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The Legendary Man Chapter 733

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-After listening to Lauryn’s explanation, Jonathan finally got an idea of
a part of the Blackwood family’s plans.

The Blackwood family was a special case among the eight respectable families.

Although the other families were powerful, they had to keep fighting with each other over the resources
needed for cultivation.

On the other hand, the ancestors of the Blackwood family had left them a massive spiritual ley line.

The twenty percent of spirit stone resources Lauryn was talking about was not the actual quantity they
had. It was just a calculation based on their active source of spirit stones in the past few centuries.

“You also have spirit stones?” Jonathan asked Lauryn with widened eyes.

Spirit stones were formed from the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth, and they were produced
from the deepest part of spiritual ley lines.

Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique mentioned this in passing, stating that spirit stones had extremely
pure spiritual energy. Without even having to refine them, cultivators could absorb the energy simply by
holding the stone. There wouldn’t be any negative side effects to it.

Ever since Jonathan read about that, he had been wanting to get his hands on some spirit stones.

After all, the technique he practiced required a huge amount of spiritual energy. If he could possess
spirit stones, then he could cultivate more efficiently.

However, Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique only contained a brief and simple description of spirit

Jonathan had assumed that it was because spirit stones were too common in ancient times, so no
further explanation was provided. It was just like how most books nowadays wouldn’t expound on
things like air and water.

After reading about spirit stones, Jonathan collected countless storage rings and tried to look for spirit
stones but to no avail.

Thus, he had always been under the impression that such pure spiritual energy was no longer in

Yet now, he found out that the Blackwood family possessed twenty percent of the spirit stones in the
world of cultivators.

This practically meant that the Blackwood family was the wealthiest family in Chanaea.

Seeing Jonathan’s excited face, Lauryn shook her head helplessly.

“Jonathan, I didn’t expect you’d know about spirit stones. Who in the world is your master?”

“I don’t have a master. I just found a cultivation method book by chance and began cultivating for fun,”
said Jonathan with a chuckle. “Ms. Blackwood, let’s talk about spirit stones.”

The other people in the room shuddered in disgust when they saw Jonathan’s obsequious expression.

Nevertheless, they came to a realization that the spirit stones must be utterly priceless for Jonathan to
act like that.

Nevertheless, they came to a realization that the spirit stones must be utterly priceless for Jonathan to
act like that.

With that, their gaze toward Lauryn grew more eager. When Lauryn saw Yasmin looking at her with
eyes that shone with greed, she felt goosebumps rising all over her body.

“Even with the help of spirit stones, each of the eight respectable families only managed to train a few
God Realm cultivators. Do you finally understand how terrifying it is for the respectable families to see
Wilbur, Karl, and you achieving God Realm?” Lauryn said while rolling her eyes at Jonathan.

She then added, “The Blackwood family can provide you guys with some spirit stones, but you have to
agree to involve the sects in the plan.”

At the city of Warblerich, Glybir, the home of Dyadgon Mountain, something else was going on in the
Blackwood residence.

In the conference hall, Harvey sat on the chair while looking down at Zidane and Colton, who were both
on their knees.

Sitting beside Harvey was Sirius, whose neck was wrapped in layers of bandage.

“Lauryn is fine. Get up,” Harvey said in a weary voice.

Colton and Zidane struggled to help each other up, their knees numb from kneeling.

“Go now. I need some time alone.”

Colton and Zidane immediately saluted and retreated. The moment they left the place and closed the
door, Harvey slumped in his chair as if drained of all energy.

“Sirius, did I really make a mistake?”

Hearing that, Sirius put down the cup in his hand.

“Harvey, the best way to solve the problem right now is to use Lauryn’s death to lure Phantom Sect into
taking action. That way, the sects will enter the radar of Asura’s Office and Yaleview Army, and we can
push ahead with our plan of introducing the sects to the world. You did nothing wrong.”

Sirius paused for a while and added, “Weren’t you already setting up your plan when you allowed
Lauryn to leave and go to Edenic Heights? Even before that, when you sent her to cultivate in Phantom
Sect, you and Uncle were already planning the integration of humans and cultivators, right?”

“Yes…” Harvey answered as he leaned against the chair and looked up at the light above him. “I gave
up on Lauryn’s life twice for the sake of the family. If Colton and Zidane hadn’t happened to be here
today, Lauryn might really have been sacrificed for the Blackwood family’s benefit.”

He turned to Sirius and went on, “They’re not as heartless as us, so they won’t give up on their
relative’s life for the family’s sake. This may be their weakness, but it’s not something bad.”

“That’s just a stupid mindset the weak ones have to feel better about themselves,” Sirius uttered
indifferently as he stood up. “You should focus on training Colton. Zidane is too competitive and
overthinks too much. I don’t feel confident in letting him lead the family.”

With that, Sirius headed toward the door.

“Sirius, don’t you want to know what your uncle and I are scheming?” Harvey’s voice sounded behind

“I’m neither the decision-maker nor the leader of the family. That has nothing to do with me,” replied
Sirius calmly.

When he stepped out of the door, he turned around.

“Right, I forgot to tell you something. Jonathan once entered a frenzied state when he was in Remdik,
and he used Pryncyp to attack. When you’re scheming against him, you should consider the
consequences more carefully.”

Sirius walked away after saying that, leaving a stunned Harvey behind in the conference hall.

“Pryncyp… Who exactly is this Jonathan?”

At the mountain resort in Edenic Heights, Jonathan and the others remained still in their seats with
solemn faces.

According to Lauryn, involving the secluded sects in the plan was as difficult, and perhaps even more
so, than eradicating the eight respectable families.

“So you mean the only way to enter the secluded sects is through a one-way portal formation?

With a nod, Lauryn responded, “Yes, and only one person can be sent over at a time. After they arrive
there, they will be stuck in a trap formation. If the sect members don’t unlock the trap formation, even a
God Realm cultivator would have a hard time breaking out of it.”

Jonathan felt his head throb at Lauryn’s words.

They had finally managed to find the location of the secluded sects, but there seemed to be no point in
knowing it.

With the trap formation waiting for them on the other side, they were basically walking into the lion’s

“Let’s do it this way. The Blackwood family shall deliver a batch of spirit stones here first. I need to level
up the cultivation of the members of Asura’s Office so we can cooperate better in the future. As for the

sects, let’s take our time in searching for an opportunity.”

Jonathan was clever enough to ask for the benefits first.

Lauryn did not agree or object to his suggestion. Instead, she smiled faintly.

Yasmin, who was seated on the lowest seat, raised her hand just then.

“Jonathan, we got news from Dark Web. The chief of Apocalypse, who is also the assassin that once
ranked first on Dark Web, wants to talk to you.”

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