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The Legendary Man Chapter 845

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-Upon receiving the order, Zachary left with his men, leaving Jonathan
and Emmeline to themselves in the living room.

Even though Jonathan fully grasped the information given by Josephine, he chose not to make a move.

Considering the vast intelligence network and the number of soldiers he had, he would have needed at
most three days to scout out where the Osborne family had been hiding in Quadfield.

That large-scale search, however, would only serve to tip off the Osborne family.

To top it off, the Osborne family would surely relocate themselves as soon as Jonathan’s course of
action was exposed. More importantly, Josephine would also be in great danger.

Truth be told, Jonathan could have spread the word of the Osborne family’s ancestral land being in
Quadfield without actually getting himself involved in the hurdle.

Once the other seven respectable families got ahold of the news, they would definitely assemble to get
rid of such a formidable force like the Osborne family, repeating history akin to annihilating the Whitley
family bloodline a decade ago.

Sure enough, that would bring about a reduction in the number of respectable families. Still, taking
down the Osborne family would mean strengthening the other seven respectable families and
increasing their influence just as well.

Should Jonathan be relying on the strength of a third party to have his enemies up against each other’s
throats, he might be indirectly fostering the emergence of one to three ginormous respectable families
in Chanaea.

When that happened, they might even come to terms with one another, not to mention form an
affiliation. It would then be difficult for Jonathan to find their weak spot.

In time, it would be the end of the road for Asura’s Office.

To prevent that outcome, all eight respectable families had to be obliterated as a whole once and for all.

Vexed, Jonathan leaned against the couch and massaged his forehead.

Seeing how the situation in Chanaea had gotten more and more complicated, he could already feel
quite a headache.

Whatever call he was to make, there would be no room for error. It was as though he was treading on
thin ice as he faced covetous, hostile forces looking for an opening.

At that very juncture, an image of Leslie from Summerbank popped into Jonathan’s head all of a

From an operation standpoint, there were simply way too many external factors to be considered for
every decision he made.

Leslie’s cold, insensitive temperament was the answer Asura’s Office needed.

Nevertheless, Jonathan had always loathed the way Leslie deploy the soldiers on the battlefield.

In his opinion, his soldiers weighed more than just numbers. As all men were born equal, he would
never allow his people to be mere cannon fodder in war.

The last thing Jonathan wished for was to have a person like Leslie become one of the higher-ups in
Asura’s Office.

If she were ever put in control, it was no doubt Asura’s Office would triumph over its enemies but at the
same time suffer greater losses.

Right then, a cup of coffee landed on the coffee table in front of Jonathan.

He looked up, only to be greeted by Emmeline’s grace.

“Stop brooding over it, Jonathan. You hardly ever make a trip back here. Take a break, will you?”

A faint grin appeared on Emmeline’s face as she spoke.

Jonathan, in turn, was sort of startled by the woman’s thoughtful gesture.

As far as he could remember, Emmeline had always been a mischievous, feisty one. Although she
might not have done anything outrageous, there had not been a single moment she had failed to
exasperate the people around her.

Since when did she learn to care for others?

While Jonathan pinned his gaze on Emmeline, he picked up the cup of coffee and took a sip.

Emmeline let out a snort upon catching sight of the man’s demeanor.

“Why that look? Are you scared that I may have spiked the coffee?”

“Nah, I wouldn’t think that. After all, the last time you tried cooking, the food tasted like–”


Emmeline took the pillow beside her and tossed it right at Jonathan.

Of course, the latter managed to grab the pillow. A chuckle escaped from his lips.

“Your puny trick can never touch an expert of God Realm like yours truly.”

“You’re so annoying.”

Emmeline went and sat opposite the couch, wrapping her arms around her legs and sighing.

“I wonder if Josephine even sleeps well at night. I guess she must be thinking about whether we’d
notice the signal she’s sent out.”

As she dropped that remark, she raised her chin and directed her line of sight to Jonathan.

“My sister must be hoping so badly that you’d appear right before her to take her home, Jonathan.”

Those words left Jonathan’s hand frozen in mid-air momentarily before he gradually put the cup of
coffee down.

“Do you blame me too, Emmeline?”


Emmeline shook her head slightly.

“You and Zachary’s squad are all meant to achieve great things. I’ve been paying attention to your
conversation, so I know you must have your reasons. Either way, Josephine will definitely be back,
right, Jonathan?”

“For sure.”

Jonathan’s eyes glinted as he looked at Emmeline.

“I promise to bring your sister home safe and sound. I won’t let anyone lay a finger on her.”

“Okay, I’ll take your word for it.”

Emmeline rubbed her eyes and rose to her feet.

“I’m going to bed now. You should also rest early, Jonathan.”

Then came Jonathan’s reminder. “Emmeline, don’t tell Mom and Dad about this. There might be more
trouble if Mom were to know about this.”

“Mm. I won’t mention a word to them,” agreed Emmeline in a low voice before she went upstairs.

Halfway through the stairs on the second floor, she sneaked a peek toward the living room downstairs.
The cup of coffee was still on the coffee table, but Jonathan was nowhere in sight.

Later that night, Jonathan was stargazing atop the gazebo at the observation deck in Edenic Heights.
His mind was in turmoil.

Every agonizing moment he spent suppressing his wrath was due to his own powerlessness.

Had he already mastered Divine Realm, nothing in the world could have gnawed at him, let alone the
eight measly respectable families.

If given the capability, he would have stormed the ancestral land of the Osborne family and made every
single one of them pay for abducting Josephine.

None of them would have had the gall to pull any tricks on him.

Sadly, Asura’s Office was simply not strong enough.

A pucker formed between Jonathan’s brows as he devised a plan in his head. At that point, Jonathan
had yet to receive word that the Blackwood family was gifting Asura’s Office five thousand tons of
scrapped spirit stones.

The only thing he had in mind was how he could train his very own army of cultivators and bring them
to Summerbank Abyss.

The reason behind his intention stemmed from the extraordinarily concentrated spiritual energy in
Summerbank Abyss, which was more than a hundredfold denser than that in the outside world. A place
like that would be the perfect cultivation ground for all cultivators who had not attained Grandmaster

Not only that, but the land also abounded with excellent cultivation resources, including spiritual fruits
and demon beasts.

Yet, there stood the biggest roadblock to reaching that goal–the ancient beast, Joselle.

Her strength alone had far exceeded what could have been achievable in Divine Realm. Despite not
pulling any Precelestial Pryncyp moves thus far, she still posed a threat to Jonathan.

Restoring the seal formation to its full strength was the only option to contain Joselle.

Unfortunately, even with the legendary Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique sitting in Jonathan’s
possession, it was nothing more than wishful thinking for him to work out a seal formation that could
incapacitate an ancient beast.

His last hope of mending the said formation would be to get his hands on an identical Flaming Tree and
plant it anew as a foundation.

Be that as it might, a tree that had aged thousands of years must have long gone extinct, so there was
no telling as to where or how he could even come by one.

The life force in me…

Jonathan frowned slightly upon sensing the scarce life force he still had within him.

The fact that his own life force was a gazillion times more refined than that in Flaming Tree, reality
forbade him from expending life force to revive Flaming Tree.

That would make sense, for the ancient beast had already ravaged and rooted Flaming Tree up for fear
that it might come back to life and haunt it once again.

How can I ever make Summerbank Abyss my own backyard?

Just when Jonathan was deep in thought, the storage ring on his finger shone with a green ray of light.

In a split second, his surroundings changed before his eyes.

Before he realized it, he found himself standing in the mountains.

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