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The Legendary Man Chapter 850

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- You Can Try Me

Wilbur stared at Jonathan. When he saw that the latter was seemingly not joking, he hesitantly tossed
away the peanuts in his hand.

“Is Asura’s Office still yours, Jonathan?”

“Who dares to say that it isn’t mine?”

Jonathan glared at the man coldly, an icy gleam glinting in his eyes.

Internally, he had been telling Hades and the other Kings of War that Asura’s Office belonged to
everyone, and he was merely managing it on behalf of them all.

Right then, he had already secretly completed the transfer of authority in Asura’s Office, personally
extricating himself from the core of the department.

Externally, however, he still needed to maintain his identity as the person in charge of Asura’s Office.

Only then would the many forces out there be intimidated and dare not make a move against Asura’s

Sensing the murderous intent emanating from Jonathan, Wilbur went silent.

A long while later, he gave a chuckle. “I’ve never seen you placing so much importance on power
before, Jonathan.”

“Naturally, I don’t place much importance on power. If I really wanted all that, I would’ve led men from
Asura’s Office to surround Yaleview two years ago.”

Having said that, Jonathan paused briefly before adding, “Even now, with your Yaleview Army having
expanded to seven hundred thousand soldiers, can you go up against my siege?”

His gaze remained wholly indifferent when he voiced that question.

He was so nonchalant that it was as though he was speaking of the weather.

Although Wilbur remained smiling, his eyes kept flickering, and the fluctuation of spiritual energy within
him turned exceedingly chaotic.

“You can try me, Jonathan,” he stated frostily after taking a gulp of wine.

At that very moment, his murderous intent had reached its peak, and he did not bother to mask his
desire to kill Jonathan in the least.

Indeed, the wheel of fate was inevitable.

Back at the Valley of Elites, Jonathan and Wilbur were the strongest elite warriors there.

On the very same day, they were specially recruited by Yaleview. When they made different choices
with one returning to the locality and the other joining Yaleview. They were destined to embark on
different paths.

The events later were as Jonathan had anticipated, and at present, they were standing on two
opposing sides.

If it weren’t for Wilbur texting Jonathan the secret code previously, the most outdated Nokia would have
probably remained in the deepest recesses of the storage ring forever.

“You don’t need to provoke me here. You know my way of handling things. I don’t want to see war
breaking out in Chanaea. But Wilbur, you’d best stay on the straight and narrow. You need my help to

neutralize the threat from the eight respectable families, and I likewise need you to handle things on the
inside to stabilize the situation within the country for the time being. Don’t let others know about our
collaboration. That’d be beneficial to us both,” Jonathan countered calmly.

While saying that, he lifted the wine glass in his hand and downed its content at one go.

Then, he continued, “Wilbur, I can’t bring myself to massacre all seven hundred thousand soldiers of
Yaleview Army. But I’m more than capable of killing you at present.”


Following that crisp crack, murderous intent radiated off Jonathan.

The wine bottle in his hand gradually turned into fine powder as a slight breeze blew across the

Narrowing his eyes a fraction, Wilbur unleashed his spiritual sense to engulf the man.

“You didn’t use spiritual energy.”

He eyed the slowly dissipating bottle coldly.

A moment later, he asked, “Was that the power of Pryncyp?”

“Yeah. Right now, it’s a piece of cake for me to finish you off.” Jonathan waved his right hand casually.

Subsequently, he drawled, “Additionally, I’d advise you not to fix your eyes within Chanaea alone. For
the sake of power, you’ve been trapped in Yaleview for far too long. The greatest power you see is only
the eight respectable families. If you really want to have contact with true power, Wilbur, go out.”

After saying that, Jonathan stood up and headed down the mountain.

While doing so, he urged, “Wilbur, send men to Drieso and subdue the Osborne family.”

“That’ll be a thousand tons of spirit stones.”


Tapping his feet lightly on the ground, Jonathan disappeared into the dense forest in the next

Wilbur stood rooted to the spot, clutching a black longbow without a bowstring in his hand.

If Jonathan were there, he would certainly recognize it as the same one in the hands of the person
whose entire body was shrouded in a blurry state in the illusionary realm last night.

As Wilbur lifted the longbow, the spiritual energy around him condensed bit by bit until a long arrow
made entirely of spiritual energy formed on the bowstring. Finally, he flicked his right hand lightly and
put the longbow away.

“Well, well, well… he had already comprehended Pryncyp of Strength. How many more tricks do you
have up your sleeves that I do not know, Jonathan?”

With an imperceptible flick of his wrist, the boulder on his left promptly shattered into pieces.

Blurring into an afterimage, he disappeared at the top of the mountain.

It was as though nothing had ever transpired, but the situation in Chanaea had again changed
directions because of that meeting between the two men.

Torthbury was located within Eastsummer in Baridoki of Doveston.

Despite most of Baridoki’s territories being located south of Horbah, there was a segment nearest
protruding to the east. Like a horn, it extended straight to the east of Horbah.

Torthbury was a small town in that horn-shaped segment.

On the snow-capped mountains, an elderly man was chopping down a thick tree in the forest with a
hatchet in hand.

With every swing of the hatchet, the tree with several men hugging its trunk swayed slightly as though it
would topple anytime.


As the elderly man swung the hatchet once more, the gigantic tree swayed. The hatchet ended up
lodged in its trunk, no longer retractable.

Seeing that, the elderly man with cumbersome cotton gloves gave up retrieving the hatchet.

He removed one of the gloves and brought a hand to his mouth, blowing hot air on it a few times. Then,
he placed it on the gigantic tree and inhaled deeply.


Following that roar, the snow under his feet sprayed into all directions, with him as the center.

At the same time, a distinct palm print manifested on the tree trunk, and a series of cracks sounded
from the gigantic tree that stood dozens of meters high.


Crack! Crack! Crack!

Alongside those crisp cracking sounds, the ancient-looking tree slowly tipped toward the mountainside.

At the side, a middle-aged man with his hands hidden in his sleeves swiftly threw his head back and
roared, “Fall onto the mountainside!”

With that cry, the ancient tree landed heavily on the mountainside.

It was as though an earthquake hit the entire forest, making for a shocking sight.

“If we transport this tree back, Winston, it’s probably enough to build three houses.”

The elderly man who shot his hand out at the tree was as happy as a kid then. Picking up the hatchet,
he stepped forward and trimmed the branches and vines of the ancient tree.

However, Winston quickly hastened over and blocked his path.

“How could I have you do this, Mr. Quintus? Leave this to us. We’ll definitely complete the task to your

As he spoke, he took the hatchet from the man and started getting down to business with the few
middle-aged men around him.

The elderly man did not bother declining either, merely plopping down on the half-meter-high tree
stump before he started observing the people bustling around in front of him.

“Winston, has there been any news from the Henderson and Mallory families recently? Since we’ve all
joined hands, shouldn’t we interact with each other more?”

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