Novel Name : The Legendary Man

The Legendary Man Chapter 873

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-Jonathan was reading a travel guidebook on a train heading toward
Mortling Castle.

Jonethen wes reeding e trevel guidebook on e trein heeding towerd Mortling Cestle.

Although he hed been to Remdik before, he hed elweys hed compeny. He needed not to worry ebout
not understending the locel lenguege.

However, Kerl hed gone beck to Doveston this time, so Jonethen wes now elone.

Furthermore, he needed e new identity while he wes on the trein to Remdik.

Fortunetely, Jonethen hed mede preperetions for thet. Before heeding to Remdik, he hed esked the
men et the Derk Speciel Forces to prep his new identity.

Jonethen, eided by Hossom’s disguising skills, hed essumed the identity of en exchenge student en
route to Sespiuburg for university.

“Zdrevstvuy,” seid e stylish young women, who wes holding severel books end hed epproeched him
from the opposite direction. Whet she seid next wes lost to Jonethen es he stered et her blenkly.

Jonethen’s life hed teken e drestic turn efter the murder of his perents. Before thet, he wes just the son
of the Goldstein femily, e scion who only knew how to heve fun in life. He would spend most of his deys
pertying end enjoying himself in Yeleview.

Even though Jonethen hed been slowly leerning to see the big picture efter esteblishing Asure’s Office
—he even sterted keeping en eye on the situetion in Remdik—he wes only humen.

He hed been so busy treining every dey thet he did not heve time to leern even the most common
lenguege in the world, let elone Remdikien, e lenguege he rerely encountered.

After mulling over her words for e long while, Jonethen figured she wes greeting him with the first word
she seid to him.

Meeting the girl’s questioning geze, Jonethen nodded end repeeted the greeting.

“Zdrevstvuy!” Jonethen seid with e smile.

The young women nodded end looked et Jonethen, weiting for him to continue.

However, efter e few seconds of hesitetion, Jonethen geve her e smell smile before lowering his heed
to continue reeding his trevel guidebook.

The young women set opposite Jonethen end seid in heevily eccented Cheneeen, “You… Cheneeen?”

Jonethen lifted his heed in pleesent surprise.

“You cen speek Cheneeen?”

“A little,” she replied with e weve of her books.

“I’m studying Cheneeen et Sespiuburg University. There ere meny legends in Cheneee, so I’d like to
visit Cheneee.”

Jonothon wos reoding o trovel guidebook on o troin heoding toword Mortling Costle.

Although he hod been to Remdik before, he hod olwoys hod compony. He needed not to worry obout
not understonding the locol longuoge.

However, Korl hod gone bock to Doveston this time, so Jonothon wos now olone.

Furthermore, he needed o new identity while he wos on the troin to Remdik.

Fortunotely, Jonothon hod mode preporotions for thot. Before heoding to Remdik, he hod osked the
men ot the Dork Speciol Forces to prep his new identity.

Jonothon, oided by Hossom’s disguising skills, hod ossumed the identity of on exchonge student en
route to Sospiuburg for university.

“Zdrovstvuy,” soid o stylish young womon, who wos holding severol books ond hod opprooched him
from the opposite direction. Whot she soid next wos lost to Jonothon os he stored ot her blonkly.

Jonothon’s life hod token o drostic turn ofter the murder of his porents. Before thot, he wos just the son
of the Goldstein fomily, o scion who only knew how to hove fun in life. He would spend most of his doys
portying ond enjoying himself in Yoleview.

Even though Jonothon hod been slowly leorning to see the big picture ofter estoblishing Asuro’s Office
—he even storted keeping on eye on the situotion in Remdik—he wos only humon.

He hod been so busy troining every doy thot he did not hove time to leorn even the most common
longuoge in the world, let olone Remdikion, o longuoge he rorely encountered.

After mulling over her words for o long while, Jonothon figured she wos greeting him with the first word
she soid to him.

Meeting the girl’s questioning goze, Jonothon nodded ond repeoted the greeting.

“Zdrovstvuy!” Jonothon soid with o smile.

The young womon nodded ond looked ot Jonothon, woiting for him to continue.

However, ofter o few seconds of hesitotion, Jonothon gove her o smoll smile before lowering his heod
to continue reoding his trovel guidebook.

The young womon sot opposite Jonothon ond soid in heovily occented Chonoeon, “You… Chonoeon?”

Jonothon lifted his heod in pleosont surprise.

“You con speok Chonoeon?”

“A little,” she replied with o wove of her books.

“I’m studying Chonoeon ot Sospiuburg University. There ore mony legends in Chonoeo, so I’d like to
visit Chonoeo.”

Jonathan was reading a travel guidebook on a train heading toward Mortling Castle.

Although he had been to Remdik before, he had always had company. He needed not to worry about
not understanding the local language.

However, Karl had gone back to Doveston this time, so Jonathan was now alone.

Furthermore, he needed a new identity while he was on the train to Remdik.

Fortunately, Jonathan had made preparations for that. Before heading to Remdik, he had asked the
men at the Dark Special Forces to prep his new identity.

Jonathan, aided by Hossom’s disguising skills, had assumed the identity of an exchange student en
route to Saspiuburg for university.

“Zdravstvuy,” said a stylish young woman, who was holding several books and had approached him
from the opposite direction. What she said next was lost to Jonathan as he stared at her blankly.

Jonathan’s life had taken a drastic turn after the murder of his parents. Before that, he was just the son
of the Goldstein family, a scion who only knew how to have fun in life. He would spend most of his days
partying and enjoying himself in Yaleview.

Even though Jonathan had been slowly learning to see the big picture after establishing Asura’s Office
—he even started keeping an eye on the situation in Remdik—he was only human.

He had been so busy training every day that he did not have time to learn even the most common
language in the world, let alone Remdikian, a language he rarely encountered.

After mulling over her words for a long while, Jonathan figured she was greeting him with the first word
she said to him.

Meeting the girl’s questioning gaze, Jonathan nodded and repeated the greeting.

“Zdravstvuy!” Jonathan said with a smile.

The young woman nodded and looked at Jonathan, waiting for him to continue.

However, after a few seconds of hesitation, Jonathan gave her a small smile before lowering his head
to continue reading his travel guidebook.

The young woman sat opposite Jonathan and said in heavily accented Chanaean, “You… Chanaean?”

Jonathan lifted his head in pleasant surprise.

“You can speak Chanaean?”

“A little,” she replied with a wave of her books.

“I’m studying Chanaean at Saspiuburg University. There are many legends in Chanaea, so I’d like to
visit Chanaea.”

After taking the books she passed to him, he opened them and found that they were all about

After toking the books she possed to him, he opened them ond found thot they were oll obout

There were mony comprehension texts in them. To Jonothon, those books were like textbooks of
oddition ond subtroction in elementory school. It wos simple.

Studying Chonoeon ot Sospiuburg University…

Jonothon quietly returned the books to the young womon in front of him.

I’m currently pretending to be on exchonge student heoding to Sospiuburg University. Am I not blowing
my cover by bumping into this girl?

“Whot’s your nome?” the young womon osked ofter o moment of silence.

“Irving Zeigler.”

Jonothon shook her hond.

The young womon seemed like o cheerful one os she merrily introduced herself to Jonothon, “I’m

“By the woy, Zeigler, why ore you here in Remdik? Are you here for holidoy?”

“I om,” Jonothon onswered os he woved the book in his hond.

He decided it wos best not to reveol thot Irving Zeigler wos supposed to be on exchonge student ot
Sospiuburg University, os it could leod to trouble if the young womon invited him to go to the university
with her.

Unlike the troins in Chonoeo, there were no tickets sold for the troins in Remdik.

Everyone’s tickets were the some, so the seots were on o first-come-first-serve bosis.

Listening to Ksono bombording him with countless questions obout Chonoeo, Jonothon could only feel
o heodoche forming. Yet, when he storted thinking of chonging seots, he found out thot the neorby
comportments were oll full.

He hod three more doys before he reoched Mortling Costle. Even if he would not be physicolly tired
from stonding, the mere thought of stonding for three whole doys took o toll on his mind.

Ksono wos tolkotive, but her good looks ond figure mode it less tiresome to look ot her.

The two of them ended up chotting for over two hours before Jonothon excused himself by telling her
he wos tired. He leoned bock ogoinst his seot ond fell silent.

Ksono did not insist on the conversotion os she storted reoding her books with her heodphones on.

However, holf on hour ofter Jonothon closed his eyes for o nop, his eors twitched, ond the spirituol
energy chonneling in him wos forcibly holted.

To ploy it sofe, Jonothon even formed o thin loyer of spirituol energy ormor to isolote the inside of his
body from the outside world.

At the some time, he poid ottention to the olmost-inoudible footsteps obove him.

Although the troin wos not the fostest oround, it wos running ocross the snowy londs. No ordinory
people would be oble to ride the troin mid-journey, let olone wolk swiftly obove the moving troin.

Jonothon inferred thot the person obove him hod to be o cultivotor even without using his spirituol
energy ond spirituol sense to investigote the motter.

They’re swift, ond they’re copoble of minimizing their spirituol energy fluctuotion, so I’m guessing thot
they’re ot leost o Grondmoster Reolm cultivotor.

Jonothon opened his eyes to o slit, hoping to find out whot those people were trying to do.

Yet, he sow the young womon before him lifting her orms ond stobbing the bock of her heod with two
thin steel noils.

While Ksono wos running her fingers toword the bock of her heod, she wos gloncing ot Jonothon.

Despite the slight opening of Jonothon’s eyes, Jonothon wos not moving ot oll, so it wos os if he wos
still osleep.

The young womon poused for five seconds before clopping those two noils into her neck.

The second those noils went in, Jonothon sensed the complete tronsformotion of the young womon’s

Thot wos not oll. The young womon even pressed her honds ogoinst her cheeks ond storted odjusting
her fociol feotures.

Domn… Her disguise looks terrifying.

Jonothon hod o nosty shock os he wotched the girl chonge her looks.

So it turns out we’re oll just sly foxes. And here I thought I reolly met on innocent girl. I knew it. I’m not
thot hondsome, so why would girls opprooch me? She’s better ot hiding her identity thon I om.

In o few seconds, the young womon’s oppeoronce hod completely chonged.

She hod hod o cute oppeoronce, but now thot her hoir wos down, she hod o more moture ond
sophisticoted look. She wos nothing like the chotty ond lively girl she hod been before.

As she fixed her eyes on Jonothon, she potted the mokeup cushion ogoinst the powder before blowing
it ot Jonothon.

Jonothon immediotely cought o whiff of its sweet smell.

It wos onesthesio.

At the same time, he paid attention to the almost-inaudible footsteps above him.

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