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-“Now, let’s not be too hasty,” the young boy said to Jonathan with a
smile. “Our target this time is Ksana, and as for you, Mr. Goldstein, we don’t have the time for you

A burst of spiritual energy erupted. Jonathan didn’t plan on hiding himself any longer when the boy
addressed him as Mr. Goldstein as he unleashed the force field of his spiritual energy.

His cover had long been exposed since the boy could even state his name.

“Pryncyp of Slaughter!” The boy slowly stood up when he felt the Pryncyp emerging from Jonathan. “I
really want to know the true powers of the Pryncyp of Slaughter, but too bad my master wants me to let
you go.”

Looking at the boy, Jonathan aimed his spear directly at the center of the boy’s brows.

The both of them were a few meters apart, so Jonathan’s spear almost touched the boy when he
raised it.

However, the boy didn’t even bother to look at Jonathan.

“Ksana, you should know that Jonathan can’t protect you.”

Jonathan turned his head to look at the woman, who was just sitting on her seat as she ate the pasta

“I can’t play around if you’re like this, Paurius.”

After saying that, Ksana ate the final bite of her pasta, and with a flick of her wrist, the fork in her hand
turned into a ray of light as it pierced into the boy’s abdomen.

“Give me the item!” Paurius roared as he slapped away Jonathan’s spear before he turned and lunged
at Ksana.

An afterimage flashed past. Ksana turned and began to flee.

Just before she turned, two bloodied nails that were hidden in the back of her head flew out, aiming for
Jonathan’s and Paurius’ arteries.

Jonathan couldn’t believe that he had made an error in judgment. He didn’t know that Ksana was a
God Realm cultivator as well.

With a gloomy expression, he reached out and grabbed the flying nail.

This was the first time that an undercover master like Jonathan had been fooled for two days straight.
Only God knew how long Ksana would continue to trick him if Paurius hadn’t appeared.

Both Paurius’ and Ksana’s figures flashed past the train compartment and onto the next.

Where the two passed, the doors and windows shattered. The two people standing in the aisle
watching the show had even been crushed to pieces.

Jonathan frowned when he heard the screams from a distance.

He was now curious about the item they were fighting for.

The train continued moving forward, but little did the conductor know that the last three compartments
of the train had become a living hell.

A battle between the cultivators would make ordinary humans suffer.

A normal human couldn’t even withstand being attacked by weapons, let alone the power of spiritual

Paurius and Ksana’s fight had turned the second-last compartment into a living hell.

Watching as the people fled from the compartment out of fear, Jonathan walked to where the
compartments were linked. He waved his spear gently and severed the link that was attached between
the compartments.

After that, he leaped onto the top of the train and raised his spear high before slashing the

The last two compartments of the train immediately ran off the tracks and crashed into the forest.

The last compartments of the trains in Remdik carried essentials, especially if the train traveled a long

As for the people in the second-last compartment now, they wouldn’t be able to live or withstand the
spiritual pressure released by the two God Realm cultivators.

Two figures dashed out of the ruined compartment, and just when their feet touched the ground, a
purple light emerged underneath their feet and isolated the two of them from the rest of the world.

Jonathan had activated the Divine Chessboard.

He stood in the middle of the Divine Chessboard with a cold expression as he looked at Ksana while
holding his spear.

At that moment, both Ksana and Paurius said anything, but they knew they had fallen into Jonathan’s

“We had an agreement, Jonathan. I give you one million and you’ll send me to Mortling Castle. You
can’t go back on your words.”

“What I agree on sending is the Ksana who’s a Grandmaster Realm cultivator, but you’re a God Realm
cultivator. You need to pay me more if that’s the case,” Jonathan scoffed as he looked at her. “Since
you both already knew my identity, then there’s no point in me disguising myself anymore. I’m curious,
though. How did both of you confirm my identity?”

“Because the real Irving Zeigler is still active in Chanaea now,” Paurius replied with his hands down.
“Just like how you have spies in Remdik, we also have our spies in Chanaea, and you are one of the
most sought out person in our organization. Our people can recognize you the moment they see you
even if you have put on a disguise.”

“Your organization?” Jonathan looked at Paurius curiously.

Jonathan knew what was going on in Remdik as well because of the situation in Doveston.

Based on the information from Asura’s Office, Remdik was controlled by a few forces, but the forces
were not as open as the Eight Great Families in Chanaea.

In a way, Remdik was a highly centralized country, and the entire development and strategies of the
country were controlled by the tsar.

The tsar of Remdik was not inherited by lineage. Once a tsar was throned, the tsar would need to train
and nurture the next tsar to the throne, and when the power of the current tsar was at its strongest,
they would need to support the next tsar in line so that the next in line could succeed them.

Remdik practiced the abdication system, and because of that, the tsar never lost their power in

In this country, a tsar could annihilate any organization that was established.

It seems that the origin of this young boy is by no means simple…

However, Jonathan could basically confirm that the organization that Ksana and Paurius were in was
not under the tsar, and both of them were not Ivanov’s people either.

Otherwise, with the news that Jonathan had killed Antoine, the two factions would have already aimed
for his head.

Just when Jonathan was looking for a chance to retreat from the site of the battle and leave, Ksana
took out a small blue bottle.

“Jonathan, I’ll give you this bottle of Holy Blood if you kill him for me!”

“How dare you?” Paurius said coldly while looking at the blue blood in the bottle.

Looking at Jonathan, Ksana smiled. “I’ll die if I follow you back anyway, so what is there for me to be
afraid of now? Jonathan, legends said that this Holy Blood was from an immortal’s corpse. Those who
drink the Holy Blood can restore their youth, so I think you understand the value of this.”

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