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The Legendary Man Chapter 875

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-Jonathan and Ksana went through three rounds of inspection for the
remaining two days.

Thanks to the ideas from an undercover master like Jonathan, Ksana could completely leave her old
identity behind when she used her disguise technique to change her appearance.

Besides, with Jonathan by her side, those people wouldn’t be able to sense any spiritual energy from
Ksana even if they were standing before her.

During these two days, Ksana and Jonathan behaved like a real couple, talking about anything and

However, if someone were to dissect their conversations, they would realize there was no substance to
their conversations.

Jonathan was eating some beef jerky as he looked at the sunset outside.

He should arrive at Mortling Castle by midnight. Previously, he had contacted someone hiding near
Mortling Castle, so he could go directly to where Charleigh was last seen once he arrived.

“Irving, why are you eating beef jerky again? Your body won’t be able to take it,” Ksana said while
sitting opposite Jonathan with a plastic bag in her hand.

She took out what was in the bag, revealing two servings of pasta.

“This train is famous for long-distance travel in Remdik. The food here is exceptional as well. Do you
want some?” she offered as she pushed the other serving of pasta in front of Jonathan. “Try it. You’ve
been eating what you brought for the past two days. I don’t think your body can hold on much longer.”

Jonathan pushed the serving of pasta back to Ksana.

“It’s better to eat what you brought when you’re outside. The pasta smells great. You can have them to

Ksana didn’t say much after hearing that reply and just ate the food in front of her.

“Irving, do you really not want to come with me to Saspiuburg?”

“No.” Jonathan smiled. “I’m looking for someone in Mortling Castle, so why would I go to Saspiuburg?”

“You’re looking for someone? You sure you’re not there to kill someone instead?” Ksana played with
the fork in her hand and twirled the pasta with it. “I don’t know what you do, but I’ve seen many people
like you. You’re either an assassin or an informant. Judging by the situation between Chanaea and
Remdik, even an idiot should be able to tell what you’re doing here. However, I am curious about
something. Mortling Castle is close to Saspiuburg, and it’s located in the hinterland of Remdik, but it’s
not the administrative center. What are you trying to do over there?”

Jonathan chewed on his beef jerky while he looked at Ksana, and without any warning, he used his
physical energy to lock Ksana in place.

“Ksana, we’ve gotten along well for the past two days, but there are some things that you shouldn’t pry
into even if you understand the situation. Or else, as your boyfriend, I may only be relieved after I’ve
killed you.”

“Don’t worry. I’m just curious. I have no intention of reporting you,” Ksana replied with a chuckle. “Too
bad, though. You should be a God Realm cultivator based on the spiritual energy you used to suppress
me. You’d be a huge support if you’d help me.”

A glint of murderous intent flashed across Jonathan’s eyes as he looked at Ksana.

He had been trying to ask Ksana about her identity these past two days, but he didn’t get an honest
answer as a reply. He wasn’t even sure if Ksana was her real name.

For the past two days, they were people conducting searches, but they were all looking for a woman
instead. As for Jonathan, he was still able to board the train safely even after killing Antoine, and all this
seemed abnormal to him.

At that moment, Jonathan suspected that Ksana was like him, someone who was trying to escape, and
maybe that was why she tried to get close to him.

Sensing Jonathan’s killing intent, Ksana quickly put down her cutleries and said, “All right, I’ll stop
asking. We’ll go our separate ways at Mortling Castle in five hours.”

“Isn’t it too soon to go your separate ways at Mortling Castle?”

As soon as Ksana finished her sentence, a childish voice rang out.

Ksana and Jonathan turned their heads and noticed a young spectacled boy sitting in front of them.

The boy had freckles on his face and was around one hundred and seventy centimeters tall. He looked
skinny, and he was now looking at them in embarrassment.

“God Realm,” Jonathan said to Ksana.

The young boy had boarded the train and had been sitting quietly in front of them a day before, reading
his comic book. He was like any other ordinary passenger on the train as he slept and took his meals.

The boy was tall, but that was because Remdikians were mostly on the taller side. He was actually only
around twelve to thirteen years old.

No one would ever suspect a boy this age no matter where he was. After all, children like Donald were
rare and hard to find.

However, the cultivation level that the boy exhibited was of a God Realm, and this truly shocked

The boy was already a God Realm cultivator at that age. If he was a Chanaean, he would be
blacklisted and hidden away no matter which forces he belonged to.

Normally, one wouldn’t give birth to the child if it wasn’t from Divine Realm, but in Remdik, they could
walk out freely like this.

Is it true that the cultivation conditions abroad are better than in Chanaea?

“Ksana, give me the item and I’ll let you go,” the young boy said as he closed his book.

Jonathan was still sitting down with a strip of beef jerky in his mouth, and he could feel the physical
energy surrounding the young boy.

The physical energy seemed dangerous, and if Jonathan were to attack him now, the entire train would
be annihilated by their attacks.

Although they were in Remdik, as a cultivator, Jonathan didn’t want to involve too many mortals in this.

Not only that, but he wanted to know what Ksana, who had been with him for the past few days,
possessed that could even alert such a powerful force to intercept.

“It’s not with me,” Ksana said, then pointed at Jonathan while eating her pasta. “This is my bodyguard.
I’ll give you what you want if you can kill him.”

Immediately after Ksana said that, a dagger appeared in Jonathan’s hand, and he held it against
Ksana’s jaw.

“Sorry. I did say that I’ll protect you, but I won’t be your scapegoat. I have something important to do as

The boy took off his spectacles and said to Jonathan, “Your background is suspicious, so you’ll need to
come with me no matter what you need to do.”

After the boy said that, Jonathan could feel himself trapped in a cage made of spiritual energy.

“And if I refuse?” Jonathan’s right hand slightly moved, and a black spear appeared in his hand out of
thin air. “Well, I want to see if a snobby brat like you can make me stay!”

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