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The Legendary Man Chapter 855

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-Cold sweat dripped down to the ground from the tip of Jonathan’s
nose as he sat against the giant rock.

His hands were trembling slightly as he spoke. “Back in West Region, I obtained the life force capable
of reviving someone. I used it all on you.”

To cover his tracks, he traveled thirty kilometers underground with Karl.

Near the journey’s end, even Spirit Rejuvenating Pill couldn’t combat Jonathan’s exhaustion, which
would spell their doom if he kept pushing forward.

Karl briefly surveyed his surroundings before realizing they were somewhere south of River Onxy.

After protecting Horbah’s border for nearly twenty years, he knew the region like the back of his hand.

Upon calculating their travel distance and thinking about what Jonathan had said, Karl instantly
understood what Jonathan had done.

In response, he pulled out a glass bottle and gently crushed it before handing the pills inside to
Jonathan. “Here, Mr. Goldstein. here are two Spirit Rejuvenating Pills for you.”

Without even glancing at them, Jonathan grabbed the pills and tossed them into his mouth.

As the pills slipped down his throat, pure spiritual energy flooded into his energy field.

“Why did you save me, Mr. Goldstein?” While Karl wasn’t sure what the life force Jonathan mentioned
was, he was sure it was extremely rare, considering it could bring him back to life.

He felt bad that something so precious was used on him—a man who deserved a death sentence.

“Why are you asking so many questions? Just appreciate the fact that you’re still alive.” As Jonathan
regulated the spiritual energy in his body, he continued, “Anyway, it’s because you caused the death of
one hundred thousand people. Even if you die a few hundred times, it won’t be enough to atone for
your sins.”

“I know,” replied Karl hoarsely as he sat on the snow, his blank gaze aiming at the west. “The Northern
Crimson Prison incident will forever haunt me. I’ll never be able to make up for the hundred thousand
deaths I caused.”

Concurrently, Jonathan pulled out two bottles of whisky, popped one open, and handed it to Karl. “You
had to die when you’re still alive. But once you’re dead, you can live on forever.”

Then he gulped his bottle of whisky, which instantly warmed his body up. “If you want, join Dark Special
Forces and hide your identity. Once the eight families have been overthrown, you can live the life you
want with Layla and Killian.”

Silently, Karl lifted his bottle and guzzled the liquid within.

After the bottle was empty, he removed a tightly sealed glass bottle from his storage ring. Inside the
container was a white powder.

“What are you doing?” Upon seeing that, Jonathan grabbed Karl’s wrist.

While an ordinary person wouldn’t know what it was, Jonathan was very familiar with it.

It was the medicinal powder produced due to the failure of his alchemical research that would generate
a potent corrosion effect upon contacting human blood.

Back then, he joked about how he sucked at alchemy but was great at creating poison.

To make Jonathan feel better, Dorian and the others split the powder amongst themselves, saying they
could use it while destroying bodies so as not to leave any evidence behind.

Therefore, when Jonathan saw that bottle of powder in Karl’s hand, his heart lurched.

“Karl shouldn’t exist in this world anymore, Mr. Goldstein,” said Karl before crushing the bottle and
mixing the powder with his blood.

Immediately, Jonathan released Karl’s hand.

Using the corroding substance, Karl destroyed his face and fingerprints.

Hence, even if someone captured and killed him in the future, no one would recognize who he was.

Of course, Jonathan could handily treat those injuries if he wanted with life force.

However, he decided to respect Karl’s decision. Now that Asura’s Office has a God Realm cultivator
who’s supposed to be dead as an ace up its sleeve, this may become the key to turning the tide of a

Upon seeing Karl’s grimace, Jonathan pressed his palm on the former’s face and injected it with a faint
life force, eliminating the former’s agony.

“This shall be your mask. From today onward, you shall be in charge of Asura’s Office’s Dark Special
Forces.” As he spoke, he handed a black mask to Karl.

When Karl accepted the mask, he saw a tiny number carved on its side, which was 1.

One would’ve thought it was just a scratch mark if they didn’t pay close attention.

“This was my number, but it’s now yours.” Jonathan grinned. “Dark Special Forces can be considered
my personal army since it’s independent of Asura’s Office. It’s composed of supposedly dead soldiers
I’ve secretly recruited. They’re all cultivators with great potential, so treasure them and don’t lose

“Understood!” After putting on the mask, Karl noticed his aura was instantly obscured by the formation
of the object. “What’s our next step, Mr. Goldstein?”

Grinning, Jonathan turned to the frozen River Onxy. “We’re going to locate Charleigh in Remdik and
obtain the test data in his possession!”

“The regimental leader of Wolver Army?” Karl was slightly surprised. “After investigating that crazy
doctor upon my return, I discovered he was a traitor who escaped Rodunst. More importantly, he’s a
madman. It’s almost impossible to obtain his cooperation.”

“He may be insane, but we have someone even more of a nutjob.” After ending his sentence, Jonathan
sprinted toward the north of the river.

Do we have someone crazier than him? Puzzled, Karl stared at Jonathan’s back before Jason’s creepy
smile entered his mind. As in Jason Carrick? Did Mr. Goldstein allow that sicko to conduct vivo

When his train of thought ended there, he shuddered as images of Jason experimenting on dying
people on the battlefield flashed past his mind. If my guess is accurate, then Asura’s Office will be in

He then leaped into the night sky using spiritual energy, causing the surrounding snow to splash.

After the snow fell back down, it covered his and Jonathan’s tracks.

Unbeknownst to the duo, Aidan’s Medved Army was urgently assembling to advance to Doveston.

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