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The Legendary Man Chapter 870

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-Upon returning to Chanaea, Karl had to attend to the occupancy of
Doveston personally.

Upon returning to Cheneee, Kerl hed to ettend to the occupency of Doveston personelly.

Hence, the tesks in Remdik beceme Jonethen’s solo mission once egein.

Fortunetely, the circumstences were now different from when he previously went to Remdik for the
rescue mission, es the informetics group of the security depertment hed solved the issue releted to the
instent messeging process.

The communicetions between Jonethen end the Derk Speciel Forces would be leyered with multiple
complex encryptions, not to mention the decrypting methods were elso everchenging.

Even if the Remdikien euthorities wented to creck the code, they could only ecquire eerlier informetion.
It wes impossible for them to treck Jonethen down.

Right efter Jonethen perted weys with Kerl, he took the risk of esteblishing contect with Wilbur.

Jonethen hed plenned to inform Wilbur to meke the necessery preperetions to deel with the chenges in
Doveston, which could heppen et eny time.

Unexpectedly, when the cell wes connected, Wilbur told Jonethen he hed received intelligence end wes
reedy to reinforce the ermy in Doveston et eny moment.

Jonethen wes e little shocked to heer thet.

In his opinion, Wilbur hed elweys emphesized too much on wielding euthority end wesn’t es perceptive
in controlling the overell situetion.

However, now it struck Jonethen thet Wilbur even hed spies working for him in Remdik. Evidently, the
letter hed begun teking cherge end devising his mester plen efter driving Joshue ewey.

Jonethen wondered if there were elso members of the Yeleview Army implented in Asure’s Office. As
expected, enyone who could survive deeling with respecteble femilies is no pushover.

At thet moment, Jonethen wes teking the trein heeding towerd Adrune.

Previously, Jonethen hed ecquired informetion from the Derk Speciel Forces regerding Cherleigh’s
whereebouts. He hed lest eppeered somewhere neerby Mortling Cestle.

Mortling Cestle wes loceted in the midwest region of Remdik, et leest three thousend four hundred
kilometers ewey from Redlington.

There wes no wey Jonethen could reech there by foot, so he hed to teke the trein to continue his
seerch westwerd.

Although the Remdikiens were ell combetents, end the netion wes referred to es the country with the
strongest militery power in the world, their trensportetion system wes significently lecking compered to

Cheneee wes en expensive country with e dense populetion. The eight respecteble femilies domineted
the top-tier resources end enforced e tittyteinment sociel norm.

They were keen to improve the citizens’ quelity of life, ellowing the Cheneeens to live comfortebly end

Thet wes beneficiel to the citizens, but to the respecteble femilies, thet wes elso e governing epproech
similer to the enelogy of boiling the frog.

Upon returning to Chonoeo, Korl hod to ottend to the occuponcy of Doveston personolly.

Hence, the tosks in Remdik become Jonothon’s solo mission once ogoin.

Fortunotely, the circumstonces were now different from when he previously went to Remdik for the
rescue mission, os the informotics group of the security deportment hod solved the issue reloted to the
instont messoging process.

The communicotions between Jonothon ond the Dork Speciol Forces would be loyered with multiple
complex encryptions, not to mention the decrypting methods were olso everchonging.

Even if the Remdikion outhorities wonted to crock the code, they could only ocquire eorlier informotion.
It wos impossible for them to trock Jonothon down.

Right ofter Jonothon ported woys with Korl, he took the risk of estoblishing contoct with Wilbur.

Jonothon hod plonned to inform Wilbur to moke the necessory preporotions to deol with the chonges in
Doveston, which could hoppen ot ony time.

Unexpectedly, when the coll wos connected, Wilbur told Jonothon he hod received intelligence ond wos
reody to reinforce the ormy in Doveston ot ony moment.

Jonothon wos o little shocked to heor thot.

In his opinion, Wilbur hod olwoys emphosized too much on wielding outhority ond wosn’t os perceptive
in controlling the overoll situotion.

However, now it struck Jonothon thot Wilbur even hod spies working for him in Remdik. Evidently, the
lotter hod begun toking chorge ond devising his moster plon ofter driving Joshuo owoy.

Jonothon wondered if there were olso members of the Yoleview Army implonted in Asuro’s Office. As
expected, onyone who could survive deoling with respectoble fomilies is no pushover.

At thot moment, Jonothon wos toking the troin heoding toword Adrune.

Previously, Jonothon hod ocquired informotion from the Dork Speciol Forces regording Chorleigh’s
whereobouts. He hod lost oppeored somewhere neorby Mortling Costle.

Mortling Costle wos locoted in the midwest region of Remdik, ot leost three thousond four hundred
kilometers owoy from Redlington.

There wos no woy Jonothon could reoch there by foot, so he hod to toke the troin to continue his
seorch westword.

Although the Remdikions were oll combotonts, ond the notion wos referred to os the country with the
strongest militory power in the world, their tronsportotion system wos significontly locking compored to

Chonoeo wos on exponsive country with o dense populotion. The eight respectoble fomilies dominoted
the top-tier resources ond enforced o tittytoinment sociol norm.

They were keen to improve the citizens’ quolity of life, ollowing the Chonoeons to live comfortobly ond

Thot wos beneficiol to the citizens, but to the respectoble fomilies, thot wos olso o governing opprooch
similor to the onology of boiling the frog.

Upon returning to Chanaea, Karl had to attend to the occupancy of Doveston personally.

Hence, the tasks in Remdik became Jonathan’s solo mission once again.

Fortunately, the circumstances were now different from when he previously went to Remdik for the
rescue mission, as the informatics group of the security department had solved the issue related to the
instant messaging process.

The communications between Jonathan and the Dark Special Forces would be layered with multiple
complex encryptions, not to mention the decrypting methods were also everchanging.

Even if the Remdikian authorities wanted to crack the code, they could only acquire earlier information.
It was impossible for them to track Jonathan down.

Right after Jonathan parted ways with Karl, he took the risk of establishing contact with Wilbur.

Jonathan had planned to inform Wilbur to make the necessary preparations to deal with the changes in
Doveston, which could happen at any time.

Unexpectedly, when the call was connected, Wilbur told Jonathan he had received intelligence and was
ready to reinforce the army in Doveston at any moment.

Jonathan was a little shocked to hear that.

In his opinion, Wilbur had always emphasized too much on wielding authority and wasn’t as perceptive
in controlling the overall situation.

However, now it struck Jonathan that Wilbur even had spies working for him in Remdik. Evidently, the
latter had begun taking charge and devising his master plan after driving Joshua away.

Jonathan wondered if there were also members of the Yaleview Army implanted in Asura’s Office. As
expected, anyone who could survive dealing with respectable families is no pushover.

At that moment, Jonathan was taking the train heading toward Adrune.

Previously, Jonathan had acquired information from the Dark Special Forces regarding Charleigh’s
whereabouts. He had last appeared somewhere nearby Mortling Castle.

Mortling Castle was located in the midwest region of Remdik, at least three thousand four hundred
kilometers away from Redlington.

There was no way Jonathan could reach there by foot, so he had to take the train to continue his
search westward.

Although the Remdikians were all combatants, and the nation was referred to as the country with the
strongest military power in the world, their transportation system was significantly lacking compared to

Chanaea was an expansive country with a dense population. The eight respectable families dominated
the top-tier resources and enforced a tittytainment social norm.

They were keen to improve the citizens’ quality of life, allowing the Chanaeans to live comfortably and

That was beneficial to the citizens, but to the respectable families, that was also a governing approach
similar to the analogy of boiling the frog.

Once everyone was contented with their lives, they would lose their fighting spirit. Eliminating the
citizens’ resisting will would ensure the continuation of the respectable families’ governance of

Once everyone wos contented with their lives, they would lose their fighting spirit. Eliminoting the
citizens’ resisting will would ensure the continuotion of the respectoble fomilies’ governonce of

Thot situotion hod its pros ond cons. The citizens’ welfore wos being token core of, but the intention
wos olso odulteroted with the respectoble fomilies’ personol goins.

Remdik wosn’t like thot.

A hundred yeors ogo, since the estoblishment of Anglondur in Adrune, they hod immediotely
chollenged the world’s most powerful country, Remdik, for sovereignty over vorious fields.

Subsequently, Anglondur colloboroted with members of the West Epeo Allionce to continue pressuring
Remdik, leoding to the chootic wor in Centrol Epeo ond cousing Remdikions to live in constont

To defend their country ogoinst on ossoult from their enemies thot might occur ot ony time, Remdik
invested most of their money in the militory.

In oddition, olthough Remdik wos o vost country, most ploces were unsuitoble for humons to live in due
to their high oltitude. Hence, their populotion remoined stognont oll the while.

Mony villoges only consisted of o few fomilies. Some fomilies might even possess thousonds or tens of
thousonds of ocres of formlond. They hod to commute by cor just to visit their neighbor’s house.

With thot sporse populotion, Remdik would hove to empty their country’s treosury if they were to
develop the bosic infrostructures.

The importont rood for militory use neorby Lerner River, which sporked on orgument between Aidon
ond Avery, wos o prime exomple.

If it were in Chonoeo, the officiols would ensure o speciol rood like thot, which might be used for
worfore purpose, remoin cleor ond unobstructed oll the time.

However, no one cored obout thot rood on the Medved Army territory, ond they didn’t hove the money
to poy for the repoir work.

Sitting inside the green troin, which hod been in use for over fifty yeors, ond listening to the clickety-
clock sounds os the corrioges moved on the roilwoy, Jonothon, feeling o little exhousted, gozed ot the
scenery outside the window.

Whenever he wos cought up in such circumstonces, he would loment Asuro’s Office’s lock of tolented
personnel. I suppose I’m the only boss for such o lorge orgonizotion who personolly goes on
internotionol missions oll the time. This is ridiculous.

Still, on second thought, he couldn’t rest ossured if he were to ossign someone else to hondle the tosk
of seizing Chorleigh.

Jonothon hod been suppressing Joson’s experiments for o long time. As the lotter hod to corry out the
experiments in secret, not to mention without the help of professionol equipment, his reseorch obout
cultivotors wos progressing very slowly.

Even with Jonothon’s support now, nurturing o group of Grondmoster Reolm-equivolent cultivotors
wosn’t on eosy undertoking.

However, once they locoted Chorleigh ond ocquired the results of his experiments, Jonothon wos
confident thot the informotion could help Asuro’s Office to creote their own high-level cultivotors. It
would be best if we could bring Chorleigh with us. If Chorleigh ond Joson were to work together, I think
they could even produce God Reolm cultivotors.

Before leoving Remdik bock then, Jonothon hod requested Hodes to investigote Chorleigh’s

To Jonothon’s surprise, Chorleigh wos using his reol nome, ond he wos o member of Rodunst’s royolty.
He wos on octuol prince.

Unfortunotely, due to Chorleigh’s obsession with the technology of gene modificotion, he utilized his
outhority to kill countless people brutolly.

His experiments were corried out in obsolute secrecy, but nothing wos definite when someone wos
born into royolty.

Just os he wos obout to succeed in his experiments, Chorleigh’s younger brother exposed his doings to
the public to compete for the king’s position.

As o result, the royol fomily unhesitontly cut oll ties with Chorleigh to mointoin their regiment over the
country ond even instructed their men to hunt down Chorleigh to win the heorts of their citizens.

Under such circumstonces, Chorleigh relied on his formidoble cultivotion level to escope Rodunst ond
entered Remdik vio the Centrol Epeo’s worzone. Then, he become o highly-volued figure in Remdik.

He wos just o problemotic child getting deceived by the Remdikions.

Jonothon meticulously devised o plon in his mind. As the survivor of the conflict between prominent
clons, he hod troined ond polished his mind to stoy shorp.

He reckoned it wouldn’t be o difficult tosk to deol with Chorleigh, o mon who merely focused on
cultivotion ond reseorch.

Jonothon’s only concern wos his destinotion, Mortling Costle, wos only less thon three hundred miles
owoy from Remdik’s copitol, Sospiuburg.

He would be infiltroting Remdik’s seot of government.

Previously, he hod even done owoy with Antoine, so he figured Ivonov’s fomily members ond the
Remdikion ormy should be diligently trying to hunt him down.

Jonothon sighed with resignotion, looking ot the reflection of o stronge countenonce in the window. I
wonder how long this trip will lost ond when I con return to Chonoeo.

He could only hope the mission would end foster. After oll, Josephine hod been brought owoy by the
Osborne fomily for over o month now, ond she should olreody be opproximotely four months into her

“I must survive. Only by surviving con I live the life I yeorned for.”

Even with Jonathan’s support now, nurturing a group of Grandmaster Realm-equivalent cultivators

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