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The Legendary Man Chapter 842

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-Jonathan’s arrival at No. 1 Villa, caused the spies hiding in the
surroundings to show themselves.

As more than ten figures emerged in the yard one by one, two of them charged at Jonathan.

“It’s me!”

Raising his hand to block their approach, Jonathan unleashed a whirlwind of spiritual energy that
engulfed his surroundings.

In that instant, a spiritual energy force field took shape and froze the two Grandmaster Realm
cultivators in the air.

“It’s me, Jonathan Goldstein,” Jonathan repeated before retracting his left hand.

As the two cultivators landed on the ground, they gestured to greet Jonathan before retreating quickly.

Outside the door, the rest of the cultivators had a quick discussion before disappearing into the
surroundings as afterimages.

Meanwhile, inside the living room, Connor and Margaret had just recovered from their shock.

“Dad… Mom…” Jonathan murmured at the door.

However, before he could continue, Margaret got up and headed to the staircase.

“I’m not your mother!”

Before the fuming Margaret could ascend the staircase, Connor hurriedly got in her way.

“What are you doing? It’s rare for Jonathan to come home. Why can’t you talk to him for a while?”

“What’s there to talk about?”

Margaret turned to face Jonathan.

“Do you want to talk about how you’re going to intimidate us with your weapons again? Or how glorious
your distinguished position is, to the extent of having your wife kidnapped? Jonathan Goldstein, how
dare you come back here? Where’s Josephine? Have you brought her back?”

The more she spoke, the more emotional Margaret became. She stormed up to him where she raised
her hand to slap him.

Emmeline and Sophia walked in on the scene just as it happened.

“Mom, why did you hit Jonathan?”

Emmeline dashed forward to hold her mother back after witnessing the incident.

Nevertheless, Jonathan engaged a spiritual energy force field with a flick of his fingers, keeping
Emmeline outside.

Thereafter, Emmeline was thrown backward upon running into the invisible barrier.

Upon holding Emmeline down with another burst of spiritual energy, Jonathan returned his attention to

The sudden turn of events gave everyone a shock.

Ever since the Smith family discovered Jonathan’s true identity, none of them dared to say no to him,
including Margaret, who would always accord him the due respect.

Unfortunately, the longing she felt for her daughter caused her to lose her composure and slap

Now that Jonathan had engaged a force field to trap both of them inside, Margaret was quickly
reminded of the gravity of her actions.

“Jonathan, calm down! She’s your mother-in-law!” Sophia screamed from the entrance as she
desperately tried to wheel herself forward.

Lying on the ground, Emmeline, too, cried out, “Chill, Jonathan! Mom didn’t do it on purpose.”

Standing face to face with Jonathan, Margaret was first shaken by the look in his eyes before she
managed to steel herself.

“What’s the matter?”

Margaret had just retreated a few steps, but she came forward again.

This was the first time she locked gazes with Jonathan ever since she found out who he was.

“Do you want to hit me? Or kill me? Go ahead then!” Margaret challenged him with an icy glint in her

Thereafter, she grabbed him by the collar and bellowed, “Jonathan, I dare you to do it!”

Her brazen actions caused everyone to gasp in fear. Standing two meters away from them, Emmeline
who tried vehemently to breach the force field began to cry in desperation.

It was at that very moment that Jonathan took two steps back and dropped to his knees.


Sophia finally stopped shouting.

As for Connor and Emmeline, both of them were equally stunned by Jonathan’s reaction.

“No one will interfere today. Even if you beat me to death, I will readily accept it, Mom. No matter what
happened in the past, I failed to protect Josephine. I have let you down with my incompetence.”

As Jonathan spoke in a choking voice, he prostrated in front of Margaret.

The moment he smashed his head on the ground, hairline cracks broke out from the point of impact.

Margaret stared into space as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Moments later, she gradually lowered her head to look at the man kneeling before her, not forgetting
that he was none other than Asura.

In that instant, she collapsed onto the floor as if all the energy within her had been sucked away.


Jonathan swiftly sent a burst of spiritual energy to catch her.

The spiritual energy force field was subsequently dispelled, allowing Emmeline and the others to enter
and support Margaret.

“Jonathan, I had always objected to you marrying Josephine. I also admit that vanity is all I ever cared
for. I simply wanted my daughter to marry someone rich. What’s wrong with that? After both of you
were officially married, the Smith family was oppressed for three whole years. As for you, you simply
left us behind. Do you know how much Josephine suffered as the subject of gossip? And she did it all
for your sake!”

Amidst her sobs, Margaret pounded Jonathan on the chest, as if to vent all the frustration she had
suppressed within herself over the years.

As he stared at Margaret, Jonathan’s tears trickled down uncontrollably.

“Mom, I swear to you that I’ll rescue Josephine. If the Osborne family dares to lay a finger on her, I’ll
annihilate every single one of them!” Jonathan declared through his gritted teeth.

As one of the most powerful men in Chanaea, Jonathan once thought that he was capable of anything
as long as he willed it.

Even when the Goldstein family was threatened by the Osborne family, he led a hundred-thousand-
strong army to conquer Yaleview, striking fear into the prominent families there.

However, it took Josephine’s kidnapping for him to realize how powerless he actually was.

The epiphany felt like a massive boulder that suffocated him with its weight on his shoulders.

Consequently, Margaret wasn’t the only one venting her frustration then.

Even Jonathan was unleashing the long-repressed emotions within him despite not looking like it.

I already possessed money and power a long time ago. But if I can’t even protect the one dearest to
me, what’s the use of having all the money in the world and wielding unparalleled influence?

As a combination of tears and blood flowed down his cheeks, Jonathan swore to himself that he would
wipe out the Osborne family.

He wanted the world to know that whoever dared to harm his family would feel the merciless wrath of

Finally, half an hour passed before Margaret managed to calm down.

Even though the bad blood between Jonathan and Margaret wasn’t water under the bridge yet, the
tension between them had slightly eased.

Consequently, Margaret handed him the tablet she had been so reluctant to put down.

The moment it was unlocked, Josephine’s face appeared on the screen.

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