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The Legendary Man Chapter 843

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-The family sat together on the couch as Margaret sobbed quietly with
Emmeline’s hand behind her back to support her.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was gently stroking Josephine’s face on the screen.

A long time passed before he finally played the video.

Josephine’s voice sounded.

“Can I talk now? Can you hear me, Emmeline? Are Mom and Dad okay? They must be worried sick
after I left,” she said. She sounded a little choked up, and her eyes were red.

After a pause, she continued, “I don’t have much time, so I’ll only talk about the important things. I’m at
the Osborne family’s ancestral land right now. Even though I was kidnapped here, they haven’t done
anything to me. In fact, my basic needs provided here are much better than what I have back in
Tayhaven. Besides not having too much freedom, everything I have here is good. Emmeline, I’m
updating you on how I’m doing so you, Mom, and Dad can rest assured. I also want you to pass on a
message to Jonathan. A few days ago, someone hypnotized Broderick and made a move against our
baby and I. Luckily, the Osborne family stopped them. They investigated, and there’s a huge possibility
that the Salladay and Gray families were behind this. These people want to provoke Asura’s Office to
fight against the Osborne family using my death. The Osborne family allowed me to contact you all
because they are worried people would pour fuel into the fire and cause unwanted misunderstandings.
That’s all I can say for now. Emmeline, please warn Jonathan and tell him not to be swayed by the
rumors. Oh, right. Tell Dad to stop scolding Jonathan because of this, too. I only understood after
coming here that even though Jonathan is extremely powerful, he is not invincible. The Osborne family

The tablet’s screen went black, and the video stopped.

It was obvious that the Osborne family had forcefully turned off the camera and stopped the recording.

Seeing that Jonathan wasn’t saying anything, Sophia approached him in her wheelchair and patted his
wrist lightly.

“Jonathan, you should be happy that Josephine is safe and sound. It shows that there is still room for
discussion with the Osborne family.”

However, it was as if he had not heard her. Jonathan proceeded to play the video again instead.

He rewatched the video once more, but this time, he slowed it down and paid closer attention to it.

“Jonathan?” Emmeline questioned. She wanted to approach him but was stopped in her tracks by

“Shh!” the latter hushed as she held up a finger. “He probably noticed something. Don’t disturb him.”

He noticed something?

Hearing what she said, the three who sat opposite them turned toward Jonathan.

At that moment, he dragged a finger along the video progress bar.

“Oh, right. Tell Dad to stop scolding Jonathan because of this, too—”

“Oh, right. Tell Dad to stop scolding—”

“Tell Dad to stop—”

Josephine’s words were repeated continuously.

“Something’s wrong.” Jonathan listened carefully each time he replayed the video. The next moment,
he looked up at Connor sitting opposite. “You’re the only one who has never scolded me since I
married into the Smith family, Dad. You’re the one who treats me the best in this family. You’d even
reassure me in secret at times. There’s no way Josephine would say something like this for no reason.
But what is she trying to tell us?” he said with his brows furrowed.

Jonathan got up from the couch and started to pace around.

At the same time, Emmeline and the others finally realized what was going on.

“Yes, that’s right! Josephine should have directed that sentence toward Mom. She shouldn’t have
brought up Dad!”

Jonathan kept replaying the video on the tablet. He wanted to get a clear look at each and every one of
Josephine’s movements, but the slowest the video could be played on the tablet was at zero point five.

Jonathan walked to the door as he was filled with anxiousness.

“Get Zachary and everyone in the Intelligence Bureau here. Tell them to bring video analytics devices


Following that, a spy vanished almost instantly from Jonathan’s spiritual sense.

Not long after, Zachary rushed into the house with five others tagging along.

“Mr. Goldstein—”

Before Zachary could finish his sentence, Jonathan approached him with the tablet.

“Use the analytics device and inspect this video frame-by-frame. Project it on the wall, too. Enhance
the visual effect, and as for the other details… You know what to do. Push yourselves to the utmost for

As he spoke, Jonathan hastily cut the painting that was hanging on the living room wall, turning it into a
projection screen.


Zachary dared not delay in the slightest at the sight of how the man was acting. He quickly ordered his
subordinates to get a move on.

In under ten minutes, the video was converted into frames and divided into three parts for analysis, but
it had not been finely processed yet. It was also projected on the wall.

The frames flashed past one by one, and Jonathan and the rest stared intently at them.

One time. Ten times. A hundred times.

The group of people kept their eyes on the images until nighttime.

This eventually took a toll on Sophia’s body and she was taken away to rest. Nonetheless, Jonathan
remained and continued to inspect the frames.

“That’s impossible…”

His eyes were bloodshot as he stared at the wall.

“Josephine must be trying to tell me something by deliberately saying something wrong that only our
family knows. But what on earth is she trying to tell me?” Jonathan mumbled.

“What is something the Osborne family cannot find out, but we’ll definitely notice? What could it be?
What detail did we miss?” he continued through gritted teeth as he went through the frames again.

He had already made up his mind to continue searching for the clue no matter how many times he
needed to look through the frames again, be it a hundred times, two hundred times, or four hundred

Jonathan was convinced that Josephine had hidden some kind of message for him in the video.

It was just that he had failed to notice it until now.

Right then, Jason and Donald walked in from outside.

The former stared at the wall in shock when they entered the living room.

“What are all of you doing?”

Zachary instantly gestured for him to keep quiet and told him everything that had happened in a soft

Jason’s expression turned serious, and he began helping to search for clues.

Meanwhile, Donald, who was left unattended, took a seat by the side.

“Isn’t Josephine pregnant?” he asked as he glanced at the images projected on the wall.

Jonathan turned to look at him.

“She is.”

“I specifically told her not to paint when I ate with her previously. The chemicals aren’t good for the

“Paint?” Jonathan was at a loss as he turned back to the wall.

To prevent any information from leaking, the Osborne family purposely found a room fully painted in
white to film Josephine’s video. There weren’t any signs or drawings in the room at all.

“Josephine painted her nails! Those things are worse than the chemicals in paints! She didn’t listen to
my medical advice at all,” Donald said unhappily.

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