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The Legendary Man Chapter 847

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-Despite having many doubts, Jonathan kept them all to himself. A
key, huh?

“Does that mean your longbow is also a key?”

For a moment, the blurry silhouette froze, clearly taken aback by Jonathan’s question.

The next second, however, he seemed to have realized something and burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! So much for being the high and mighty Asura. I can’t believe you’re clueless about the true
function of your sword… In that case, I take my words back. You’re not blessed with luck. You’re a
wasteful person who doesn’t appreciate the treasure you have!”

With every passing second, the mysterious cultivator was starting to lose his blurry form due to his fatal
injuries, and even his voice was fading.

“Just you wait and see, Jonathan Goldstein. It’s only a matter of time before we face off against each
other in the real world, and when that time comes, I shall show you my true power! I’d love to see for
myself if you’re truly undefeatable!”


Following a sound that resembled a balloon bursting, the blurry silhouette instantly exploded and
vanished into thin air.

As the surrounding landscape began regenerating, Jonathan lapsed into a sullen silence.

Which mountain range in the real world does this illusionary realm correspond to? More importantly,
what did the person mean by the key?

Jonathan was always alone when he entered the illusionary realm previously. Even the mysterious
person who guided him should also have been a part of the realm.

However, the blurry figure he fought with today was undoubtedly a cultivator like himself.

The only weapon Jonathan had been able to materialize from the real world was Heaven Sword, which
was also the item that brought him into the illusionary realm in the first place.

It was simply impossible to take in any other items, including the bronze handbell.

Come to think of it, that cultivator’s longbow should also be a magical item like Heaven Sword.
Furthermore, their auras are of the same origin! Their materials, too, look and feel identical. For all I
know, they could be part of a set of weapons. There’s another thing bugging me… The last time I was
in the illusionary realm, I met that god-like mysterious person in the center of Heavenly Earth
Formation. He told me he was the previous owner of Heaven Sword. Who exactly is he, then?

By then, the surrounding landscape had been restored to its original state, as though the fight had
never occurred.

Wait a minute… There’s someone else here!

With that, Jonathan turned to look at the mountain on his left, only to see a black silhouette standing
atop it.

“Jonathan Goldstein,” the person said flatly as he looked down at him.

Needless to say, Jonathan was exasperated. Since he was so easily recognizable, he gave up trying to
mask his appearance and revealed his face.

“Do all of you recognize me?”

“We don’t know you, but we recognize the sword in your hands!” the black silhouette replied. “Who’d
have thought your Heaven Sword is also a key? Now that one of the most powerful killing weapons is
in your hands, you can expect more trouble in the future, Jonathan.”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan gave Heaven Sword a gentle flick.

“Ha! Trouble? Have I ever been afraid of that? What about you? Why don’t I see you holding any key?”

“Oh, you’ll see it,” the silhouette answered with a chuckle. “Be patient. You’ll see it very soon.”

Without further ado, the black figure took a mere step that covered more than a hundred meters and
appeared before Jonathan.

The latter was about to make a move when the figure spoke up. “Jonathan, do you wish to destroy the
eight respectable families? We can work together if you like.”

Jonathan instantly froze in his tracks. “Are you targeting the eight respectable families?”

“Why not? Asura’s Office isn’t the only organization in Chanaea that wants to take them down.”

“True. But the only ones who have the guts to do it are Asura’s Office and Yaleview Army,” Jonathan
replied with a soft chortle. “Are you telling me you’re Wilbur Xanthos?”

“Of course not. However, what I’ve mastered is comparable to Wilbur’s.”

While saying that, the black figure materialized a bottle of mineral water and handed it to Jonathan.

The latter was speechless as he stared at the bottle with stunned disbelief.

Oh, gosh! This guy can bring items from the real world into the illusionary realm!

“Listen, Jonathan. When the illusionary realm appears before everyone else, the revelation will shake
the entire world. That’s when I’ll look for you. You’ll then understand the significance of this bottle of

Before Jonathan could say anything, the black figure had disappeared without a trace, causing the
mountains and ground to rumble.

Jonathan felt like everything around him was spinning, and when he finally opened his eyes again, his
surroundings were bathed in a golden-red hue.

Ah. My consciousness has returned to my body…

To his surprise, several guards had hidden around the gazebo to protect him.

Meanwhile, the sun was gradually rising on the horizon, yet the only thing that had Jonathan’s attention
was the bottle of mineral water.

Not only did that man have the ability to take real-world items into the illusionary realm, but he could
also bring me out of it with him. I don’t know what he meant by the illusionary realm revealing itself, but
the fact that he can transfer items through dimensions is terrifying enough. After all, the most crucial
thing in a battle is to have a supply line! No matter how good one’s tactical strategies are, they’d be
useless if troops were to run out of supplies… That man’s ability, however, would allow resources from
Doveston to be sent to Xemrich in the blink of an eye. Eventually, Chanaea would no longer need to
fear being attacked by external forces, and Yaleview Army’s position in the middle would be rendered
meaningless. I’d be capable of continuously transporting supplies and equipment between Eastern
Army and the other seven military headquarters. As long as our production lines can keep up with the
pace, we can build an army with unlimited ammunition! Moreover, given that Eastern Army uses
advanced military technologies, an endless stream of logistical support would undoubtedly turn them
into one of the most invincible forces in the world!

Just then, a solemn-looking Zachary suddenly appeared beside the gazebo. “Mr. Goldstein, Eastern
Army has sent us information about Hayes.”

“Eastern Army?” Jonathan muttered in confusion as he put the bottle away. “What’s going on?”

Even now, hearing about Eastern Army still sent chills down his spine for some inexplicable reason.

Zachary, however, remained grim and tense.

“What’s the matter, Zachary? Haven’t you always been a straightforward person? What’s with this
hesitation? Speak up if you have something to say!” Jonathan ordered before leaping off the gazebo to
walk down the hill. “Has Remdik sent out his troops, or is Jetroina trying to stir trouble? We’ve fought
plenty of battles before, so what’s the worry? Tell me what Eastern Army has relayed to you.”

Zachary followed behind Jonathan in silence and only spoke up after much contemplation.

“Mr. Goldstein, Hayes Yeager informed us that he has completed the commander handover with Karl
Hamilton. From now on, Hayes is the commander of Eastern Army!”

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