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The Legendary Man Chapter 729

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-Leslie was sweating profusely as she trekked up the path leading up
to Summerbank Mountain.

Her jacket was nowhere to be seen, and she was now only wearing a soaked black short-sleeved T-

Leslie gripped her gun as she glanced at the temple on the highest peak of the mountain. Taking a
deep breath, she continued her ascent.

Right then, a figure leaped up from the foot of the mountain and landed right behind Leslie.

“Who is it?” Leslie whirled around and pointed her gun at the newcomer without hesitation.

Upon recognizing Jonathan, she crumpled onto the step, drained of all her strength. “Mr. Goldstein…”

Leslie stared at the bloody wound on Jonathan’s chest in a daze.

“Did you see Ryan?” she asked.

“I’ve killed him. You can close the case now,” came Jonathan’s calm answer. “Ryan Leiter is his fake
identity. His real name is Quinton Gomez, and he’s from Lumonburg. You can check it out.”

Before he could walk away, Leslie called out, “Wait a minute.”

She reached out and tugged at the corner of his shirt.

Jonathan looked down at her. From his angle, he could see her cleavage through the gap in her collar.

“You said you’ve killed him, and I trust you. In order to close the case, we need you to provide the body
to us.”

“The body is gone.”

Jonathan shook Leslie’s hand off and headed up the mountain. After taking two steps, he halted in his
tracks and turned over his shoulder to look at Leslie.

“By the way, Leslie, do you want to get in touch with the real core of Chanaea?”

The real core of Chanaea?

Leslie was startled to hear that question. After all, she was a unique figure in Summerbank, as her
father was the mayor. She had also gained a firm foothold in the Serious Crime Unit because of her
work on the missing persons’ case.

As of now, she was aware of many core secrets including those of cultivators.

However, Jonathan’s question was pretty vague.

“What do you mean by that?” Leslie asked hesitantly.

Jonathan turned around to look at Leslie. “My name is Jonathan Goldstein. In addition to being a
cultivator, I am also known as Asura. I am currently the leader of Asura’s Office.”

Leslie’s eyes turned as wide as saucers.

Asura’s Office!

Everyone knew about the strong force that had only emerged in Chanaea less than three years ago.

Ordinary citizens knew that Chanaea had an undefeatable god of war, but as the daughter of a
government official, Leslie often listened to her father recount tales of Asura’s victories.

Asura was known for restoring peace in Chanaea with his extreme means.

Asura was known for restoring peace in Chanaea with his extreme means.

Despite her suspicions about Jonathan’s influence, she was unaware of the extent of his power.

“Asura…” Leslie rose to her feet incredulously. “Uh, what do you need me to do?”

“I don’t know what you can do for me either,” Jonathan replied calmly with his brows furrowed.

Jonathan had actually taken notice of Leslie at the auction for the opportunity to be the first to offer
prayers at Triplex Manifesta.

It was the first time he had seen someone using their own money to solve a case.

After discovering that Jonathan was a cultivator, Leslie informed him that even cultivators must abide
by certain rules and restrictions. This caused Jonathan to view her with a newfound level of respect.

“The overall situation might look peaceful, but it is actually the calm before the storm. As you’re good at
management and sensing changes, you’ll be a valuable asset to Asura’s Office if you choose to join us.
However, if you decline or do not meet our standards, Asura’s Office will not hesitate to eliminate—”

“I’m willing to join Asura’s Office!” Leslie hopped about excitedly before Jonathan could finish his

Leslie seemed determined, so Jonathan had to swallow his remaining words.

It had just occurred to him to recruit Leslie a while ago.

About two hundred individuals were missing in the missing persons’ cases. Leslie had the most inside
information, so she knew the culprit was a cultivator. Despite this knowledge, she fearlessly ventured
up the mountain alone, demonstrating her unwavering persistence.

Asura’s Office needed someone like her.

To end the monopolistic reign of the respectable families, it was not enough to simply have a catchy
slogan and enthusiasm. One had to have a strong conviction in their principles as well.

Jonathan had expected he would need to do some convincing to get Leslie to join them, so he was
pleasantly surprised when she readily accepted his invitation.

“Have you thought it through? You might lose your life any time after joining Asura’s Office,” Jonathan
warned. “Our enemies are found within and outside Chanaea, including but not limited to the eight
respectable families, the Yaleview Army, the Eastern Army, Remdik, the West Region, and Jetroina.
The more important you are to Asura’s Office, the greater the risk of you and your family being killed.”

Leslie took a deep breath before opening her eyes to gaze at Jonathan. “I have a question for you. If an
adept cultivator in Asura’s Office misuses their cultivation to kill someone innocent, how will you punish

“Asura’s Office won’t recruit such a person. If that happens, death will be the inevitable outcome,
regardless of the culprit’s cultivation level,” came Jonathan’s answer.

“I’ll join Asura’s Office!” Leslie declared with a smile. “I hope I won’t be disappointed.”

Jonathan shook his head slightly. “I am only offering you the opportunity to join Asura’s Office, so this is
not an invitation. At a later time, someone will approach you for evaluation.”

“Evaluation?” Leslie stared at his back blankly. “You’re lucky that I decided to join Asura’s Office! Why
do I need to be evaluated? Hey, where are you going?”

“The first rule of Asura’s Office is that a subordinate should never ask about their superior’s business.”

Jonathan leaped into the air and left. Behind him, Leslie broke into a wide grin.

Because of her family, she had experienced enough of the fickleness of human nature and knew how
miserable and unfortunate life was for those at the bottom of the hierarchy in society.

That was why she had been giving her all when she started working at the police station.

However, her position restricted her from taking action on many matters.

Now, her chance had finally come.

She was determined to uphold justice in society as far as she could.

Upon arrival, Jonathan pushed the door open to Triplex Manifesta and walked in.

The courtyard was peaceful and serene, for there was no visitor around. It was a surreal sight.

Jonathan stepped into the temple to see Sean wiping an incense burner carefully.

The young boy was taken aback to see Jonathan. After regaining his senses, he ran to the back and
yelled, “Master? Master! Mr. Goldstein is here again!”

Upon hearing his shouts, a cultivator wearing a robe came out to them.

He quickly gave Jonathan a bow. “Mr. Goldstein.”

“Hello.” Jonathan inclined his head at the Superior Realm cultivator as a form of greeting. “I’m here to
take Sean with me. I’d like to take him as my disciple.”

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