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The Legendary Man Chapter 724

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-When Joselle saw her fingers passing through Jonathan’s neck, she

However, in the next moment, her body went through his.

It’s just an afterimage! Without delay, she turned back and saw Jonathan, whose neck had been
slashed by her, slowly disappearing.

More than a dozen meters away, he was staring at his right hand with a frown.

Even he couldn’t have left such a clear afterimage if he relied solely on speed.

However, he was able to pull it off because he was using his formation plate in Summerbank Abyss’

While he was still furious about Lynn’s death, he didn’t forget Joselle’s presence.

Back then, in order to seal that ancient beast, he had to work with Vladimir just to be able to stall her.

At that moment, though, he only had himself to count on. Even with the formation plate’s help, without
the Flaming Tree, the three remaining foundations of the seal could only lower Joselle’s cultivation level
to God Realm.

He regretted for not being more well-prepared.

Although, his current focus was on his hand instead of Ryan and Joselle.

Earlier, I only touched Ryan’s shoulder, yet my spiritual energy was tainted with the malevolent aura.
His expression turned grim as he carefully observed how the spiritual energy in his hand was changing.
Even though I only came in contact with a tiny trace of his malevolent aura, it corrupted all the spiritual

energy in my hand! It feels like a drop of ink slipping into a cup of water before rapidly spreading its
corruption. In fact, it’s even trying to drill into my hand! Slightly shocked, Jonathan cut off the spiritual
energy in his hand. Upon losing its medium, the malevolent aura dispersed.

Then he shifted his sharp look back to Ryan. “I don’t care if you’re the one who killed Lynn or not
anymore, Ryan. You will die here purely because of your malevolent aura and the more than a hundred
deaths you caused outside.”

“Jonathan.” Joselle smiled while holding a spear in her hand. “This is my slave. Without my permission,
no one is allowed to kill him.”

The formation plate in Jonathan’s hand levitated in the air and spun slowly. “You may be able to make
that claim in the past, but right now, I have this formation plate! You can’t stop me!”

“Feel free to give it a try,” she replied playfully as she pointed her spear toward Jonathan’s eyebrows
with boundless murderous intent.

“Kill!” Ryan growled and charged toward Jonathan like a scarlet shadow.

Upon wielding Heaven Sword, Jonathan stabbed the blade in the direction of Ryan’s chest.


Joselle, using only a small amount of force, blasted Heaven Sword away with her spear.

The sword circled in the air before Jonathan used his spiritual sense to put the weapon back into his
storage ring.

Her might was so great that the formation could only suppress her spiritual energy and didn’t include
her physical strength. I suspect she has enough power to crack a mountain open. I can’t defeat her by
force, but Ryan must die!

Joselle swiped her spear in Jonathan’s direction.

“Expand!” After Jonathan yelled, a ripple appeared on the formation plate.

Suddenly, the spear that was about to hit him was pulled backward.

It only seemed that way because he was expanding the space between him and her.

However, the spear still managed to cut Jonathan’s ear as it flashed past him with an eerie buzzing

A drop of blood spilled from that wound of his.

As he changed the technique he was gesturing with his hand, he jumped toward Ryan’s back.

“Die!” Upon cladding his right arm with spiritual energy armor, he punched his opponent.


Ryan spat out a mouthful of black blood as he stared at his chest with widened eyes.

Jonathan punched his arm through Ryan’s chest and held his opponent’s heart, still beating and
connected to the major arteries.

“Die!” Standing in front of both men, Joselle launched her spear toward Ryan’s chest.

She intended to hit Ryan and Jonathan with that assault.

“Expand!” Jonathan’s left hand trembled slightly before the space in front of Ryan twisted with a ripple-
like effect.

The instant the spear hit the distorted space, it reappeared next to the men’s bodies.

Jonathan was confident he would remain undefeated as long as he was in Summerbank Abyss’
formation because he could use his formation plate to manipulate space and teleport stuff.

“You can’t stop me.” Peering at Joselle, who was dashing toward him, he tightened his right grip and
crushed Ryan’s heart.

With widened eyes, Ryan collapsed to the ground.

Joselle roared as an unbelievably foul shockwave was launched toward Jonathan.

Jonathan retreated backward. Meanwhile, that powerful energy blast turned Ryan’s body into a red

When Jonathan landed on top of a giant rock, he dispelled all spiritual energy on his right arm.

Ryan’s body was like a human-shaped container for sulfuric acid. Anything that came in contact with
what remained of his body would start corroding endlessly.

I’ve killed Ryan and avenged Lynn. However, right now, Joselle has become a real headache because
she’s free. Despite that, she still can’t leave Summerbank Abyss as the Four Symbols Formation is still
intact, even though it has lost one of its foundations. Although, this means Summerbank Abyss is no
longer safe. I’ll still be fine, but I won’t be able to bring the core members of Asura’s Office here to train
them. If I do, I bet Joselle will just turn them all into slaves. How about I kill her? Hmm, no. While the
ancient beast’s spiritual energy is suppressed, I’m still not powerful enough to take her life. Also, I
doubt I can appease her. Even though I named her, she’s still trying to kill me. Just as Jonathan was
wondering how to deal with Joselle, he saw something that caused his pupils to constrict.

She was standing on the tip of the spear, erected on the ground, with her toe.

At that angle, if Jonathan lifted his sight just slightly, he could see what was beneath her skirt.

However, he was wholly focused on the spinning, bloody bits of meat around her.

“Do you know why members of Phoebus Sect imprisoned me for nearly two thousand years,
Jonathan?” Joselle sneered. “It’s because I’m one of the remaining ancient realm beasts! My existence
is aligned with the natural order. Therefore, I can keep anyone alive permanently if I want to! Slave!”

Following her exclamation, the bits of meat floating in the air merged together.

Slowly, Ryan’s broken body was reassembled from head to toe.

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