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-After killing Zebedee, Jonathan claimed his opponent’s ring as his

The ring included one scroll with forbidden techniques on them and three clone talismans.

He had read the scroll briefly before. While the scroll was said to contain forbidden techniques, it only
had a series of spells recorded on it.

Jetroinian’s habits confounded him. For example, he initially didn’t understand why Jetroinians
recorded every spell they learned in a single scroll. Although, after giving it some thought, he realized it
was done to pass down the spells to future generations.

The secret cloning technique didn’t seem like something a mortal could perform. However, after he
actually read what it did, he realized it was a multi-tasking skill.

It was a special spiritual sense method to divide one’s mind into multiple parts and make them
completely independent.

The most difficult part of the technique was making the cloning talisman, which seemed to be
Zebedee’s secret skill because there was a blank spot on the scroll which would’ve been where the
process was recorded.

Jonathan believed Zebedee would’ve only written it down before death or when the latter found a

The formation plate and Heaven Sword were floating in front of Jonathan. He raised his right hand and
cut his palm with the blade.

As he used his spiritual energy, a line of blood essence spilled onto the talisman from his wound.

“I sacrifice my blood to summon a clone! Emerge!” Upon yelling that out loud, he saw the spiritual
energy around him surge into the talisman.

When the spiritual energy flooded into the talisman, it swelled in size expeditiously and turned into a
ball of flame.

“Kill him!” While Joselle wasn’t sure what Jonathan was doing, she knew she couldn’t let him finish
casting the spell.

In her eyes, he was still just a bug.

However, due to the formation’s restriction, it was possible that the bug could threaten her safety.

Based on all the information she had gathered from Jonathan’s visits to Summerbank Abyss, she could
tell he was a very crafty man with many tricks up his sleeve. I don’t know what trouble he’ll bring if he
finishes his ritual, but I’m not going to find out!

Upon receiving Joselle’s order, Ryan blitzed toward Jonathan as the rock underneath his feet exploded.

“Too late!” As Jonathan grinned, a figure emerged from the ball of fire, grabbed Heaven Sword, and
charged toward Ryan.

“Spiritual body manifestation?” Joselle’s eyes widened in disbelief when she saw two identical

Concurrently, Jonathan was having an unfamiliar experience.

The second Jonathan was, truthfully, just a puppet he created by using spiritual energy and blood
essence. His mind was still in control of that puppet.

While he could multitask, he never had the energy to divide his consciousness in the past.

At that moment, in his mind, two points of view were overlapping each other.

The first was from his original body. He could see Joselle’s shock, Ryan’s insanity, and a figure
identical to him battling Ryan.

The second point of view came from his clone, which could only see Ryan, including his foe’s fangs,
finger bones, and malevolent aura.

Initially, Jonathan experienced vertigo when two different points of view popped into his mind
simultaneously. It was so severe that he almost wanted to puke.

That reaction was his body’s self-defense mechanism kicking in because the images he saw in his
mind were overwhelming him so much that his body thought he was getting poisoned. After all, a
powerful sense of dizziness could help someone puke.

However, after only taking a deep breath, Jonathan was able to separate the two points of view clearly,
and the dizziness disappeared. I think I can summon one more clone based on how I’m feeling right
now. Any more, and I’ll probably get backlash. After all, this sort of attention-splitting state isn’t as
serene as reading a book or cultivating. In a fight to the death, if I make even a single mistake or react
too slowly, I’ll die.

When his train of thought ended there, he couldn’t help but be impressed by Zebedee. That guy was
able to use six clones effortlessly. He would’ve killed me with his blade if I didn’t have the bronze
handbell. Even if I cultivate for several years, it’s hard to say if I can achieve that level of mental

Unbeknownst to him, if Zebedee learned Jonathan could fight against two enemies with a clone
simultaneously right after using the technique for the first time, his jaw would definitely drop.

After all, he dared to use six clones because he only had one target.

While it strained his spiritual sense greatly to look at the same target from seven points of view,
Jonathan’s actions remained the same when perceived from different angles. Thus, it was easy for his
spiritual sense to detect his opponent’s moves and for him to react appropriately.

However, if the person’s clone and the main body were attacking different targets, the strain on their
mind would be doubled.

The way Jonathan was using the clone at the moment was something Zebedee, a veteran God Realm
cultivator, would only dare to try after practicing the technique for a year.

“No, this isn’t spiritual body manifestation!” Joselle shook her head at a distance. While I have no idea
how Jonathan pulled this off, I can tell it’s a different thing based on how he manifested the clone. After
all, the ancient spiritual body manifestation technique requires Pryncyp to work. Its power is
exceptionally terrifying, and it’s a nearly insurmountable existence, even when compared to beings like
myself. As magical as Jonathan’s technique is, the clone is just a fake!

Following an ear-piercing buzz, she attempted to thrust her spear into Jonathan’s clone.


A golden light appeared. Jonathan was holding the bronze handbell. Above his fist was the vague
shape of a bell that repeatedly dimmed and brightened.

“I’m your brother, Joselle. I named you. Why do you want to kill me?” he asked.

“I don’t want to kill you.” Staring at him playfully, she flipped the spear and gathered spiritual energy in
her hand. “I would still like you to be my slave. How about… both of us sign a slave contract? If you do,
I’ll let you go.”

“Sure.” He chuckled. “As long as you’re the slave, I’ll bring you out of Summerbank Abyss.”

As he spoke, three partially visible pillars of light in the sky trembled constantly.

After lots of mist gathered continuously in the air, they saw lightning crackling within.

Joselle was rebelling against Four Symbols Formation’s suppression.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was gesturing a technique with his left hand. Moments later, the formation plate
in front of him started spinning insanely fast.

“I may not be able to break the formation, but you won’t be able to increase the distance between us
with it!” After Joselle yelled, a bright bolt of lightning struck the top of her head.

Black cracks began to form in the sky.

The power of Pryncyp emerged once more.

A black light barrier then appeared around Joselle.

When lightning struck the light barrier, pain could be seen on her face.

Concurrently, Jonathan could clearly feel Joselle’s aura fading from his formation plate.

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