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The Legendary Man Chapter 841

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-Jonathan stared blankly at Donald.

“Donald, do you really dislike Sean that much?”

Something struck Jonathan just as he spoke.

“Hey, are you jealous of Sean’s talent?”

“Me? Jealous of him?”

Donald let out a snort.

“I, Donald Chambers, am proficient in both medicine and martial arts. I am no lesser than anyone in
this world. When the time comes for me to reach the peak of my cultivation, I will defeat all my

Watching how adamant Donald was in deluding himself, Jonathan couldn’t help but sigh.

“Have you been reading too many fairy tales?”

Choking on his words, Donald blushed in embarrassment. “Mr. Goldstein, trust me. You have to be
wary of Sean. I, too, have been young once, and I’m certain that a true genius doesn’t behave that

With that, Donald turned and left, leaving behind a nonplussed Jonathan.

When he used his spiritual sense to observe Sean’s movements, he noticed that the latter was molding
a Spirit Rejuvenating Pill with his hands.

Jonathan was unable to detect anything suspicious from Sean’s behavior alone.

Even from the evaluation a moment ago, he failed to sense anything wrong.

Just like Jason, Donald came from a family with a tragic background. Given that he had spent lots of
time training with someone as eccentric as Jason, Jonathan found it reasonable for Donald to display
similar levels of eccentricity.

With that, Jonathan shook his head with a smile before leaving.

However, a sudden realization descended upon him the very next moment.

“Even though I don’t really believe it, it pays to heed Donald’s advice. Let’s keep an eye on Sean for a
week first.”


A faint voice rang out even though there didn’t seem to be anyone around.

It was a Dark Special Forces cultivator whom Jonathan had planted. Ever since Josephine’s kidnap,
Jonathan had placed his spies around the surroundings of Edenic Heights.

Under normal circumstances, they would stay hidden without showing themselves.

They were a presence that even Zachary wasn’t aware of.

Although Dark Special Forces were officially under the authority of Asura’s Office, they had
inadvertently evolved into Jonathan’s private army.

Therefore, all orders issued to them, even by Hades—the acting chief of Asura’s Office—only served
as a request for assistance.

The decision to carry out such tasks still lay in the hands of their chief.

Moreover, despite his clandestine attempts to find out who the chief was, Hades never saw any

Once he was done dealing with his affairs, Jonathan began to walk ahead.

Whether it was three years ago or the period after his return, the Smith family made things difficult for

He was still unable to clear his conscience despite all that he had gone through previously.

The last time he came back, the wailing Margaret begged to see her daughter. Unfortunately, Jonathan
felt utterly helpless even though he was standing at the pinnacle of power.

Therefore, he had yet to see Margaret during this trip.

As Jonathan continued to stroll aimlessly, he arrived at No. 2 Villa before he knew it.


A crisp voice rang out from the villa.

When Jonathan turned around, he saw Emmeline and Sophia staring at him from the garden of No. 2

“Emmeline… Aunt Sophia…”

Jonathan looked at them awkwardly. Despite having no fear when staring down a hundred thousand
enemies before, he felt helpless in that situation.

“Jonathan, you’re finally back.”

“Aunt Sophia!”

In response, Jonathan hurried forward and knelt by her side.

“Do you feel better now?”

In an attempt to force Jonathan into submission, Jay almost beat Sophia to death, causing her to suffer
more than twenty fractures all over her body.

Nevertheless, she had managed to make a swift recovery with the life-saving pill Jonathan obtained
from Summerbank and the meticulous care Jason had provided.

Sophia reached out to pat him on the shoulder as her eyes glistened vibrantly.

“Jonathan, it must have been tough being out there.”

Sophia might be unaware of the challenges Jonathan faced outside but she wasn’t someone naive
after going through a lot herself.

Back then, the Goldstein family was embroiled in many power struggles within Baykeep despite being
no more than a prominent family.

Consequently, she could imagine the danger Jonathan faced, especially after Blaze’s arrival, an event
that still traumatized her.

Having watched Jonathan grow up, she knew him like the back of her hand.

Anyone who could trigger a sense of crisis in Jonathan was no ordinary foe.

Consequently, she lamented the burden Asura had to carry.

“Jonathan, have you gone to No. 1 Villa to see your in-law yet?”

“Aunt Sophia… I-I’m too ashamed to face them.”

Jonathan then gave Emmeline a complicated look.


As a member of the Smith family, Emmeline knew how unfairly Jonathan was treated by them.

At the same time, she could also see the depth of Jonathan’s feelings for Josephine.

Now that the latter had been taken away by the Osborne family, Jonathan was naturally the one
tormented the most by the fact.

“Jonathan, don’t blame yourself for what happened to Josephine. We understand the dilemma you’re
in,” Emmeline remarked with a sigh.

A second later, she suddenly remembered something.

“By the way, Jonathan, we received a video from Josephine.”

“Video? What video?”

Jonathan stood up with a grim look on his face.

Given that Josephine was kidnapped by the Osborne family, the mere mention of a video caused
Jonathan to assume the worst.

The murderous aura Jonathan emitted shocked both Emmeline and Sophia.

“Jonathan, you have the wrong idea,” Emmeline frantically clarified as she held his arm.

“Josephine is fine. She sent us a video to inform us of that. She also updated us on her current
condition and asked us not to worry.”

Emmeline’s words slightly calmed Jonathan down.

Nonetheless, Jonathan still grabbed Emmeline by the shoulders.

“Where’s the video? Take me to see it at once.”


When Emmeline groaned in pain, Jonathan quickly released his grip with an apologetic look in his

“I’m sorry, Emmeline. I got too worked up just now. Where’s the video? I really want to see how she’s

“It’s at home. Mom has the tablet, as she constantly watches the video every day—”

Before Emmeline could finish, Jonathan had already disappeared from their sight.

“Jonathan…” Emmeline scanned her surroundings cluelessly, wondering where he had gone.

As for Sophia, she simply shook her head with a smile.

“I’m afraid my nephew can’t survive without Josephine.”

After giving Emmeline’s hand a gentle pat, Sophia pointed at No. 1 Villa.

“He’s already there. We should head over too.”

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