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The Legendary Man Chapter 732

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-Right after Harvey was done talking, everyone was present, not only
Jonathan, widened their eyes in bewilderment at Jonathan’s phone screen.

For hundreds and thousands of years, cultivators had surpassed mortals in every single way possible,
resulting in a clear distinction between the two.

When Jonathan started practicing cultivation, he ordered Asura’s Office to find historical information on

Other than the rise of evil cultivators that waged large-scale wars between the good and evil cultivators,
cultivators and mortals actually lived in peace two thousand years ago.

It was the golden era of cultivation in Chanaea.

Back then, the background of a cultivator didn’t matter. As long as one had potential and access to
spiritual roots, one was free to enter any sect to practice Longevity Technique.

It was for this reason that the authorities back then did not really wield any actual power.

After all, if everyone was an excellent cultivator, who would fear the menial weapons and soldiers of an

Hence, the authorities took a series of initiatives to abolish the practice of cultivation, raging countless
wars between sects and countries.

Furthermore, there were too many cultivators during the era, severely outpacing the growth of magical
plants and spiritual roots. This wreaked havoc on the balance of nature.

The war between the good and evil factions cut off most of the cultural inheritance of Chanaea.

Ever since the war, though no faction’s deliberate intervention, major forces in Chanaea started to
collectively isolate mortals from cultivation on an unspoken understanding.

After all, the resources for cultivation were already scarce. If they were to return to the days when
mortals could practice cultivation as they pleased, it would result in a lose-lose situation for all.

It was wiser to let only a small fraction of cultivators access the remaining pool of resources to ensure
the sustainability of their growth.

Hence, the Blackwood family’s decision to let mortals practice cultivation was posing a great threat to
all cultivators.

Not only would the mortals question the meaning of their mundane lives after knowing the existence of
cultivation, but it would also shake the very paradigm of the science-backed society.

As the cultivators had deliberately gone under the radar of mortals, science had become the backbone
for the development of society.

There was no turning back from it.

Jonathan slowly put down his phone and eyed the people around him.

He noticed a plethora of emotions pouring out of them.

Some were agitated and puzzled, while others appeared indifferent or had grim expressions on their

“Mr. Blackwood, I’d like to know what the Blackwood family has to gain when the mortals know of the
existence of the world of cultivation?”

“Mr. Blackwood, I’d like to know what the Blackwood family has to gain when the mortals know of the
existence of the world of cultivation?”


“Do you think I’ll believe that?”

“No, you won’t.”

“Then we have nothing to talk about.” Jonathan waved his hand to summon his Heaven Sword and
pointed it at Lauryn’s neck.

“Mr. Blackwood, let me ask you one last time. What is the Blackwood family planning? If you still fail to
provide a satisfactory answer, I will kill Lauryn right now,” Jonathan warned.

Everyone who was present grew more anxious as Jonathan’s sword pressed closer to Lauryn’s neck,
especially Yasmin.

She grabbed her thighs tightly in an attempt to stop herself from springing up from her seat.

Edenic Heights was full of Jonathan’s close aides. Only she and Lauryn were considered outsiders

Hence, the two of them were actually quite close to one another.

Yasmin was only able to regain her consciousness that rapidly because Lauryn helped her circulate her

Now that Lauryn had a sword held to her neck, Yasmin wanted to dash forward to help her, but she
didn’t know how to talk some sense into Jonathan.

When Heaven Sword’s tip was about to touch Lauryn’s neck, Harvey’s voice rang through the phone.

“I presume Lauryn is right by your side,” he said, almost with a weary sigh.

“Yes,” Jonathan replied curtly.

“I am given to understand that she’s here by my side because of your thoughtful arrangement. Now, I
can choose to accept your goodwill, or I can send her right back to you,” he added.

“I understand…” Harvey replied. “She won’t be alive by the time she’s back, right?”

The man let out a worn-out chuckle, and then a helpless sigh.

“Lauryn, I’m sorry. In fact, the whole Blackwood family is,” Harvey suddenly muttered.

Jonathan furrowed his brows as he shot a look at Lauryn. However, he noticed the blank look on her

On the other end of the phone, Harvey’s voice could be heard saying, “Our initial plan is to push for the
mortals to get to know the world of cultivation with full force. That is the only way to drag the secluded
sects down with us. However, that’s not without a consequence. You’re likely to die in the hands of
Jonathan if we do so. Back then, we arranged for your engagement with Jay Osborne as we wanted to
work with the Osbornes. Then, we sent you over to spy on Jonathan. You were so young… You’ve
done so much, and yet moments ago, I had the notion of sacrificing you for the sake of the Blackwood
family. I don’t deserve to be your father…”

Harvey spoke slowly, his tone fraught with guilt.

Lauryn’s face was tear-stricken as she listened to her father.

She dared not make a move, as the tip of Heaven Sword was right at her neck. Hence, she could only
cry in silence.

Harvey paused for some time before letting out a sigh.

“Jonathan, I know Asura’s Office is gathering information on the eight respectable families. However,
the information is exclusively restricted to the families only. Sects had only ceased to exist two years
ago, giving way to the rise of respectable families in Chanaea. Fast forward to today, only eight
respectable families remain. Few know that those truly in power are the secluded sects behind the
eight respectable families. If you wish to eradicate the forces of the eight respectable families
altogether, there is no other way around it. You will first have to introduce the world of cultivation to the

Jonathan frowned and turned to eye Zachary who was standing by his side.

Ever since its establishment, Asura’s Office had always targeted to overthrow the influence of the eight
respectable families. It was surprising to learn that there were other forces in play.

“Mr. Blackwood, you still haven’t said what the Blackwood family stands to gain from letting the mortals
know the existence of the world of cultivation,” Jonathan reiterated.

“Gain what?” Harvey let out a chortle. “Chanaea is divided as ever, and the Blackwood family is at its
worst. To salvage the situation, we can only make things worse for everyone. Besides, why do you
think a powerful family like the Osbornes, who can even rival the Salladays, is contemplating having a
marriage arrangement with us? You may ask Lauryn for the details. From now onward, the Blackwood
family will let her handle all matters pertaining to the collaboration with Asura’s Office. If she so much
as loses a single strand of hair, we will wage war against Asura’s Office.”

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Harvey made no further explanation and hung up the call.

Jonathan tilted his fingers and returned Heaven Sword to his ring.

“Lauryn, your father hasn’t finished explaining the situation. I need you to answer the remaining burning

Lauryn reached out to wipe away the blood stains on her neck. It was the third time she almost died at
the hands of Jonathan.

Murderous aura burned in her eyes as she looked at the man.

However, at the thought of what her father just said, Lauryn could only suppress her boiling fury.

Wiping away the tears brimming her eyes, Lauryn took a deep breath.

“The Blackwood family controls over twenty percent of the spirit stone sources in the cultivation world.
If mortals realize our existence, the Blackwood family will become indispensable.”

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