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The Legendary Man Chapter 839

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-Naturally, Harvey wasn’t a fool, so he understood what Graeme was
trying to say.

Naturally, Harvey wasn’t a fool, so he understood what Graeme was trying to say.

Dad said we would need Jonathan’s help in the future. He probably means we’ll need him to heal our
Divine Realm cultivator. A cultivator’s spiritual sense is no longer confined to his mind after reaching
Divine Realm. His spiritual sense will turn into vita during Divine Tribulation, which is pretty much that
“life force” thing that Dad was talking about. It’s just like with Aetomoye, who was able to remain in the
mortal world for a brief period of time even after losing his physical body. To achieve divinity by
becoming one with spiritual sense. That is the true meaning of Divine Realm. As such, injuries
sustained by Divine Realm cultivators would affect both their physical bodies as well as their spiritual
sense. That isn’t necessarily a con of reaching Divine Realm, though. Only those of a similar or higher
cultivation level are capable of hurting Divine Realm cultivators, so their attacks must involve Pryncyp.
Such attacks target the cultivator’s life force, so regular medical practitioners can’t possibly treat those
injuries. The power of life force that Jonathan possesses stems from the Pryncyp of Life. By having
enough of it, he could potentially reconstruct a person’s Kore even if it is destroyed.

That was when Harvey realized why Jonathan was so important to them.

However, he also knew that Jonathan could easily turn all eight families against each other if they were
to ask him for help.

“Dad, we might be put in a disadvantageous position if Jonathan uses this against us. Our family has
the greatest amount of cultivation resources in Chanaea. Can’t we have the powerful cultivators from
those hidden sects heal our Divine Realm cultivator instead?”

Graeme shook his head in response. “Harvey, do you remember how the Carrick family was
annihilated eight years ago?”

Harvey flashed him a confused look. “The Carrick family?”

“Yes, the Carrick family. It’s the last family in all of Chanaea that practices both medicine and martial
arts. The Osborne family and the Salladay family discovered them during the third year of fighting the
Whitley family. However, even they were unable to treat the injuries inflicted by Pryncyp. The two
families then slaughtered everyone in the Carrick family as they feared the Carrick family would help
treat the other six families. Right now, all eight of the families are secretly keeping an eye out for the
medical field. We may be the first to know about Jonathan’s ability, but we’re definitely not the only
ones. We want to bring down the cultivators, and Jonathan wants to build an army of cultivators. In that
case, we shall lend him a hand! Give the order to gather all the scrapped and broken spirit stones in
our entire family. Since Jonathan wants them so badly, we’ll let him have five thousand tons of it!”
Graeme said with a gloomy frown on his face.

Five thousand tons?

Harvey nearly jumped in shock when he heard that.

Scrapped spirit stones were spirit stones that had been used but still had some spiritual energy left in

Broken spirit stones were those that shattered during the mining process. They were not used because
they were too light in comparison to the normal ones.

Both of those were similar to batteries with a little bit of juice left in them. They were not good enough
to serve their original purpose, but it would be a waste to just throw them out.

That was especially the case for the Blackwood family, which monopolized twenty percent of the spirit
stones in Chanaea.

While those scrapped and broken spirit stones were nothing more than a child’s toy to the Blackwood
family, they were an extremely useful resource for rogue cultivators and the other respectable families.

Rogue cultivators could only derive faint spiritual energy from the air around them, so it wasn’t exactly a

The respectable families, on the other hand, needed spirit stones with faint spiritual energy so they
could bury them underneath their ancestral grounds and place them inside the house.

Doing so would increase the spiritual energy of the ancestral grounds by a little and create a decent
environment for the future generations of the family.

Since they didn’t monopolize the spiritual ley line mines like the Blackwood family, this was all they
could manage.

However, the Blackwood family refused to sell the scrapped and broken spirit stones to anyone, for fear
that these seemingly useless defective goods would end up becoming the factor that caused people to
surpass them. If that happened, it would be extremely devastating for the Blackwood family.

As a result, they had accumulated an insanely huge amount of scrapped and broken spirit stones over
thousands of years. It was getting to a point where the Blackwood family was running out of storage
rings to store them.

Harvey was shocked to hear that Graeme wanted to give Jonathan five thousand tons of it for free.

This is no different from presenting an enemy with a weapon that could be used against us!

“Please think twice about this, Dad. Jonathan has always been looking for an opportunity to wipe out
the respectable families. You’re basically helping him get strong enough to do so!” he exclaimed

Graeme let out a chuckle as he replied, “Oh, Harvey… You may have been researching the eight
respectable families for a long time, but you still lack the vision to observe the situation. Right now,
we’re like fishes in the ocean. If we are to drain the ocean and kill all the other fishes, we must first get

Yes, it’s true that we are providing Jonathan and his subordinates with five thousand tons of scrapped
and broken spirit stones to help with their cultivation. However, that’s not all we’re doing. Do you think
those people would be willing to go back to deriving spiritual energy from the air after that? Their
cultivation speed will slow down significantly when they use up the spirit stones, and Jonathan will have
to come beg us for more. You need to always keep in mind that our family’s strongest weapon is the
resources we have available. If depleting our resources will ensure our survival, then it is worth it.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan was watching Sean practice the sword techniques that Jason had taught him.

Thanks to his self-forming spirit embryo, Sean’s cultivation level has increased a lot in less than two
weeks, which is considered terrifyingly fast progress. Maybe he will be the one to inherit Asura’s Office
in the future…

Jonathan was snapped out of his train of thought when a short figure dressed in a suit came up to him.

“Mr. Goldstein, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

Jonathan turned around and saw that the person was none other than Donald of the Special Medical

Donald was Jason’s secret apprentice and had acquired all of his skills despite being under fourteen
years old.

“Donald? What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be working on clinical trials with your master right
now?” Jonathan asked.

“Master is dissecting a female cultivator’s corpse right now. He told me to step outside because he
didn’t want me to get traumatized and end up losing interest in women,” Donald replied as he sat down
beside Jonathan and munched on a banana.

Jonathan frowned when he saw that Donald didn’t even peel the banana before eating it.

Donald’s gaze had been fixated on Sean the entire time, and he looked rather distracted as though he
had something on his mind.

“What did you want to talk to me about, Donald?” Jonathan asked.

“Would you like some Grade A intelligence, Mr. Goldstein?”

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