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The Legendary Man Chapter 844

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-Donald’s complaints stunned everyone in the room.

“Josephine’s a career woman. I’ve never seen her paint her nails before!”

Jonathan turned toward the wall and ordered, “Zoom in on her nails!”

Zachary knew just what to do even without Jonathan’s orders.

Each one of Josephine’s fingernails was zoomed in all the way. Screenshots of them were taken and
arranged in a row on the projection.

Every image of her nails was rendered and detailed to ensure nothing was missed out.

Josephine was skilled in arts and painted tiny, beautiful flowers on all her nails. Even though they were
small, they were drawn meticulously with clear lines.

“Wait!” Jason, who was standing at the side, suddenly exclaimed, “Zoom in on her left pinky!”

Zachary turned toward Jonathan. Upon seeing the latter nod, he quickly did as he was told.

A double-headed flower appeared before everyone as he continued to zoom in on the image.

“Did you notice something, Jason?”

Jason was a little hesitant as he stared at the image, but he soon clapped and shouted, “A double-
headed Rehmannia glutinosa! Mr. Goldstein, that’s a double-headed Rehmannia glutinosa!”

Jonathan stared blankly at him, but he could tell that it was the name of a medical herb.

However, he could not wrap his head around how it could have anything to do with Josephine.

Right then, Donald’s voice sounded from the couch once again, “It has been recorded that Rehmannia
glutinosas are mostly found in the north of Wantril River. It tastes bitter and is used to bring down heat
in the human body. The double-headed flowers are the most potent, and if taken by mistake, they can
cause diarrhea and be life-threatening. What’s more, only one place manufactures double-headed
Rehmannia glutinosas in all of Chanaea, and that is Drieso, Quadfield!”

Jonathan’s heart skipped a beat when Donald finished speaking.

The corners of his lips tilted upward, and he burst out laughing.

“You’ve helped us tremendously, Josephine!”

Jonathan was not the only one who sought out the locations of each of the eight respectable families.
The other families and sects were after it too.

However, each family had an extremely guarded system, so it was difficult to find their locations.

Decades ago, the eight respectable families secretly agreed to finish off the Whitley family. They had to
sacrifice a lot before they finally found the actual location of the Whitley family’s ancestral land.

For many years since then, the eight respectable families openly and secretly fought against each
other. They were constantly investigating and making moves against one another.

Nevertheless, the locations of their residence were never revealed all this while.

Yet now, they managed to narrow down the Osborne family’s location to Quadfield because of
Josephine’s video.

Even though it was still an enormous area to go through, the video had already reduced Asura’s
Office’s workload by a considerable extent considering the previous thorough investigations they had
carried out before.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’ll head to Quadfield with our men right now. I will bring her back to you even if I have to
turn the city upside down,” Zachary said as he tried to run outside.

However, Jonathan stopped him right when he reached the door.


“Let me do it, Mr. Goldstein! I’ll be heading there with a hundred thousand men. Even if the Osborne
family has cultivators in the Divine Realm or even the Ultimate Realm with them, we can blast them to
cinders with our weapons.” Zachary gritted his teeth.

He had had enough of the eight respectable families who had always reigned over Asura’s Office.

Zachary wasn’t the only one acting this way. The spiritual energy within Jason was also surging wildly
in him.

The ones who caused the tragedy of the Carrick family were the Osborne and Salladay families.

It was only natural that Jason wanted to get revenge now that they finally narrowed down the Osborne
family’s location to Quadfield.

However, Jonathan put his hand on Jason’s shoulder and said, “Now is not the time yet, Jason.”

The spiritual energy within the latter returned to its previously tranquil state, and he turned to walk out

“You have to tell me immediately if you wish to attack the Osborne family, Mr. Goldstein. I’ll be the first
to end them!”

“I’ll let you be the vanguard if you manage to break through the God Realm,” Jonathan said calmly as
he watched Jason’s desolate figure.

As Jason disappeared into the courtyard, Zachary glanced at Jonathan, his gaze brimming with

“I don’t understand why we have to wait, Mr. Goldstein. Are our cannons and missiles not a match for
the cultivators of the Osborne family?”

Jonathan’s expression turned grim when he heard the question.

“Have you ever seen a true Divine Realm cultivator fight, Zachary?”

Zachary was about to refute, but he could only shake his head when he saw the man’s face.

At that moment, the fight between Damoyed and Kenado kept replaying in Jonathan’s mind.

If it weren’t for the spiritual treasure of Blaze’s Spatial Pryncyp and his own life force, he would have
been finished off right in Bazar Temple due to the great battle.

Even a God Realm cultivator could easily weave through troops with thousands of men, let alone a
Divine Realm cultivator.

Time was simply the issue for a Divine Realm cultivator when it came to the difference between a battle
with ten thousand men and another with a hundred thousand.

As for why the respectable families were so terrified of Asura’s Office even when they had Divine
Realm cultivators, it was more so because they were afraid of the weapons’ devastating and saturated

As strong as the families were, if things did come down to a fight to the death, they were nothing in the
face of the endless launches of bombs.

But as for the numbers of cultivators…

Jonathan thought the same before he broke through to Grandmaster Realm. But ever since he reached
that realm, he had never dreamed of such a thing anymore.

Taking a glance at Zachary, he shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Now is still not the right time, Zachary. If you really wish to force a fight with the respectable families,
we, Asura’s Office, need at least ten God Realm and hundreds of Grandmaster Realm cultivators.
Nonetheless, we will still have to give up on an active battlefield since we do not have a Divine Realm
cultivator. Just one person from Divine Realm can wipe out an army of yours. That is the might of a
Divine Realm cultivator. It is not something one can describe with mere words.”

Zachary let out a loud sigh having heard that.

They had previously suspected Jonathan of being satisfied with what he had now, just like how Karl
had suspected him. However, after he ended up in Northern Crimson Prison, each of the respectable
families became more and more active.

But as their understanding of the families deepened, Zachary and the others finally understood that
Jonathan had never once slacked off. Even when no one noticed him, he always worked hard in

“How long do we have to wait, then? Are you saying we should do nothing as the eight respectable
families continue to reign over us?”

At his words, Jonathan stared out the window and sighed.

“We need to wait for the right opportunity, Zachary. One that will benefit us. Issue a gag order regarding
what happened tonight. We mustn’t let a single piece of information about the Osborne family leak out.
Anyone who goes against the order shall be prosecuted.”

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