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The Legendary Man Chapter 849

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-Eva left. This time, Wilbur did not see her off.

Despite his silence now, Wilbur knew he could not escape the trap the Salladay family had laid for him,
even if he was Zedfield’s commander-in-chief and had nearly seven hundred thousand of Yaleview
Army under his command.

How can I compete with a respectable family that has a history of two thousand years, no matter how
formidable I am in terms of cultivation resources? What is the Blackwood family trying to do by taking
out so many reserved resources? Don’t they know Jonathan will eliminate the respectable families as
soon as he gained power? Or could there be other connections between Jonathan and the Blackwood
family? No matter how attractive Lauryn is, she isn’t capable of handling such a man.

As Wilbur thought about this, the phone in his pocket rang.

He pulled out his outdated Nokia phone.

Even though his model was out of touch with market trends, it was the only phone that could not be
tracked apart from encrypted phones.

The reason was that Nokia was so outdated that Trojan programs were unable to infiltrate it.

Wilbur hit the answer key when he saw the number on the screen.

“Hello? What’s up?”

“Let’s meet at the same place.”

The call hung up abruptly with just one line of words.

Wilbur tucked the spirit stone away before he leaped out of the courtyard.

Wilbur quickly advanced through the dense forest and landed on the top of Unnamed Mountain,
covered in wild grass in the northern suburbs of Yaleview. His guest was already sitting there.

There was a relatively flat piece of large stone about the size of a table on the mountaintop.

Right then, two bottles of ten-per-bottle Bacardi and several packets of food were placed on the big

“Bacardi, peanuts, grilled duck, and roasted chicken,” Wilbur murmured as he stepped over with a

He went on, “I never imagined the great Asura would remember the food we ate three years ago.”

As he spoke, Wilbur lifted his hand slightly and used a wave of spiritual energy to unwrap the food.
Then, he took a piece of duck meat and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Mhm… The taste is still the same. Jonathan, did you specially buy this at Billy’s?”

“He’s still in good shape,” Jonathan muttered as he leaned against the large stone. “He taught his
grandson the technique to grill duck, so the taste hasn’t changed at all.”

Turning to look at Wilbur, Jonathan took a bottle of Bacardi and handed it to him.

“Drink it if you aren’t afraid of me drugging it.”

“You must be kidding!”

Wilbur grinned. He lifted his head and took a sip.

After downing a shot, Wilbur sat down in front of Jonathan.

“Anyway, these things can’t be compared to those delicacies in Zedfield. I have been longing for this
duck for over two years!”

Wilbur casually leaned on the large stone. He blissfully pulled out a handful of peanuts and threw them
into his mouth.

Meanwhile, Jonathan opened a bottle of wine. They clinked their glasses and gulped down a mouthful.

“Jonathan, did you ever imagine we’d end up like this?” Wilbur inquired as he looked into the distant
forest, sighing.

They met each other three years ago when Valley of Elites was recruiting soldiers from all of Chanaea.
Their current location was a desolate mountain fifteen kilometers away from the Valley of Elites.

At that time, they were subjected to inhumane torture every day at that place.

Jonathan and Wilbur could only take it easy during team training.

Both of them had extraordinary physical qualities as they practice cultivation. Thus, they would always
sneak away from the group during team training. Then, Jonathan and Wilbur would sit here gloating
and drinking wine leisurely for half the day.

However, these were all in the past. Both of them understood that they could not go back to the good
old days even if they revisited the same place and ate the same food today.

Jonathan shook his head slightly.

“I was an ordinary soldier in Central Army, while you were the junior sergeant in Northern Army when
we were sent here. Our prime concern was about how to survive this three-month training and win an
award for our respective units. What about now? I’m Asura of Asura’s Office, and you have fought to
become Zedfield’s commander-in-chief. It’s pretty absurd. Both of us have nearly two point three million

soldiers at our disposal, yet we’re unable to pursue the kind of life we dream of. Isn’t this such an

“It’s not ironic!” Wilbur chuckled heartily. “Jonathan, you want world peace. I can tell you aren’t happy
with being Asura. However, I’m different from you. I have been chasing after power all this time, so I’m
pretty happy now.”

Jonathan turned to look at Wilbur, and his expression was calm.

“Wilbur, do you truly wish to be a commander-in-chief who’s just a puppet? Of the eight respectable
families, ancient sects, foreign forces, and even Asura’s Office, which one of them isn’t able to exert
pressure on you until you can’t breathe? Why did you look for me to cooperate the last time I went to
Baykeep if you are truly content with your current situation?”

Wilbur looked at him. Although he did not speak, his slightly heavy breathing seemed to be a testament
to Jonathan’s words.

“You shouldn’t say that,” Wilbur stated, as he put down the wine bottle.

Wilbur inquired, “What do you need me to do this time?”

“I want you to help me save someone,” Jonathan said in a solemn voice.

“Is it Josephine?”

“That’s right.” Jonathan nodded slightly. “It’s not the right time to act even though I already know the
location of the Osborne residence. I need your help to exert pressure from the outside by using your
connection with the Salladay family to ensure Josephine’s safety.”

“That’s fine. However, I want a thousand fragments of spirit stone,” uttered Wilbur with a frown.

“What fragments?” Jonathan inquired, and he looked at Wilbur in confusion.

This time, Wilbur was dumbfounded. “You don’t know?”

“About what?” Jonathan asked as he was even more confused.

The Blackwood family had made this decision last night, and Jonathan had been meditating on the
mountaintop all night. Hence, Lauryn did not manage to find him at all.

She planned to tell Jonathan the news this morning, but he had left again after hearing news about

Hence, Jonathan was oblivious to the arrangements made by the Blackwood family concerning the
spirit stone fragments up until now.

At that moment, Jonathan felt Wilbur was out of his mind to make such a request.

I won’t be able to obtain a thousand spirit stone fragments even if I sold Asura’s Office.

Jonathan was greatly baffled, as he stared at Wilbur.

“Wilbur, you used to have good alcohol tolerance. Why are you spouting nonsense after just two sips

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