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The Legendary Man Chapter 736

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-Although Blaze was a little dumbfounded by the reactions of
Jonathan’s companions, someone of his rank would naturally not care about it, so he only smiled

“I wonder if you know the meaning of my codename, Mr. Goldstein.”

“Blaze?” Jonathan asked curiously. “If I remember correctly, Blaze should be an angel, right?”

“Exactly.” Blaze nodded with a smile. “Blaze is a six-winged angel who oversees the administration of
justice by God’s side.”

A look of realization crossed Jonathan’s face after hearing his words. He then raised his head slightly
to gaze at the assassin.

“The angel Blaze and the newly established Apocalypse. It’s all very graphic. Well? Do you guys intend
to bring about an apocalyptic holocaust that is described in the religious texts?”

“It’s not a holocaust. It’s a purging of the sins of the world,” Blaze corrected with a smile.

“Mr. Goldstein, don’t you think that our current world is rife with evil, ugliness, and suffering? There are
plutocrats everywhere, and the populace is pedantic. Everyone has been deceived. Our role as
cultivators is to purge this world of sin.”

“By killing people like crazy?” Jonathan questioned the assassin with a chuckle.

“Despite my unsuccessful attempts to infiltrate the Dark Web’s assassins list, I still managed to acquire
some news in the process. The Dark Web’s assassin list first surfaced thirty years ago. It initially only
manifested in the regions of Anglandur and North Epea. However, in the following decade, the reach of
Dark Web rewards expanded to include the entire world thanks to the development of information

technology. No one has ever seen the true appearance of the mastermind. You should be a member of
this organization, right?”

A trace of surprise flashed across Blaze’s eyes when he heard Jonathan’s question.

“Mr. Goldstein, I must say that there aren’t many people who can link all these things together, but you
are right. I’m the representative of the third generation of this organization. I wonder if you’ve ever
heard of an organization called the Enlighteners?”

Hearing that, Jonathan froze.

The world’s conspiracy theorists had only ever claimed that there was a secret organization called the

Although some had validated their existence through numerous sources, including the Anglandurn
banknote, no concrete proof had ever surfaced.

The organization was said to be the real power behind the scenes controlling all of Anglandur and
being jointly controlled by thirteen world-renowned wealthy families.

They could even shake the global financial structure and even had the means to destroy a small
country at will.

Blaze’s mention of this organization came as a surprise to Jonathan as he had never anticipated it.

Blaze’s mention of this organization came as a surprise to Jonathan as he had never anticipated it.

“You’re a member of the Enlighteners?”

“I’m anti-Enlighteners!”

Blaze handed his business card to Jonathan with both hands.

“Our Dark Web has been investigating news of the Enlighteners for many years with little success, so
we set up a Dark Web bounty list and started going after those plutocrats around the globe.”

Jonathan looked at the business card in his hand, which was blank except for a depiction of a knight
riding a red horse and brandishing a long sword.

“The four knights of the apocalypse are plague, famine, war, and death. What you have in your hand is
the knight card that represents war. We hope you will come and launch it in person.”

Blaze slowly stood up as he spoke.

“Mr. Goldstein, I came to Chanaea this time with utmost sincerity because I’m aware that you’ve also
been resisting the monopoly of those respectable families after establishing Asura’s Office. Please
consider my offer carefully, and we look forward to your joining.”

After ending his words with a smile, Blaze turned around and walked out of the small courtyard of the

Jonathan sent the knight card hurtling straight at Blaze’s head with a tiny flick of his wrist.

However, the latter reached out and caught the card between his fingers.

“There’s no need to reject me right away, Mr. Goldstein. You can give it some careful thought as there’s
still a while before the launching of Apocalypse’s plan. Of course, if you decide to decline, I will
personally get rid of you and select Wilbur and Vicador as the next knights. Apocalypse is also
considering them. I hope you know what you’re doing.”

The assassin had already disappeared down the pathway before he had finished speaking.

Zachary hurriedly ran up to Jonathan from the side.

“Mr. Goldstein, this person is simply a lunatic. Why don’t I search using my resources and eliminate him
as soon as I locate him?” he suggested.

“He’s using a codename, and it’s possible that’s not even his true appearance. If he were truly so easy
to find, he wouldn’t be first on the assassin list,” Jonathan said solemnly.

“Settle your own matters well. By the way, tell Lauryn that the Blackwood family’s spirit stones had
better be delivered as soon as possible. The men of Asura’s Office can’t afford to wait.”


Naturally, because the Blackwood family had secretly reached cooperation with Jonathan, they took
action almost immediately.

Within three days, Colton showed up at the entrance of Edenic Heights bearing a storage ring
containing ten top-grade spirit stones.

Meanwhile, Lauryn had long set up an isolation formation at No. 8 Villa.

She described spiritual energy as being similar to salt water. It would continually volatilize from high-
density areas to low-density areas.

If not controlled in some way, the spiritual energy in the spirit stones would quickly dissipate.

Lauryn drew the simplest energy-locking formation in No. 8 Villa, and by the time it was completed, she
was already sweating profusely.

“Colton, you can take out the spirit stones now.”

Colton flicked his wrist a little after she finished speaking, and a jade-like spirit stone the size of a
walnut materialized in his hand.

Everyone in the room immediately felt a wave of unusually pure spiritual energy quickly flooding the

Five times… Ten times… Fifteen times…

The spiritual energy concentration in No. 8 Villa rose until it was roughly twenty times greater than that
of the outer world, at which point it gradually stopped increasing.

This spiritual energy concentration is even higher than that at Summerbank Abyss. I can’t believe such
a small piece of spirit stone can turn this place into an earthly paradise. This is incredible!

Jason’s and Zachary’s eyes shone with greed as they stared at the ring on Colton’s finger.

Even if the latter was bold, he could not help but get chills when he saw their expressions.

They were not like the children of respectable families like Lauryn and Colton, who could use resources
like spirit stones to cultivate after displaying their talents since childhood.

All the members of Asura’s Office slowly got to where they were by relying on the sparse spiritual
energy present in the world.

At that moment, they were wild with excitement, as if they were desert dwellers who treasured water
and had just discovered a vast river.

Colton shuddered and swiftly threw Jonathan the ring he was holding, fearing that if he took too long,
the other two might sever his hand in their haste.

“There are ten pieces in all, all top-grade spirit stones, each valued more than ten billion,” he stated.

“Just ten?” Jonathan asked as he scanned the nine spirit stones in the ring with his spiritual sense.

Beside him, Zachary was holding that single spirit stone as he said, “Exactly. Why did you only give
ten? Doesn’t your family have a spirit stone mine?”

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