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The Legendary Man Chapter 852

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-In the commander’s tent, Hayes was pinned to the ground by the
terrifying burst of spiritual energy. No matter how hard he tried, he could not budge an inch.

Jonathan stalked over to the man before lifting his leg and stepping on the latter’s back.

“In the battle at Northern Crimson Prison, almost a hundred thousand people died directly and
undirectedly, Hayes. Do you know what that means? It means that a hundred thousand families’ hope
and future were ruined by Karl alone.”

As he exerted force on his leg, Hayes spurted a mouthful of blood.

He continued, “At that time, Hayes, you were serving your sentence at Northern Crimson Prison. The
battle left the entire place with dead bodies littered everywhere. It was a literal massacre. Yet, you now
want to use yourself to save Karl? What gives? Why should the hundred thousand soldiers and
prisoners die because of him? Are you trying to be a hero here because you think you’re important
enough, so much so that I don’t dare kill you for the sake of the bigger picture?”

“No, that’s not it…”

It was beyond difficult for Hayes to speak at that moment, and his face had already turned purplish.

Jonathan’s leg appeared to be as heavy as lead, and it had only grown increasingly heavier since it
rested on his back.

Right then, he could only breathe out, unable to take any oxygen in. Verily, he was on the verge of

Both his hands clawed at the ground hard.

With his cheek plastered against the ground, he gritted out, “Asura’s Office is currently in a precarious
state, Mr. Goldstein. While Karl deserves to die, you really can’t kill him.”

“I’ve said that I’d kill anyone who protects Karl!”

Jonathan lifted his right leg before bringing it down forcefully, aiming right for Hayes’ head.

“Mr. Goldstein!”

Following that low cry, a spirit shield made of spiritual energy formed above Hayes’ head, blocking off
Jonathan’s right leg from landing on it.

At the tent entrance, Karl stepped in with a sled in his arms, dressed in the corresponding attire.

“I merely went sledding with my son, Mr. Goldstein. There’s no need for you to kill Tiger.”

While saying that, he causally placed the sled by the entrance and walked over to Hayes, supporting
the injured man up.

“Are you kidding me, Karl?”

Hayes looked at Karl with a sigh.

“It’s no big deal that Mr. Goldstein wants me dead. I’m merely an insignificant cultivator of Superior
Realm. But if you die, Mr. Goldstein would be the only elite of God Realm in the whole of Asura’s

“That’s not necessarily true.”

Subsequently, Karl turned to Jonathan with a smile.

“I’ve never dueled with you for real before, Mr. Goldstein. No one knows which of us will win in a true
fight. Who knows, you might not be able to kill me!”

As he said that, he gathered some spiritual energy in his hand and used it to gently push Hayes aside.

He continued, “Since I’m not the Prince of Diyouli anymore, Mr. Goldstein, I’m also no longer a member
of Asura’s Office. I’m truly curious about your combat capabilities as Asura. Pardon me!”

The corners of his mouth turned up a fraction, and he rammed the saber in his hand at Jonathan’s

“Karl!” Hayes roared.

He wanted to stop the man, but Jonathan’s spiritual energy promptly pervaded the entire tent.

“Buzz off!”

With a wave of a hand from Jonathan, a ball of pure spiritual energy enveloped Hayes and sent him
flying into the distance.

The commander’s tent turned into a veritable battlefield. Golden light kept flickering around Jonathan
while Karl, who attacked incessantly, turned into an afterimage.

Surprisingly, Karl’s speed was comparable to Jonathan’s.

Around them, searchlights lit up one after another, illuminating the commander’s tent so brightly that it
resembled daylight.

The soldiers who were oblivious to the situation swiftly gathered. In less than a minute, thousands of
them had already surrounded the tent completely.

All their weapons were aimed right at the golden light in the middle. With a command from Hayes right
then, Jonathan and Karl would be inundated by heavy firepower in the next second.

However, the identities of the two men fighting in the middle were simply too sensitive.

“Listen up! Lower your muzzles and unload your weapons. Everyone is to retreat three hundred
meters, effective now!” Hayes thundered after gathering enough spiritual energy, standing atop an

At that, the soldiers present looked at each other. Although the handover of power to Hayes had just
concluded, they knew that he was Eastern Army’s new Prince of Diyouli after spending a month with

Thus, all soldiers of Eastern Army whirled around and sprinted backward without hesitation upon
receiving that order, giving way to the battle in the middle.

When Karl saw that he could not break the protective shield around Jonathan, he again swung the
saber in his hand. Flipping over, he landed on an open space at the side.

Sweat trickled down his chin to drip onto the ground, dyeing the snow pink.

He slashed an arc in the air with the saber in hand.

“I’m already drawing from my vitality, Mr. Goldstein. You can’t just tire me out like this until I die, can
you? People say that there’s always someone better. Putting aside your ability to lead an army into
battle, I don’t think you’re better if we only speak of cultivation. I know I’ll likely die today, and I indeed
deserve it because of the incident at Northern Crimson Prison. All I ask is this, Mr. Goldstein—I hope
you’ll fight me for real with your true capabilities. Even if it means dying at your hands, I want to know
the exact gap between me and a true elite of God Realm.”

His body gave off wisps of white steam as though he had just been drenched in hot water.

As soon as Jonathan put the uncanny bronze handbell away, he could distinctly sense that vitality was
surging within the man in front of him, and Karl was then no different from a sun.

Karl was draining his Kore, and that was his strongest state.

Sensing strange fluctuations from his elixir field, Jonathan whipped out Heaven Sword from his storage

“You’re not allowed to take this person’s life force. Otherwise, I’ll have you know what regret means,”
he murmured, his tone mild.

The mysterious coffin in his elixir field was merely stunned for a moment when it perceived his meaning
before it went entirely silent.

Fixing his eyes on Karl, Jonathan slowly walked toward him.

“Karl, we were buddies once, so I’ll use my strongest move to battle you. After this strike, I’ll write off
the incident at Northern Crimson Prison, regardless of whether you survive or otherwise.”


Karl retreated half a step and raised the saber in his hand, bringing it to his front. The vitality within him
surged, and his entire aura was boosted to its peak condition once more in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, a surge of peculiar energy radiated off Jonathan’s hands.

It was not spiritual energy but carried a petrifying sense of devastation.

“This is the Pryncyp of Slaughter I grasped. Once you’re injured by it, the murderous intent within it will
destroy your energy and consciousness fields, wiping out all your vitality in an instant. This is also my
strongest move. Brace yourself!”

Jonathan pointed his sword at Karl. In the next heartbeat, they had already streaked past each other.

Thereafter, Jonathan slowly put his sword away. Behind him, half of Karl’s body had suffered a blow
from his Heaven Sword.

With that, Karl, the Prince of Diyouli died.

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