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The Legendary Man Chapter 730

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-The monk was taken aback by Jonathan’s request, while Sean
bashfully hid behind him.

The monk was aware of Jonathan’s frightening potential as he felt a subtle yet intimidating aura
emanating from him.

He also knew that Sofus had led Jonathan and the rest into Summerbank Abyss a few days ago.
Jonathan was a Grandmaster Realm cultivator, so he dared not offend the former.

“Mr… Sir.” Afraid of provoking Jonathan, the monk corrected his form of address and flashed an
apologetic smile. “Sean was still a baby when he was abandoned at the foot of the mountain, and Mr.
Windt brought him back. He then took Sean as his disciple. If you want to take him with you, you’ll have
to get Mr. Windt’s approval.”

Jonathan nodded and responded, “Your words make sense, but I must inform you that Sofus Windt has
passed away in Summerbank Abyss and will not return. It’s now time for you to select a new head.”

“What?” the monk exclaimed in shock.

Sofus was already in the middle phase of Grandmaster Realm at the young age of seventeen. His
cultivation speed was horrifying.

Although Phoebus Sect had only a few members, because of Sofus’ talent, the belief was widespread
that the sect would prosper.

No one knew that Sofus would die in the abyss.

Phoebus Sect had existed for over one thousand and eight hundred years, but there were only less
than twenty cultivators in Superior Realm now.

Is Phoebus Sect done for?

Jonathan felt no remorse for Sofus’ passing as it was Sofus and Vladimir who first set a trap for him,
Lauryn, and the others.

They deserved to get killed.

Jonathan fixed his gaze on the flustered monk and said, “I asked to take Sean as my disciple because
of his exceptional cultivation abilities. When I visited Triplex Manifesta last time, he was still in
Postcelestial Realm, but within a month, he had advanced to Superior Realm. With proper guidance,
he has the potential to reach Grandmaster Realm in just a few years. Unfortunately, Phoebus Sect
lacks the ability to provide that guidance, thus hindering his progress. I aim to take him as my disciple
and guide him until he reaches Grandmaster Realm. In the future, he will have the option to return to
Phoebus Sect to be its head.”

Jonathan’s final statement prompted the monk to lift his head.

Jonathan’s final statement prompted the monk to lift his head.

Even though he was only in Superior Realm, he had watched Sean grow up and knew Jonathan was
telling the truth.

Jonathan’s promise to allow Sean to make the choice of returning to Phoebus Sect in the future gave
him hope.

But without Phoebus Sect’s skills, even if he does return in the future, can he still be considered a
Phoebus Sect member?

Jonathan remained silent and stood in the courtyard, gazing at the monk.

Over ten minutes later, the monk finally let out a long sigh. “Sir, I know that his talent will go to waste if
he stays here as there is no Grandmaster Realm cultivator around to guide him. Nonetheless, it is
difficult for me to let him go with you since I have watched him grow up.”

Jonathan frowned and glanced at him. “I don’t like doing things by force. Why don’t you let Sean
choose for himself? If he agrees, he’ll stay with me for three years. At the end of that period, I’ll make
sure he returns here no matter what his cultivation level is. If Sean objects, I will depart immediately. I
promise to keep his exceptional cultivation abilities confidential, but you must be cautious to prevent
others from seeking to exploit it.” As Jonathan spoke, he squatted down to meet Sean’s gaze. “Sean,
you may be young, but I believe you understand our conversation. You’re free to make your own

As both the monk and Jonathan fixed their gaze on him, Sean’s cheeks reddened, and he gripped the
edge of the monk’s robe.

“Sean, is this your answer?” Jonathan asked calmly, then turned on his heels to leave.

“Wait!” Sean called out the moment he turned around.

Jonathan turned over his shoulder to see Sean kneeling on the ground. “Master, I think I roughly
understand most of your conversation. I’ll leave the sect for three years. After the period ends, I’ll return
to Triplex Manifesta to restore Phoebus Sect to its former glory,” the young boy promised.

Thud, thud, thud!

After banging his head on the ground thrice, Sean got to his feet. Tears brimmed in his eyes as he
stood beside Jonathan.

“Well…” The monk sighed helplessly at Sean’s decision. “Go, then. Good luck!”

Jonathan inclined his head slightly and turned to leave.

Despite being just seven years old, Sean was already a cultivator in Superior Realm. Upon seeing
Jonathan depart, he quickly chased after him, taking several meters with each step.

On the mountain path, Jonathan spread his spiritual sense all over Sean as he increased his speed.

He wanted to know the limits of his new disciple.

They both picked up speed until Sean reached the limit of his ability, which was dozens of meters with
each stride.

“Follow me. This is a good way to train your breathing efficiency,” Jonathan said calmly. He then
controlled his figure and traveled down the mountain at a horrifying speed.

Alas, he could only sense objects through his spiritual energy, but not the way people were looking at

Behind him, Sean gazed at him icily as though he were a dead body.

As the matter in Summerbank had come to an end, Jonathan could finally return to Jadeborough.

This time, he had traveled from Doveston to Remdik and then back to Summerbank, experiencing
numerous events along the way.

Back in Jadeborough, Jonathan had to come up with a new plan according to the respectable families’

Upon arriving at Jadeborough Airport, Jonathan and Sean found Zachary and the others waiting for
them outside.

When the hatch door opened, Zachary, Jason, and the rest from Asura’s Office got down on one knee.

Zachary was holding his weapon in his hand.

“Welcome, Mr. Goldstein!” everyone greeted in unison.

Sean promptly cowered back at the impressive scene.

Jonathan reached out to pat his head. “It’s fine. They are my men, so you’ll meet them often.” He
strode over to Zachary and chuckled. “What are you doing? I’ve never seen you show me this much
respect in the past.”

Zachary lifted his head and offered his cleaver to Jonathan.

“I apologize, Mr. Goldstein. I failed to adequately protect your wife. Please penalize me as I have let
you down.”

Jonathan reached out to hold Zachary’s arm and pulled him up.

“Penalize? Nonsense. Your job is to manage your team well. Some time later, Asura’s Office is
planning something big…”

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