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The Legendary Man Chapter 840

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-Donald slowly turned around, chewing a banana as he looked at
Jonathan with cool indifference.

His tone was casual, and it almost felt like he was asking if the latter wanted a banana too.

Needless to say, there were only two options—take it or leave it.

Anyone could tell that Donald couldn’t care less about Jonathan’s answer, but the latter thought

Grade A intelligence, huh? That’s a code word only high-level personnel in Asura’s Office will
understand. Moreover, one has to be at least a lieutenant colonel to be privy to the information. Even
though it may not be the most urgent, this information would still be classified as highly confidential.
There’s no way it’d be easily disclosed… Therefore, I’m sure Donald had intentionally asked the
question to guard against someone. Since it’s just him, Sean, and myself in the garden, it doesn’t take
a genius to figure out who he’s wary of…

The next second, Jonathan moved his fingers and quietly conjured an invisible spirit shield with spiritual

“He shouldn’t be able to hear anything now. Go on. Tell me what this is about,” he said, a glint of
curiosity in his eyes.

“Mr. Goldstein, there’s something wrong with this kid,” Donald muttered as he continued to munch on
his banana. “I advise you to kill him as soon as possible.”

Donald’s words were nothing short of appalling. After all, he had suggested killing Sean without blinking
an eye.

Despite being taken aback, Jonathan didn’t let his emotions show and even made it a point to avoid
glancing at Sean.

“Donald, you can’t just suddenly tell me to kill someone. You have to give me a reason,” he said with a

Even though Jonathan sounded nonchalant, he knew Donald wasn’t one to make baseless

The latter, however, let out a heavy sigh and frowned.

“Sean gives off majorly strange vibes. His circadian rhythm, daily habits, and even the look in his eyes
aren’t what a kid his age should have. Most importantly, he isn’t picky about food.”

This time around, Jonathan couldn’t hide his bewilderment. “Huh? How is not being picky weird?”

“It’s not weird if we’re talking about adults, but he’s only seven,” Donald insisted. “When I say he isn’t a
picky eater, I don’t mean he doesn’t have dietary restrictions. What I meant was he isn’t fussy about
food at all. How’s that possible, though? As a kid, he should have preferences when it comes to flavors.
Even if he’s just being obedient and choosing not to be picky, he should at least show some hints of
dislike when he eats food he doesn’t fancy. I, for one, have never noticed such behavior from him. On
top of that, he always seems to know how to savor his food… Mr. Goldstein, Jason has shown me a
medical book before with recorded cases of people getting possessed. I highly suspect that a monster
is residing in Sean’s body.”

With that, Donald grabbed a stainless steel cocktail pick from the table.

“Let me get rid of him, Mr. Goldstein. It’s too dangerous to keep someone like that around.”

“Sit down!” Jonathan ordered before bursts of spiritual energy morphed into a massive hand and
pressed Donald into the chair.

“I was the one who brought him back, so I should do the deed myself,” he added smilingly.

Although Donald was only a fourteen-year-old child, Jonathan still trusted him wholeheartedly.

Even if the boy’s claim seemed utterly absurd, it wouldn’t stop him from digging deeper and trying to
uncover the truth behind it.

Sean had undoubtedly shown great aptitude, but if he proved to be a problem, there was no way
Jonathan would go easy on him.

However, the latter also couldn’t sentence a child to death based solely on Donald’s words.

“I believe you, Donald, but there’s a proper method of detecting whether a cultivator has been
possessed,” Jonathan replied. “I’ll examine him now, and if the results back up your claim, I’ll get rid of
him immediately. If not, I’ll still permit you to do whatever you like. Understood?”


Satisfied, Donald flicked his fingers and sent the cocktail pick flying into the fruit platter as he silently
watched Jonathan walk away.

The latter stepped through several invisible spirit shields and slowly strode toward Sean.

At that moment, the boy was holding a long sword and practicing the final move of the sword

When he noticed Jonathan approaching him, he dropped everything and bowed politely.

“Master, how’s my technique coming along?”


Deep down, however, Jonathan had begun stirring up his spiritual energy.

In just a split second, his booming voice had rippled through the air and struck Sean in the face,
causing the boy’s eyes to lose focus.

The next second, Jonathan placed his left hand on Sean’s head while holding a dagger behind his back
in his right hand.

As it turned out, the dagger had been imbued with the power of Pryncyp, and Jonathan would use it to
chop off Sean’s head if something went awry during the examination.

Sean’s consciousness began surging, yet Jonathan remained calm as he stood amidst the violent
storm to feel the changes around him.

Ah. I can sense the turmoil, the emptiness, and the helplessness…

In an instant, various chaotic emotions started appearing.

Just as Sean’s spiritual sense was about to regain clarity, Jonathan’s figure morphed into beams of
spiritual energy that seeped into every corner of the boy’s body.

Surprisingly, his meridians were warm, and his inner world and energy field were calm and flawless. It
was, by all accounts, a perfect body.

“Master?” Sean muttered as he rubbed his head, seemingly confused about why he had slipped into a
momentary daze.

Jonathan immediately took a Spirit Rejuvenating Pill from his ring and handed it to the boy.

“Split the pill into fifty portions. Whenever you feel like you’re down on spiritual energy, eating the pill
will help restore it,” he said, smiling as he patted Sean’s shoulder. “Work hard on your cultivation. Once
you’ve attained the Grandmaster Realm, I’ll train you personally and teach you all the skills I know.”

With that, Jonathan walked away, only to have Donald follow silently behind.

Despite being a hundred meters away, Jonathan’s spiritual sense allowed him to see Sean sprawling
on the table and carefully cutting the pill.

Well, there doesn’t seem to be any problem with the boy.

“There are many ways of determining if a person has been possessed, Donald. The most basic method
is to check for traces of the Soul-Transferring Technique or cracks in one’s consciousness and
meridians,” Jonathan patiently explained. “If a person has forcibly taken over another, the impact will
fracture the host’s consciousness, causing it to exhibit tell-tale cracks. Secondly, only cultivators who
are at least in the Grandmaster Realm can possess others. Even then, not many of them are familiar
with the Soul-Transferring Technique. After possession, the cultivators must ditch the host’s original
cultivation path and replace it with their own. Such a move will undoubtedly leave scars on the
meridians. Sean, however, has zero cracks in his consciousness and meridians. I’m almost certain that
the boy is a naturally gifted cultivator. As for why he’s behaving like a grown man for his age, there’s a
possibility his past experiences had shaped his personality.”

Even though Jonathan’s analysis was sensible and comprehensive, Donald still shook his head.

“Being almost certain is far from being fully confident, Mr. Goldstein. I remain suspicious of the boy. As
such, I’ll request the Dark Special Forces to conduct a twenty-four surveillance on him.”

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