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-Jonathan and Karl traveled at high speed through Remdik’s thick

A God Realm cultivator would be unharmed by their environment if it weren’t too extreme, except for
someone like Aetomoye, who only trained his spiritual energy.

However, people like him were outliers because cultivators often cultivate their physical body.

“Redlington is thirty kilometers ahead of us, Mr. Goldstein,” informed Karl.

Meanwhile, Jonathan formed pillars on mountain rocks with his spiritual energy and leaped from one to

It was one of the winter military techniques he learned in the Valley of Elites. Doing so would leave
minimal tracks on the snow.

Then, as he landed on a protruding rock, he glanced downward. I thought I’d never return to Remdik
again, yet here I am.

It had only been less than two months since he last visited Redlington.

The elders of seven respectable families battled against each other the last time he was there.

Back then, Jonathan seized the opportunity to wound Antoine severely, killing Morris, and causing a
ruckus in Redlington.

“How many spies you planted in Remdik can still be used, Karl?” Jonathan asked.

“Less than five hundred!” answered Karl after he did some calculations in his mind.

Those spies were the fruits of his decade-long effort. Ever since he was in charge of Doveston, he
never slacked off while protecting his country from Remdik.

Throughout the years, he slowly planted more than five thousand spies in Remdik.

However, most of them were exposed. Thus, less than five hundred could still be contacted by him.

“Mobilize all of them,” ordered Jonathan calmly.

A chill ran down his spine when Karl heard that command.

After all, Jonathan was devoted to protecting spies.

For example, during the Goldstein family incident, Jonathan dismissed more than five thousand people
in order to protect the spies in Yaleview.

His decision practically destroyed Yaleview’s intelligence network, but it saved the spies’ lives.

Since then, those spies continued living in Yaleview and eventually became genuine residents of the

Very few organizations could bear the loss of more than five thousand intelligence agents at once.

However, Jonathan still did it because, in his eyes, the lives of each member of Asura’s Office were
valuable and not just a number on a piece of paper.

Yet, at that moment, he wanted to mobilize all five hundred spies in Remdik.

“Did something major happen, Mr. Goldstein?” Karl couldn’t help but ask after staying silent for a while.
I can only think of one reason he’s doing this—an all-out war!

“Is an all-out war on the verge of breaking out, Mr. Goldstein?” A touch of anxiousness was present in
his voice.

While he was only responsible for guarding Doveston, after Eastern Army and Medved Army clashed
on River Onxy, more than one hundred and fifty thousand people died in three days.

After the conflict at River Onxy the last time, Snow Wolf Army, Glacier Army, and Arctic Army had been
patrolling the areas around Calvico and Sinchko.

With the addition of Aidan’s Medved Army, it could be said that half of Remdik’s armies had gathered
north of River Onxy, totaling more than eight hundred thousand soldiers.

However, Chanaea couldn’t match their military strength because Doveston’s sole guardian, Eastern
Army, only possessed more than two hundred thousand soldiers.

The most significant differences between the two countries were their terrain and political landscape.

The tsar was the leader of Remdik, a country spanning two continents.

The country shared its northern border with Aizkovos, while its eastern border was connected to the

Even though its western border was controlled by West Epea Alliance, a warzone between more than a
dozen smaller countries in Central Epea was created thanks to the tsar’s meddling.

While members of the West Epea Alliance coveted Remdik’s resources, no one dared to launch a
large-scale assault on the country due to its almost unparalleled might.

Furthermore, even though those countries could form an allied army, it couldn’t possibly match
Remdik’s and Chanaea’s united and powerful military because the ally would comprise soldiers from
separate nations with different goals.

Under those circumstances, the members of West Epea Alliance, with Rodunst as its leader, could only
reach a tacit agreement to support the armed forces of Central Epea to exert pressure on Remdik

In recent years, even though the flame of war in Central Epea continued to rage on, Remdik’s western
borders never had any conflicts which would lead to war. In fact, it was relatively peaceful.

Remdik’s unique geographical advantage was why it dared to station a vast number of soldiers near
River Onxy.

Meanwhile, Chanaea didn’t possess an advantage like that, as it was located in the center of Southeast

It was essentially surrounded by countries that posed as dangerous enemies on almost all fronts—
Remdik in the north, West Region in the west, and Jetroina in the east.

None of the Eight Kings of War who protected the eight sides of the country dared to put their guard

Due to Jonathan’s handiwork, Seboxiasm and Damos still locked horns in battle in West Region. In
addition to their losses at Mysonna and Springwyn, West Region wouldn’t dare to launch an assault on

However, Jetroina and Remdik seemed to have the intention to collaborate.

On the other hand, Chanaea’s internal situation as well as how Yaleview Army was stationed between
Doveston and Harfush, thoroughly eliminated the possibility of rapid troop mobilization. Doveston’s
army wouldn’t last long despite their impeccable weapons if Remdik were to start a war.

Eastern Army might even have its escape route cut off if Jetroina decided to seize the opportunity and
meddle in the affair.

Naturally, Karl was anxious about the situation.

Even though he was “dead,” Eastern Army was still the fruit of his twenty years of hard work. He
couldn’t bear to watch it crumble to dust.

Despite his mask, Jonathan could still feel Karl’s anxiousness.

Patting Karl’s shoulder, he sighed with furrowed eyebrows. “While I don’t know what Ivanov’s doing, I
believe he’ll keep his word as a Divine Realm cultivator to not attack us for half a year. Of course, I
could be wrong. Now that he has overcome Divine Tribulation, there’s nothing we can do even if he
breaks his promise.”

“Half a year…” Karl muttered with tightened fists. “It had been two and a half months since he made
that promise at River Onxy. Even if he’s upholding our agreement, we only have slightly over three
months left, which is no time at all for us to prepare for war.”

In response, Jonathan was silent as he had nothing to say because Karl was right.

Based on recorded history, every all-out war had taken each country at least a dozen years to prepare.
Some countries even spent decades building their army.

Meanwhile, it had only been less than three years since the last war in Chanaea. Clearly, Remdik was
being strategic with their timing.

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