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The Legendary Man Chapter 853

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-“Dad!” The sorrowful cry of a boy reverberated in the night sky.

When Jonathan turned around, he saw Layla staring at him in the distance while pulling Killian.

Killian was only seven years old. In the past, he could only meet his father a few times a year.

After Jonathan rescued him and his mother from Remdik with the help of seven respectable families,
he spent a month with Karl—the longest time they had spent together.

During that month, Karl basically agreed to every request Killian had.

It was also the first time Killian genuinely felt the warmth of having his father’s company.

Yet, at that moment, Karl was lying lifelessly on the snow.

Killian flung Layla’s hand away and bolted in Jonathan’s direction.

Sobbing, the boy pounced toward Karl’s body. “Wake up, Daddy!”

However, Jonathan restricted him with spiritual energy before he could touch his father.

“You’re a bad guy!” Killian continued to scream while suspended in midair. “I’m going to kill you and
avenge Daddy! I’ll kill you!”

“Sure.” In response, Jonathan pulled out a dagger and tossed it into Killian’s hand with spiritual energy
before laying the latter on the ground.

“Come and kill me!” Jonathan uttered calmly with his hands behind his back.

With the dagger in hand, the boy charged toward Jonathan and stabbed the latter’s leg.


At the moment of his attack, he bumped into Jonathan’s spirit shield.

As a result, the dagger flew out of Killian’s hand, cutting his arm as he stumbled backward. Before he
stood back up, his arm was already a bloody mess.

“Kilian!” Layla scrambled toward her son, intending to carry him, but Jonathan restricted her
movements with his spiritual energy.

“Mr. Goldstein!” Hayes rushed forward, wanting to stop Jonathan, but couldn’t even take a step forward
when the latter shot him a cold glare.

“Do you think no one can support Eastern Army if you and Karl die, Tiger?” spat Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein…” Hayes grimaced as he was enveloped in a stinging murderous intent.

After hesitating for a moment, he stepped back.

Then, with gritted teeth and tightened fists, he stated, “Karl may have deserved death, but his wife and
child are innocent, Mr. Goldstein.”

Ignoring Hayes, Jonathan picked up the dagger and tossed it toward Killian again. “Didn’t you say you
want to kill me? What’s the matter? Is a minor injury all it takes to scare you?”

“I’m not afraid!” Swiftly, Killian stood and picked up the dagger next to his foot.

“I’m going to avenge Daddy!” As he shouted, he charged toward Jonathan once more.

However, Jonathan didn’t even use spiritual energy to protect himself. With his physical strength and
toughness alone, he blocked the dagger.

Astonished, Killian stared at Jonathan as he kept stabbing the latter’s thigh with his bleeding right

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t harm Jonathan even a little.

“I’m going to kill you!” In response, Killian changed his attack and raised the dagger high.

As he was still too weak, when he stabbed Jonathan’s abdomen, the dagger bounced toward his

In a flash, Jonathan held the dagger in place with his fingers.

Meanwhile, Killian stumbled backward, frightened by the sharp blade, and fell on the snow.

Gazing coldly at the boy, Jonathan flicked his wrist and shot the dagger past Killian’s cheek, lobbing it
into the tough, frozen ground. “I killed your father because he acted on his own with his army, which led
to the deaths of one hundred thousand people. You may not know what this means for now, so let me
tell you something you’ll understand, Killian. From today onward, I’ll provide you with the best
resources and teach you the most powerful techniques. I shall grant you the chance to avenge your

Then he turned to Hayes. “After tonight, send Killian and Layla to Edenic Heights. He shall cultivate
with Jason and receive all available resources to maintain Karl’s standard.”

Finally, he faced the boy again. “Killian, I’ll only support you until you’re eighteen! Whether you’ll be
able to become a mighty warrior over the next eleven years depends on how strongly you determine to
take revenge.”

“Yes!” replied Hayes with tears. His arrangement may seem ruthless, but it’s the best outcome for
Killian and Layla. While Karl was loved by many after spending so much time in Doveston, he also
made plenty of enemies. By doing this, Jonathan guarantees Layla and Killian will be well-taken care
of, thus fulfilling Karl’s dying wish.

As the soldiers stared at Jonathan, he exclaimed icily, “Let Karl’s death serve as a warning to all of you.
No matter what your status is or how accomplished you are, if you betray your comrades, only one
ending awaits you!”

Through the use of spiritual energy, his words were clearly heard by every soldier in all directions.

No one replied as they stared at the corpse on the ground that was cut in half.

The former Prince of Diyouli used to be the moral support of Eastern Army. In a way, he was like a flag.

Even back during the battle at River Onxy, which shook the world, Karl remained composed before his

However, at that moment, the flag of Eastern Army had fallen, slain by the founder of Asura’s Office.

Even though Karl was in the wrong, the crowd still couldn’t bear to watch the guardian of Doveston for
two decades lying in his blood.

By then, Layla had cried until her voice turned hoarse.

Ever since Karl started asking her what she wanted to have, she knew doom was approaching him, but
she didn’t expect it to come so soon.

“Please, let me bury Karl, Jonathan! He might’ve been in the wrong, but he has protected Doveston for
decades! He shouldn’t be left in the snow like this!” she pleaded.

“No!” Jonathan stomped on the ground, injecting spiritual energy into the earth and causing the surface
to ripple like waves.

An immense whirlpool formed underneath Karl’s corpse and swallowed him into the earth.

“Karl has always protected this place, so he shall become Eastern Army’s guardian spirit. This is his
last wish and the fate I’ve granted him.” Upon ending his sentence, Jonathan leaped into the air,
disappearing into the night.

Killian and Layla darted toward where Karl was swallowed before crying out in agony.

Sadly, Karl would never return again.

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