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The Legendary Man Chapter 734

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-The assassin that ranked first on Dark Web?

Jonathan tried to recall the person before asking, “Are you talking about Blaze, who has never failed in
his assassination attempts?”

“That’s right,” Yasmin affirmed while nodding.

“I logged in to the administration page of Dark Web after I woke up, then my computer got hacked. No
ordinary person can possibly do this. There’s no way the other party is pretending to be Blaze,
considering the skills they possess. He asked me to inform you that he wants to come to Chanaea and
meet you.”

“That cannot happen.”

Before Jonathan could even respond, Zachary stood up and raised his objection.

“Mr. Goldstein, you are the soul of Asura’s Office. You cannot take this risk. I will meet Blaze on behalf
of you.”

Being the most mature one among the Eight Kings of War, Zachary had always obeyed every word of
Jonathan. It was surprising that he would say something like that in front of Jonathan.

However, Jonathan did not get angry. He tugged at Zachary’s arm, signaling the latter to sit down.

Jonathan was well aware that Zachary was concerned about his safety.

Blaze was the most skilled assassin who had never missed his target. Whether it was because of their
friendship or out of consideration for Asura’s Office, none of the people present would allow Jonathan
to put himself in such danger.

“Mr. Goldstein, no matter what, you cannot go on your own this time,” insisted Zachary firmly as he sat
back down.

He added, “Asura’s Office is no longer the newly-established organization that it was two years ago.
Hades almost tore me to pieces because of the issue with Doveston and Remdik the last time. If I let
you take this risk, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stay alive.”

Jonathan chuckled helplessly when he saw how adamant Zachary was.

“Okay, fine. I won’t meet him as long as you stop whining.”

In fact, Jonathan had only asked Yasmin that question out of curiosity. He did not think there was a
need to meet Blaze.

Aside from the fact that there was a one-billion bounty placed on Jonathan on Dark Web, he also
despised Punisher, the third most powerful figure in the newly-founded Apocalypse.

The two-faced Punisher had escaped from Jonathan before proceeding to humiliate the latter. He was
the first one who ever dared to do that to Jonathan.

Besides, the situation in Chanaea had been very unstable recently, so Jonathan did not have the
energy to bother about some random foreign assassination organization.

After dismissing everyone, Jonathan walked out of the mansion. In the courtyard, Sean sat on the
swing, dangling his feet in the air.

“Sean, are you hungry?” asked Jonathan smilingly while sitting down beside Sean.

“Sean, are you hungry?” asked Jonathan smilingly while sitting down beside Sean.

Sean nodded lightly.

“Mr. Goldstein, are those people from earlier your subordinates? There are three Grandmasters among
them, and they seem terrified of you.”

Chuckling, Jonathan said, “Only two of them are scared of me. If things progress smoothly, the middle-
aged Grandmaster wearing a white coat will be responsible for guiding you in cultivation.”

Of course, he was referring to Jason.

Compared to Zachary and Lauryn, Jason was the better choice. Not only was he free from official
duties, but he was extremely reliable.

Most importantly, Jason had the talent of brainwashing others unknowingly.

Jonathan was not an entirely good person. Although he truly pitied Sean, he was also doing this as part
of the preparation for the future of Asura’s Office.

Asura’s Office was a big-scale military organization. In order to gain a foothold in the world, it needed to
possess the power to deter the public.

However, there were currently no other God Realm cultivators in Asura’s Office aside from Jonathan
and Karl.

The pressing matter at hand was to think of a way to level up the cultivators from Asura’s Office and
train the potential successors.

If such a gifted child like Sean received proper training, he would definitely become a pillar of Asura’s

Having a cultivator like this was akin to being equipped with special ammunition in a battle.

The cultivator might not know how to scheme and run an organization, but their existence alone would
be enough to intimidate other forces.

Thus, Jonathan thought they had to instill the idea in Sean as early as possible.

Meanwhile, Sean looked at Jonathan and asked curiously, “Mr. Goldstein, why don’t you teach me
instead? I think you’re better than all of them.”

“Me?” Jonathan sighed and went on, “If you can reach Grandmaster Realm, not only will I train you
personally, but I will also give you all the cultivation resources you need. So work hard, be it for yourself
or Phoebus Sect.”

That is if you still remember Phoebus Sect when the time comes, continued Jonathan in his mind as he
patted Sean’s head.

After instructing the guard at the side to bring Sean some snacks, Jonathan turned around and headed
toward No. 2 Villa.

He did not dare to return to No. 1 Villa. With Josephine still locked up in the Osborne residence and
Margaret being all worked up, Jonathan did not know how to face the Smith family.

Although No. 2 Villa was only less than tens of meters away from No. 1 Villa, it was a suitable place for
him to hide in the meantime.

Moreover, Jonathan’s aunt, Sophia, lived in No. 2 Villa.

The last time Jonathan had seen her was before he left for Summerbank to ask for medicine.

Sophia had been heavily injured and unconscious back then. Just now, Jason had told Jonathan that
she was awake and recovering quickly thanks to the life-saving pill.

While she still couldn’t get out of bed, she could already eat and communicate with no issues.

Ever since Jonathan was estranged from the Goldstein family, he cut off all ties with his relatives
except for Sophia. It was only natural that he would be worried about her.

Right when Jonathan entered No. 2 Villa, he paused in his tracks.

With his spiritual sense, he could see that there was an unfamiliar man sitting beside Sophia’s bed,
feeding her fruits.

When Jonathan saw the four-inch-long drill rod the man used to hold the piece of fruit, his face turned

He was certain he had never seen this man before.

Walking up to the second floor, Jonathan could hear Sophia’s giggles coming from the room.

“Where did you even hear these stories from? How could there be someone so foolish? You’re just
trying to make me laugh, aren’t you?”

“Of course not. I witnessed it with my own eyes while I was on the Western Coast.”

As soon as the man’s words fell, Jonathan appeared by the door.

Sophia and the man turned to look at him at the same time.

“Jonathan, you’re back! Come closer and let me take a look at you.”

Having been through so many tribulations, Sophia was strong enough to act unbothered despite her
near-death experience.

She had heard from Jason about what Jonathan had done to save her.

Nevertheless, she would only bear that in mind but not thank Jonathan verbally.

Jonathan walked over and crouched down beside Sophia.

“Aunt Sophia, you’re recovering quite well. I bet you’ll be able to get out of bed in a few days.”

“That’s all thanks to the medicine you got for me with much effort,” responded Sophia brightly.

“All right, let’s catch up later. Your friend has been waiting for you since earlier. Be polite and greet

Hearing that, Jonathan turned around and looked at the handsome man with blond hair.

“Friend? I don’t think I know you.”

The man stood up and extended his hand toward Jonathan with a grin.

“Well, you’re about to. Nice to meet you. I’m Blaze!”

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