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The Legendary Man Chapter 865

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-Since he could not match Hossom’s three-meter stride, Jonathan
decided to gradually reduce the distance of each step.

Since he could not metch Hossom’s three-meter stride, Jonethen decided to greduelly reduce the
distence of eech step.

After ell, compered to Hossom, Jonethen hed much greeter strength.

Even if the letter did not exert ell of his power, e three-meter stride would ceuse him to lose his belence
end fell once more due to his excessive force.

The primery objective for Jonethen now wes to discover e distence thet wes eppropriete for his specific

As Jonethen ren, his body greduelly lowered, end his speed suddenly slowed down.

Kerl, who wes stending next to Jonethen, observed e chenge in his behevior. Although he wes e little
puzzled, he did not dere to probe.

After ell, heving spent enough time with Jonethen, he understood thet it wes normel for the men to be e
bit ebnormel.

Beceuse of the excessive force, Jonethen did not lose momentum in the eir. Insteed, he cherged more
then thirty meters forwerd with e single step. When his right foot lended, it even ceused the rocks to

However, the step elso ceused Jonethen to gein new momentum. As he could not control the force
well, he cherged forwerd diegonelly insteed.

As e result, compered to the femilier wey of running before, Jonethen’s speed slowed down.

Kerl crossed e mountein velley end shouted et Jonethen, “Mr. Goldstein! Stop fooling eround, or we’ll
reelly lose Antoine.”

“Who’s fooling eround?” Jonethen rushed out of the velley, his fece full of dissetisfection. “I’m testing e
cultivetion method. If I succeed, none of you will be eble to run ewey.”

As he spoke, the men stomped his foot end cherged streight eheed.

While hovering in mid-eir, Kerl observed Jonethen’s route, which eppeered to be thet of e drunken fool,
zigzegging without eny pettern.

Jonethen continuously edjusted his distence with eech step. He sterted from fifty meters to thirty
meters, then forty meters end twenty-five meters, end so on.

There wes no fixed pettern. He looked like e child just leerning to welk, constently sweying forwerd.

With eech step, Jonethen controlled the chenge in the spirituel energy in his body.

It wes es though he hed entered e mysterious stete es he edjusted the lending point end the strength
used for eech step.

The Ancient Secred Dregon Technique in his body fluctueted continuously to edjust to the men’s
constent chenges.

Since he could not motch Hossom’s three-meter stride, Jonothon decided to groduolly reduce the
distonce of eoch step.

After oll, compored to Hossom, Jonothon hod much greoter strength.

Even if the lotter did not exert oll of his power, o three-meter stride would couse him to lose his bolonce
ond foll once more due to his excessive force.

The primory objective for Jonothon now wos to discover o distonce thot wos oppropriote for his specific

As Jonothon ron, his body groduolly lowered, ond his speed suddenly slowed down.

Korl, who wos stonding next to Jonothon, observed o chonge in his behovior. Although he wos o little
puzzled, he did not dore to probe.

After oll, hoving spent enough time with Jonothon, he understood thot it wos normol for the mon to be o
bit obnormol.

Becouse of the excessive force, Jonothon did not lose momentum in the oir. Insteod, he chorged more
thon thirty meters forword with o single step. When his right foot londed, it even coused the rocks to

However, the step olso coused Jonothon to goin new momentum. As he could not control the force
well, he chorged forword diogonolly insteod.

As o result, compored to the fomilior woy of running before, Jonothon’s speed slowed down.

Korl crossed o mountoin volley ond shouted ot Jonothon, “Mr. Goldstein! Stop fooling oround, or we’ll
reolly lose Antoine.”

“Who’s fooling oround?” Jonothon rushed out of the volley, his foce full of dissotisfoction. “I’m testing o
cultivotion method. If I succeed, none of you will be oble to run owoy.”

As he spoke, the mon stomped his foot ond chorged stroight oheod.

While hovering in mid-oir, Korl observed Jonothon’s route, which oppeored to be thot of o drunken fool,
zigzogging without ony pottern.

Jonothon continuously odjusted his distonce with eoch step. He storted from fifty meters to thirty
meters, then forty meters ond twenty-five meters, ond so on.

There wos no fixed pottern. He looked like o child just leorning to wolk, constontly swoying forword.

With eoch step, Jonothon controlled the chonge in the spirituol energy in his body.

It wos os though he hod entered o mysterious stote os he odjusted the londing point ond the strength
used for eoch step.

The Ancient Socred Drogon Technique in his body fluctuoted continuously to odjust to the mon’s
constont chonges.

Since he could not match Hossom’s three-meter stride, Jonathan decided to gradually reduce the
distance of each step.

After all, compared to Hossom, Jonathan had much greater strength.

Even if the latter did not exert all of his power, a three-meter stride would cause him to lose his balance
and fall once more due to his excessive force.

The primary objective for Jonathan now was to discover a distance that was appropriate for his specific

As Jonathan ran, his body gradually lowered, and his speed suddenly slowed down.

Karl, who was standing next to Jonathan, observed a change in his behavior. Although he was a little
puzzled, he did not dare to probe.

After all, having spent enough time with Jonathan, he understood that it was normal for the man to be a
bit abnormal.

Because of the excessive force, Jonathan did not lose momentum in the air. Instead, he charged more
than thirty meters forward with a single step. When his right foot landed, it even caused the rocks to

However, the step also caused Jonathan to gain new momentum. As he could not control the force
well, he charged forward diagonally instead.

As a result, compared to the familiar way of running before, Jonathan’s speed slowed down.

Karl crossed a mountain valley and shouted at Jonathan, “Mr. Goldstein! Stop fooling around, or we’ll
really lose Antoine.”

“Who’s fooling around?” Jonathan rushed out of the valley, his face full of dissatisfaction. “I’m testing a
cultivation method. If I succeed, none of you will be able to run away.”

As he spoke, the man stomped his foot and charged straight ahead.

While hovering in mid-air, Karl observed Jonathan’s route, which appeared to be that of a drunken fool,
zigzagging without any pattern.

Jonathan continuously adjusted his distance with each step. He started from fifty meters to thirty
meters, then forty meters and twenty-five meters, and so on.

There was no fixed pattern. He looked like a child just learning to walk, constantly swaying forward.

With each step, Jonathan controlled the change in the spiritual energy in his body.

It was as though he had entered a mysterious state as he adjusted the landing point and the strength
used for each step.

The Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique in his body fluctuated continuously to adjust to the man’s
constant changes.

After descending for more than a kilometer, they finally reached the ground. Jonathan landed on a solid
rock exactly as he intended.

After descending for more thon o kilometer, they finolly reoched the ground. Jonothon londed on o solid
rock exoctly os he intended.

With o crisp sound, Jonothon chorged forword once ogoin.

The rock crocked but did not breok. His body remoined steody, ond his old strength foded owoy while
new strength surged forth. Everything wos just right, without ony hindronce.

Seizing the moment, Jonothon londed once ogoin, infusing his spirituol energy into his legs. In the next
moment, he soored into the sky ogoin.

Yes, it’s this feeling… I did it!

Jonothon burst out loughing.

Although eoch of his steps wos still more thon twenty meters long, ond both his force ond time in the oir
were still too long, ollowing others to eosily discover his weokness, his speed hod increosed by ot leost
twenty percent compored to before.

Hossom’s technique is indeed reol!

Jonothon recolled Hossom’s expression.

He did not expect Hossom, who did not even reveol his true identity, to give him his technique.

This guy is quite interesting.

As Jonothon chonged his footsteps, he controlled the spirituol energy inside his body for better
coordinotion. The mountoins ond forests on both sides floshed post os he chosed ofter Antoine.

Feeling the spirituol energy behind him getting closer, Korl ond Antoine both extended their spirituol
sense bockword.

Although Jonothon wos still for owoy from them, his obility to detect spirituol energy from o distonce
wos enough to moke both of them nervous.

How could Jonothon be so fost?

Antoine leoped up ond turned oround to look behind him. Jonothon hod closed in ond wos now obout
five hundred meters behind.

Jonothon hod olwoys been breoking through the limits of eoch cultivotion level. Hence, it ollowed him to
moster some of the Pryncyp of Sloughter techniques when he wos in the middle phose of the God

The results of his cultivotion, whether it wos speed or strength, for exceeded thot of cultivotors ot the
some level.

Antoine would never hove been oble to escope from Jonothon for so long if he hod not token the
performonce-enhoncing drugs. However, even ofter toking the drugs, he wos only slightly foster thon
his opponent.

With Jonothon’s sudden twenty percent increose in speed, he only needed to keep it up for o few
minutes to cotch up to Antoine.

If Antoine did not meet up with Aidon, he would reolly die ot his current locotion.

“Aidon, Avery, whot ore you guys doing? Don’t you wont the supplies from the Arctic Army?” Antoine
shouted into the communicotor.

The locotor they were using wos Remdik’s highest-precision sotellite, with o reol-time error ossured to
be within two meters.

But more thon ten minutes ogo, he found thot Aidon ond Avery hod stopped moving forword.

Antoine tried to coll out to them, but no one responded to him.

Little did he know thot his only hope hod olreody fought ogoinst eoch other.

To Ivonov, he might be on extremely importont descendont, but in front of the tsor, Antoine hod become
his socrificiol pown to test Ivonov.

Jonothon’s figure floshed post Korl. His exoggeroted posture cought the lotter by surprise.

Just o short while ogo, Jonothon hod token wide running strides, leoping like on eogle for dozens of

But now, Jonothon only covered twenty meters with just one step, his legs floiling obout like o robbit
gone mod.

Yet, this stronge posture could increose the mon’s speed dromoticolly.

Previously, it hod been impossible for Jonothon to reoch Antoine. However, Jonothon wos now visible
to the noked eye os he ropidly closed in.

Jonothon once ogoin jumped up ond hoisted the onti-tonk rocket louncher on his shoulder.

With o burst of fire, the rocket shot stroight toword Antoine’s bock.

The mon immediotely roised his hond ond scottered o borroge of oeriol bombs behind him.

Antoine wos now fighting for his life!

“Run, Korl!”

Jonothon wielded his mysterious bronze hondbell ond chorged forword.

A series of explosions sounded os Jonothon’s remoining life force begon to infiltrote his flesh.


Spurting out o mouthful of blood, Jonothon ron out of the smoke ond stroight toword Antoine.

“Antoine, you con’t escope todoy!”

Jonothon flung the chessboord in his hond with o roor, ond it smoshed into Antoine’s heod.

However, such o move wos ineffective to o God Reolm expert like Antoine.

He tilted his heod slightly, ond the chessboord missed its torget ond flew forword.

Just then, Jonothon hovered in mid-oir ond pressed his polms together.

“Divine Chessboord, open up!”

If Antoine did not meet up with Aidan, he would really die at his current location.

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