-“You asked for it!”

Paurius moved his feet slightly. In the next instant, he had traversed dozens of meters to deliver Ksana
a punch.

Ksana remained completely still, her gaze locked on Jonathan as if she hadn’t even noticed the
impending attack.

It was clear that she was waiting for Jonathan to make up his mind!

Finally, right before Paurius’ punch could land on Ksana’s face, Jonathan made a move.

The chessboard beneath Ksana’s feet glowed brilliantly, and instantly, she disappeared from Paurius’

Jonathan took the bottle of blue liquid from Ksana without hesitation.

It can restore one’s youth? Is it truly possible that such a miracle exists?

Jonathan was highly skeptical of Ksana’s claim that the mysterious blue liquid was a miraculous elixir
capable of restoring youth.

As stated in the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique manual, even in times when cultivation resources
were abundant, no one had been able to concoct an elixir that could guarantee immortality.

In this current era, spiritual energy was scarce, so it was impossible to create a potion of such

It was the coffin in Jonathan’s elixir field that gave him the order to do so.

According to the coffin, he must get the blue liquid and ask about its origins.

Despite not knowing what that was, he knew that this was important as the coffin had spoken.

After all, inside the coffin was Seboxia himself who founded Seboxiasm over one thousand and six
hundred years ago.

Jonathan had no idea how he kept his soul intact, but his life force could bring back the dead, a feat
that filled Jonathan with admiration.

Judging from the coffin’s attitude, he couldn’t help but fear the unknown.

“Where did you get this?” Jonathan asked Ksana.

“Jonathan!” A black arrow of fire materialized in Paurius’ hand. “Sometimes, it’s wiser to remain
ignorant. Give me the bottle and kill Ksana, and I can pretend that I never saw you. Our organization
won’t hold you accountable for any of the acts you committed in Remdik.”

“What if I say no?” Jonathan kept the bottle of blue liquid in his storage ring and pointed his spear at
Paurius. “Should I ask her? Or can you provide me with the answer? I just want to know who created
the Holy Blood.”

“Alexievich,” Ksana revealed a strange name slowly.

Opposite her, Paurius’ forehead was covered with bulging veins, and he nervously ran his hand
through his hair before finally allowing himself to slump into a posture of complete relaxation.

“All I want is to get the Holy Blood back. I don’t want to create trouble. Why must you force me to kill?”

Standing on the chessboard, Paurius let out a loud roar.

Following his cry, two figures landed on the chessboard and surrounded Jonathan.

Two God Realm cultivators!

Jonathan felt his heart sink when he discovered their ranks.

If the chessboard focused only on defense, it could effectively defend against any attack from a God
Realm cultivator in a minimized state. If it were to incorporate elements of attack and change, it would
be able to control up to two God Realm cultivators in the center of the board. However, with four of
them present, Jonathan’s ability to withstand the onslaught was severely limited.

Jonathan possessed only a small portion of Pryncyp of Strength, yet it was a powerful weapon that
granted him immense might.

However, Jonathan was now outnumbered.

“Ksana, where is that person you speak of?” Jonathan continued asking coldly.

The coffin had ordered him to ask the question. Otherwise, he would’ve left without looking back.

The coffin’s obvious eagerness indicated that he had gotten himself into a tremendous amount of

“Watch out!” Ksana barked as she rolled to her right.

However, she appeared on Jonathan’s left.

Once again, Jonathan had come to the rescue by employing the chessboard’s formation, which served
to protect her from harm.

Paurius’ fire arrow missed its target. In frustration, he spun around and delivered a powerful kick to
Jonathan’s abdomen.

At the same time, two spears were launched toward Jonathan, and the ever-successful Divine
Chessboard was only able to withstand the force of the attack for a few short seconds before the

spears pierced through it, destroying it completely.


With a gentle tap of his foot, Jonathan sprang up and traveled dozens of meters in the blink of an eye.
He grabbed Ksana and made his way down the mountain.

“Use the river! I have a spiritual treasure!” Ksana yelled as she pointed at the glacier beneath them
while wrapping one arm around Jonathan’s waist.

“Go!” Jonathan shouted as he grabbed Ksana’s hand and tossed her down the mountain.

Before him, a figure appeared in a flash and surpassed him, heading for Ksana.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Jonathan hurled a thick rope from his grasp. The rope swiftly encircled the man’s ankle, and he
dragged him backward with great force.

However, the figure merely stopped for a split second before chopping off the magical rope with his
bare hand.

The momentarily lapse was enough.

An immense burst of spiritual energy penetrated the ground through Jonathan’s feet, and mud walls
materialized from the mountains, blocking the figure’s path.

Jonathan leaped up and gave a forceful swing.

Paurius and the other two had been occupied with demolishing the mud walls when, suddenly, the
walls transformed into a gigantic mouth and engulfed them all.


Jonathan heard Ksana calling his name at the foot of the mountain. When he looked down, he saw that
she had created a huge gap in the glacier that stretched at least several dozen meters in front of her.

Above the river was a strange magical item that resembled a huge bird egg.

Jonathan shot down the mountain while three figures leaped into the air, covered in mud.

“Let’s go!” Ksana yelled, stepping into the peculiar boat.

Jonathan took huge strides until he landed on Ksana’s boat.

Right then, he felt a tremendous force strike his back, causing him to lose his balance.

He soared through the air, passing over the boat below him. Soon, he regained his balance midair and
eventually touched down on the icy surface of the glacier.

“Go!” he instructed Ksana loudly.

After saying that, he finally realized that the weapon that had attacked him earlier was Paurius’ fire

The three descended rapidly, and the fire arrow returned to Paurius.

Jonathan found it familiar as though he had seen it somewhere before this.

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