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The Legendary Man Chapter 846

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-Jonathan was in a daze as he stared at the verdant rolling hills
before him.

W-What is… Wait a minute. This is the illusionary realm inside Heaven Sword!

He quickly turned around, letting his eyes sweep the landscape as he studied and memorized the
higher trail markers.

There was, however, one thing he couldn’t wrap his head around.

I wasn’t holding Heaven Sword this time, so how did it still pull me into its illusionary realm? Could it
have done so through the storage ring? No, no… That sounds ridiculous. After all, the storage ring has
its own dimension and shouldn’t have any connections to the outside world. That’s the theory
cultivators have spent thousands of years researching and confirming, so the evidence is irrefutable.

With a gentle tap of his foot, Jonathan sprang up and dashed into the distance.

Like his previous experiences, the illusionary realm seemed full of vitality, but no matter how hard he
tried, he couldn’t detect any trickles of life force.

Jonathan continued to weave through the dense forest, and it wasn’t long before he found himself atop
another mountain peak.

He was searching for the sealed valley that the mysterious person had previously led him to, but alas,
there were just too many peaks for him to pinpoint the exact coordinates. Moreover, he wasn’t even
sure of his location the last time, so there was nothing he could use as a trail marker.

“Where on earth is that mountain range?” Jonathan grumbled as he looked around in utter confusion
and exasperation.

Ever since his first trip into the illusionary realm, he had become firmly convinced that the same
mountain range must also exist in reality.

Therefore, several intelligence officers from Asura’s Office were soon deployed into the mountains with
a sketch drawn solely from his memory.

Over time, more and more people reported back with photos of probable locations, only to have every
single one of them rejected by Jonathan.

The latter stood somberly on the mountaintop as thoughts flooded his brain. What exactly is the origin
of Heaven Sword? Is it guiding me, and if so, why? More importantly, who’s that mysterious person?

Just then, on the distant horizon, an object that resembled a thin black line suddenly moved.

Jonathan concentrated all his spiritual energy in his eyes, and within seconds, he could see the black
line on the faraway mountain peak gradually transform into a blurry silhouette.

Huh? There’s someone else in the realm!

Upon realizing that, he leaped off his spot and sped toward the direction of the figure like a giant,
soaring bird.

As the spiritual energy surged within Jonathan’s body, he morphed into a streak of black lightning and
zipped through the thick forest without stopping.

Less than five minutes later, he perched on one of the higher peaks in the middle of the woods and
stared intently ahead.

Hmm… That silhouette’s gone. It’s almost as if it had never appeared at all.

However, just when Jonathan thought he had lost his target, a figure suddenly appeared on the
mountain beside him and hopped nimbly onto the peak.

With its eyes fixed on Jonathan’s back, the blurry silhouette reached behind itself and pulled out a
black bow that had seemingly materialized out of nowhere.

After aiming the longbow at Jonathan, the figure pulled the invisible bowstring with its right hand and
slowly directed all its spiritual energy into the weapon.


Following an ear-piercing buzz, an arrow imbued with spiritual energy was fired over a thousand
meters toward Jonathan’s head.


Even though the latter moved his head in the nick of time, the arrow still whizzed past his left ear and
promptly obliterated it into a mangled mess of flesh and blood.

The arrow had missed, but there was no denying that the energy generated was almost powerful
enough to kill Jonathan.

The man touched his ear and glared at the figure opposite him.

How odd. We’re pretty near each other, yet all I can see is a blurry silhouette. Also, that longbow in the
person’s hand seems strangely familiar… Ah! It has a very similar aura to Heaven Sword! What’s going

With that, Jonathan waved his right hand and conjured up Heaven Sword.


The next second, he brought the sword to his face to fend off another incoming arrow while he
disappeared and bolted toward the opposite mountain.

Alas, not only was the mysterious cultivator with the longbow not afraid of Jonathan’s retaliation, but he
even jumped off his spot and rushed headlong into the latter.

“Die!” the mystery man yelled as he drew his longbow.

Behind him, invisible arrows started coming together, causing energy waves to ripple through the air
toward Jonathan.

A sneer crept across Jonathan’s face. “Ha! Is that a ranged attack?”

As soon as he said that, he raised his sword with all his might before the first arrow could pierce his


The terrifying sword energy instantly sent a violent gale hurtling to the other side, leaving broken trees
and shattered rocks in its wake.

One thing was for sure—the showdown between the two men had a destructive power like no other.

More importantly, Jonathan could tell that his opponent’s cultivation level was on par with his!

Having thought of his course of action, he held Heaven Sword close to him and launched another


Sparks flew as the two men shot past each other, and the sword collided with the longbow.

When Heaven Sword spun around, Jonathan swiftly hit it with his right hand, sending it straight toward
the blurry silhouette’s back. “Take that!”

At the same time, however, the mysterious figure had used his longbow to slash at Jonathan’s neck.

The latter hastily blocked the attack with his arm, only to feel the invisible bowstring cut it off in one
clean slice.

As gory as that was, it allowed Jonathan to move away and dodge the fatal blow.

After landing beside a creek in the valley, he glanced coldly at his right arm while the blurry figure lay
motionless on the ground opposite him.

The mysterious God Realm cultivator’s heart had been pierced, and he would’ve instantly died from the
injuries if they were in the real world.

However, since they were in the illusionary realm, any injuries sustained would only affect their spirits.
Even if Jonathan were to dice the cultivator up into bits and pieces, the latter would still return to the
real world unharmed.

The one setback was that getting injured in the illusionary realm would weaken anyone for some time.

“You sure are ruthless, Jonathan Goldstein!” the blurry figure choked out as he put his longbow away.

A murderous glint flashed across Jonathan’s eyes when he heard his name called.

During our time in the illusionary realm, our bodies will transform into whatever shape and size we
subconsciously want them to. This mysterious person, for example, has intentionally appeared as a
blurred figure to mask his identity. On that same note, my face should also be blurry to him. He
shouldn’t have been able to see through me, so how does he know who I am?

“You can stop guessing. It’s the sword in your hand that gave you away. Anyone who has analyzed
your previous fights before will recognize the sword immediately!” the blurry silhouette said as he stood
up laboriously. “Alas, I never expected that your sword would also be one of the keys. You’re just
blessed with luck, aren’t you?”

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