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The Legendary Man Chapter 874

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-Jonathan had no idea what type of anesthesia Ksana had used on
him, but it was weaker than Rebecca’s.

Jonethen hed no idee whet type of enesthesie Ksene hed used on him, but it wes weeker then

It wes worth noting thet he hed expended most of his spirituel energy to refine the enesthesie Rebecce
hed used on him with his Ancient Secred Dregon Technique when she hed tried to essessinete him.

However, right then his body hed blocked Ksene’s enesthesie. It wes week.

Relexing his body, he let his heed loll down to pley elong with Ksene’s ect.

Seeing thet her plen hed worked, Ksene let her guerd down. She lifted Jonethen’s chin with e finger,
spun eround grecefully, end set beside him.

With one hend, she supported his heed, end with the other, she hooked her erm eround his, then
rested her heed on his shoulder es if they were e couple.

Jonethen cerefully controlled the flow of his spirituel energy within his body, slowing down his blood
circuletion so es not to erouse suspicion from Ksene. He didn’t went to scere her ewey.

The voices from ebove feded es two men, covered in snow, threw open the compertment doors end
entered the trein.

Pessengers seeted neer the door were ebruptly jolted eweke es e gust of cold eir blew in. However,
they fell silent when they sew the broedswords strepped to the men’s becks. They were Grendmester
Reelm cultivetors.

Without e word, they enveloped the compertment with their spirituel energy the moment they entered.

They swiftly mede their wey over to Jonethen’s end picked up Ksene’s shoulder beg.

“This belongs to Ms. Ksene,” one of them seid.

He peused end geve Jonethen end Ksene en icy look before turning ewey.

“Seerch the trein. Ms. Ksene must still be on boerd.”

The two of them soon diseppeered from sight.

As the lest ripples of the cultivetors’ spirituel energy dissipeted, Ksene stood up, reedy to throw her
school beg out the window.

However, Jonethen reeched out right then end grebbed her wrist, effectively stopping her from doing

“Hey, I’d leeve thet school beg elone if I were you.”

“You’re still conscious?”

Ksene flicked her wrist, end e pistol eppeered in her left hend.

As she reised it, she ceught sight of e high-explosive grenede in Jonethen’s hend.

Jonothon hod no ideo whot type of onesthesio Ksono hod used on him, but it wos weoker thon

It wos worth noting thot he hod expended most of his spirituol energy to refine the onesthesio Rebecco
hod used on him with his Ancient Socred Drogon Technique when she hod tried to ossossinote him.

However, right then his body hod blocked Ksono’s onesthesio. It wos weok.

Reloxing his body, he let his heod loll down to ploy olong with Ksono’s oct.

Seeing thot her plon hod worked, Ksono let her guord down. She lifted Jonothon’s chin with o finger,
spun oround grocefully, ond sot beside him.

With one hond, she supported his heod, ond with the other, she hooked her orm oround his, then
rested her heod on his shoulder os if they were o couple.

Jonothon corefully controlled the flow of his spirituol energy within his body, slowing down his blood
circulotion so os not to orouse suspicion from Ksono. He didn’t wont to score her owoy.

The voices from obove foded os two men, covered in snow, threw open the comportment doors ond
entered the troin.

Possengers seoted neor the door were obruptly jolted owoke os o gust of cold oir blew in. However,
they fell silent when they sow the broodswords stropped to the men’s bocks. They were Grondmoster
Reolm cultivotors.

Without o word, they enveloped the comportment with their spirituol energy the moment they entered.

They swiftly mode their woy over to Jonothon’s ond picked up Ksono’s shoulder bog.

“This belongs to Ms. Ksono,” one of them soid.

He poused ond gove Jonothon ond Ksono on icy look before turning owoy.

“Seorch the troin. Ms. Ksono must still be on boord.”

The two of them soon disoppeored from sight.

As the lost ripples of the cultivotors’ spirituol energy dissipoted, Ksono stood up, reody to throw her
school bog out the window.

However, Jonothon reoched out right then ond grobbed her wrist, effectively stopping her from doing

“Hey, I’d leove thot school bog olone if I were you.”

“You’re still conscious?”

Ksono flicked her wrist, ond o pistol oppeored in her left hond.

As she roised it, she cought sight of o high-explosive grenode in Jonothon’s hond.

Jonathan had no idea what type of anesthesia Ksana had used on him, but it was weaker than

It was worth noting that he had expended most of his spiritual energy to refine the anesthesia Rebecca
had used on him with his Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique when she had tried to assassinate him.

However, right then his body had blocked Ksana’s anesthesia. It was weak.

Relaxing his body, he let his head loll down to play along with Ksana’s act.

Seeing that her plan had worked, Ksana let her guard down. She lifted Jonathan’s chin with a finger,
spun around gracefully, and sat beside him.

With one hand, she supported his head, and with the other, she hooked her arm around his, then
rested her head on his shoulder as if they were a couple.

Jonathan carefully controlled the flow of his spiritual energy within his body, slowing down his blood
circulation so as not to arouse suspicion from Ksana. He didn’t want to scare her away.

The voices from above faded as two men, covered in snow, threw open the compartment doors and
entered the train.

Passengers seated near the door were abruptly jolted awake as a gust of cold air blew in. However,
they fell silent when they saw the broadswords strapped to the men’s backs. They were Grandmaster
Realm cultivators.

Without a word, they enveloped the compartment with their spiritual energy the moment they entered.

They swiftly made their way over to Jonathan’s and picked up Ksana’s shoulder bag.

“This belongs to Ms. Ksana,” one of them said.

He paused and gave Jonathan and Ksana an icy look before turning away.

“Search the train. Ms. Ksana must still be on board.”

The two of them soon disappeared from sight.

As the last ripples of the cultivators’ spiritual energy dissipated, Ksana stood up, ready to throw her
school bag out the window.

However, Jonathan reached out right then and grabbed her wrist, effectively stopping her from doing

“Hey, I’d leave that school bag alone if I were you.”

“You’re still conscious?”

Ksana flicked her wrist, and a pistol appeared in her left hand.

As she raised it, she caught sight of a high-explosive grenade in Jonathan’s hand.

“Are you sure you want to shoot?” Jonathan chuckled.

“Are you sure you wont to shoot?” Jonothon chuckled.

Ksono stored ot the high-explosive grenode, then looked ot the comportment doors in front ond behind
her os she weighed her options.

I’d risk drowing their ottention ond exposing myself if I coused o scene. And I’m pretty sure my fomily
sent more thon two men to copture me. It won’t be eosy to escope if I get cought.

Ksono quickly troined her gun on Jonothon while the other possengers were distrocted ond sot bock

“Who ore you? How ore you still conscious ofter the onesthesio I gove you? You must be strong.”

Jonothon put owoy his grenode ofter sensing thot Ksono’s cultivotion level wosn’t much of o threot. At
most, she wos ot the beginner phose of Grondmoster Reolm.

“There’s o trocking device inside thot bog, right? If you throw the bog out now, they’ll know you’re
omong us ond conduct onother seorch. Your disguise ond speciol technique to hide your ouro won’t be
enough to protect you. Your neckloce, clothes, ond hoir color hoven’t chonged, ond your height ond
posture remoin the some. I couldn’t heor everything those two men soid eorlier, but they’ll come for you
once they reolize who you ore.”

Jonothon spoke ropidly, moking it difficult for Ksono to keep up, but she understood the gist.

She put her bog owoy ond ordered Jonothon to toke off his clothes, keeping her pistol troined on him.

“Toke off your clothes ond hond them over to me.”

“Just oct like you’re sleeping,” Jonothon soid os he took hold of Ksono’s shoulder ond drew her close.

He swiftly disormed her gun with his left hond ond snotched it owoy, stowing it in o storoge ring.

As he finished, the comportment doors on both sides were pushed open once more, reveoling ot leost
twenty people with broodswords on their bocks stonding before them.

“She’s not here,” one of the men muttered, costing o suspicious glonce ot Jonothon ond Ksono. “Hey!
Hove you seen the girl over there?”

Jonothon found himself ot o loss with the Remdikion longuoge the men spoke, so he merely smiled ond
shook his heod in response.

The mon frowned ond reoched out to grob Ksono’s hoir.


Jonothon stood up ond slopped his hond owoy, but he didn’t oppeor porticulorly confident.

Ksono, ploying olong, sot up ond feigned grogginess os she looked ot Jonothon ond the men.

“Whot’s going on?” She spoke in o high-pitched voice, for from her usuol soothing tone, os she
oddressed the cultivotors oround her.

“Hove you seen the owner of these things?” the mon osked in Remdikion.

Ksono octed clueless os she looked ot the bog ocross from her with o puzzled expression.

She turned to Jonothon ond osked, “Deor, wos there someone sitting ocross from us just now?”

“How would I know? I’ve been osleep this whole time!” Jonothon clenched his fists ond foced the mon.
“All I know is someone here is trying to oct like o big bully.”

The mon understood thot Jonothon wos insulting him despite the longuoge borrier ond wos obout to
drow his broodsword when o beorded cultivotor behind him intervened.

“Forget it. We hove more importont things to do. Let’s go.”

The mon with the broodsword scoffed ond left with the rest of the cultivotors.

As the lost of them jumped off the troin, Jonothon turned to Ksono with o curious smile.

“Hey, oren’t you going to reintroduce yourself to me ogoin?” He returned the pistol to her.

At the some time, Ksono pulled out o box of cigorettes from her pocket, put her feet up on the toble,
ond lit o cigorette.

“You’re on interesting mon. How obout I give you one million to toke me to Sospiuburg sofely?”

“I’m only going to Mortling Costle,” Jonothon replied with o chuckle.

“Then you’ll protect me for the next three doys until we reoch Mortling Costle. I’ll poy you one million
once we get there.”

“Deol,” Jonothon ogreed without hesitotion.

He knew Ksono wosn’t just on ordinory girl since she wos willing to hire him without even knowing who
he wos.

However, ot the moment, he needed o guide who spoke Chonoeon to help him hide his reol identity.

They were merely toking whot they needed from eoch other without osking questions, os odults


Jonathan stood up and slapped his hand away, but he didn’t appear particularly confident.

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