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The Legendary Man Chapter 854

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-The news of Karl’s death was all over Chanaea in less than an hour.

Back in Zedfield, Yaleview, Wilbur frowned as he read the newspaper in his hand.

“Changing generals on the verge of war is a major military taboo. Hayes may have been the King of
Lumonburg, but he’s only a minor army commander. In other words, he’s utterly incomparable to Eight
Kings of War. Right now, chaos roamed in and out of Chanaea. Whether it is from the cultivator’s or
Doveston’s perspective, efforts should be focused on stabilizing the situation. While killing Karl quelled
the opposing voices in Asura’s Office after the Northern Crimson Prison incident, it was a loss in terms
of Chanaea’s stability.” The puzzlement in his eyes intensified as he stared at the picture in the
newspaper. Karl’s most definitely dead if this picture can be trusted. There’s no way a Divine Realm
cultivator can survive that slash on the chest, much less a God Realm cultivator.

He muttered, “What the heck is Jonathan trying to do?”

Meanwhile, the core members of the Osborne family had gathered at their ancestral land in Wasahurst
Mountains, Quadfield, Drieso.

Mason was sitting upright with Everett on his right.

As for Jay, he had been thoroughly excluded. Thus, he could only sit at the end of the left side. In
Everett’s generation, the people in charge of the Osborne family began establishing new direct family

“Speak,” said Mason while staring at the crowd below him. “Everyone here is a decision-maker in the
Osborne family. I want to know your opinions on the death of Karl by Jonathan’s hand.”

Everett sipped his coffee and turned to Xavion. “What do you think about this? After all, you’ve spent
many days with Jonathan back in Remdik.”

In response, Xavion stuffed almost all the cake in his hand into his mouth.

“Well, if you ask me, Karl’s dead for real.” As he recalled the events in Remdik, he sighed slightly.
“Jonathan shouldn’t have appeared in Remdik, but he did the minute he learned that Karl dragged the
eight families into the matter. The only reason he traveled to River Onxy was to kill Karl. I remember
clearly that, even after Karl saved Jonathan with us in Remdik, it didn’t dissuade Jonathan from taking
Karl’s life. If you ask me, I’d say Karl’s already dead to Jonathan after the Northern Crimson Prison
incident. Hence, I think there’s no point in talking about this because it’s nothing out of the ordinary.”

The crowd exchanged glances as they thought Asura’s Office was a wild card.

From their perspective, Jonathan should’ve spared Karl for saving his life, which was why they didn’t
expect how stubborn Jonathan was in upholding his principle.

“In that case, that will save us a lot of trouble,” muttered Mason before grinning at the crowd. “The
Henderson family, the Leeson family, and the Mallory family each used a parasite curse to control
Karl’s son, which forced Eastern Army to ally with them. However, now that Karl’s dead, Tiger’s the new
leader of Eastern Army, meaning we’ll have a chance to make them our allies. I want someone to make
contact with them. Also, considering Tiger is Jonathan’s loyal subordinate, he had basically returned
Eastern Army to Asura’s Office. Then again, he’s only human, and all humans have weaknesses. What
do you all think? “

Once again, the crowd turned to Xavion.

Among the ten Divine Realm elders in the Osborne family, Xavion was the only one who frequently
spent time outside.

He was practically the Osborne family’s representative to outsiders, so the crowd focused on him.

“Is this a joke?” Xavion sneered. “I may be responsible for handling external family matters, but that
doesn’t mean I’ll do everything related to that. I’m okay with contacting the eight families, major sects,
Asura’s Office, or Yaleview Army because they’re on the same level as our family. However, Tiger had
only just been named a King of War. He doesn’t have the right to speak to me.”

In response, the crowd smiled faintly while shaking their heads.

Even Mason was shaking his hand and chuckling. “You’re right. Karl was a God Realm cultivator, so
when he was still alive, he and Eastern Army can be considered our peers. However, Tiger is but a
kitten. It’ll only be a waste of your time if we send you. How about this? You’ll pick two amiable juniors
and send them to Doveston to check out their situation.”

As Mason spoke, Jay who was seated at the far end stood up and bowed in the middle of the hall.
“Please send me to Doveston, Old Mr. Osborne.”

Meanwhile, on Dyadgon Mountain at Warblerich in Glybir, Graeme was sneering at the picture of Karl’s
corpse on the wall. “Is he trying to gain pity and trick us? What the heck is Jonathan doing?”

Sirius, Harvey, and the others stood behind Graeme in a line.

“I think Karl’s truly dead, Dad. I can’t imagine he’s still alive while looking like that,” uttered Harvey.

“Dead?” Graeme chuckled. “Jason was revived after his heart artery was severed. I doubt Karl’s dead
from this minor injury. Don’t worry. Jonathan has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.”

Staring at Graeme coldly, Sirius inquired, “What do we do now?”

“We proceed as planned. I expect no mistakes with the delivery of five thousand kilograms of spirit
stone. The success of our plan hinges on Asura’s Office.”

“Roger!” the members of the Blackwood family exclaimed in unison. Nearly all God Realm cultivators in
the family were mobilized to deliver the spirit stones.

Concurrently, above the cold riverbank of River Onxy, Jonathan emerged from the underground with an
unconscious man in his arms.

A calm expression was visible on Jonathan’s countenance as he reached for the meager life force that
remained in his body.

Promptly, he tossed the man in his arms on the ground and kicked the man’s chest. “Wake up!”

Following Jonathan’s kick, the man on the ground opened his eyes wide and panted.

“Mr. Goldstein…” Shock swirled in Karl’s eyes as he pressed his hand on his chest and surveyed his
surroundings. “Wasn’t I dead, Mr. Goldstein?”

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