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The Legendary Man Chapter 723

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-Ryan, who had just achieved Grandmaster Realm, understandably
wasn’t going to agree to be a slave.

However, in the two weeks that followed, that naked, beautiful woman taught him what true strength
meant, as their battles always ended in his crushing defeat.

Joselle had a miraculous technique that could heal someone’s wounds completely. Thus, she could
always pull him back from the brink of death and return him to tip-top shape.

Of course, she didn’t do that out of kindness. She just wanted to torture him.

In the following days, he tried everything he could to kill her, such as ambushing her or using

However, every time, she would take him down before resuming her effort to turn him into a slave.

Finally, three days ago, Ryan gave up and voluntarily offered up blood essence and recognized her as
his master.

While he retained independent thoughts, he wouldn’t dare to disobey Joselle anymore because his life
was in her hands.

Smiling, she swung her feet playfully. “What a familiar aura.”

Those who weren’t aware of what she was would think she was just a harmless young girl if they
witnessed that scene.

Upon leaping into the air, she hurled her spear in the direction of the void ahead.


A long sword extended outward from the void and deflected the spear to the side.

Then, a figure dropped onto the ground along with the sword.

It was Jonathan!


The mountain rock beneath his feet was crushed to pieces before he stood up slowly. Then, he trained
his icy gaze on Ryan and Joselle.

“Jonathan!” Ryan roared so loudly that his voice echoed throughout the central region of Summerbank
Abyss the moment he saw Jonathan.

“Kill!” As blood rushed into his brain, he howled furiously and charged toward Jonathan with a dagger.

In response, Jonathan chanted his mantra. “Bind!”

Promptly, the space around Ryan was visibly blurred and distorted, eventually forming an enclosed
space that confined him within.

It wasn’t a spiritual force field that Jonathan had used. It was the Summerbank Abyss formation.

His expression turned icy as he stared at the malevolent aura rising from Ryan’s body. It had been less
than three months since I headed to Lumonburg. When Quinton tried assassinating me back then, he
was only in the advanced phase of Superior Realm cultivation level. Yet, in less than three months, he
had reached the middle phase of the Grandmaster Realm cultivation level. In other words, his
cultivation jumped four levels in a row. That is terrifyingly fast for someone’s escalation of their
cultivation level.

Then, he recalled something. It was recorded in the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique that two
thousand years ago, there were evil cultivators in Chanaea. Based on what I read, the cultivation
technique of those evil cultivators is extremely similar to the one he is using. This way of using human
essence to aid one’s cultivation appeared after the foundation of the natural order was shattered.
Because the spiritual energy in the world and cultivation resources were dwindling, a talented individual
conceived a cultivation technique to steal other people’s spiritual energy. A spell, by its nature, is
neither benevolent nor malevolent, but people can be one or another. Once that spell was unleashed to
the world, countless cultivators considered it a shortcut to great power. After all, one can raise their
cultivation level exceedingly fast by stealing other people’s cultivation foundations. At first, cultivators
only killed and consumed the spiritual energy of those who deserved to die. However, as time passed,
cultivators who had a taste of that rapid increase in strength started massacring people. Cultivators
who lost their friends and families to the rampage also started using the same technique to increase
their cultivation level speedily so they could seek revenge.

More information about that history resurfaced in his mind. In just ten short years, the number of
cultivators in Chanaea was almost reduced by half. However, because of that, everyone became on
guard against the technique. As a result, any attempt to kill and absorb a cultivator’s spiritual energy
grew incredibly difficult. Thus, some people started changing their cultivation methods, opting to absorb
ordinary people’s blood essence to boost their cultivation instead. After all, ordinary people were but
ants in cultivators’ eyes. While absorbing blood essence is a relatively ineffective method for a high-
level cultivator to increase their cultivation level, there was an abundance of it. Things became so bad
that corpses were seen strewn across thousands of kilometers. It was then the world of cultivation was
split into two groups.

One group included those who absorbed other people’s spiritual energy to raise their cultivation level
quickly in a short time. The only thing they valued was their own life in their pursuit of power. Those
individuals were later known as evil cultivators. Cultivators on the side of good began fighting against
the evil cultivators for shaking the foundation of the cultivation world. The flame of destruction that

followed burned the lives of many. It was a war that lasted for nearly a hundred years. After the great
war ended, all cultivators who fought for the side of good were praised and sincerely worshipped by all
countries worldwide. That was how the respectable families were born. I thought I would only see a
cultivation technique like that in books, yet there it is, right in front of me, used by someone who
should’ve died by my hands. He furrowed his eyebrows as he watched Ryan’s body transform.

At that moment, Ryan had turned into a red-eyed, ferocious-looking demon.

“Let me ask you something, Ryan. Did you kill Lynn?” Jonathan asked calmly.

“Kill! I’m going to kill you!” As Ryan roared with fury, his spiritual energy rose continuously. The clothes
on his body were gradually ripped to shreds.

Then, drops of black blood began oozing out of his body. They were corroding his flesh as though they
were sulfuric acid.

The marks of corrosion eventually gathered on a single spot, forming a giant claw symbol on his body.

When Jonathan sensed bouts of movements coming from the object on his left hand, he frowned and
turned to the formation plate, which was seen shaking relentlessly.

The malevolent aura of an evil cultivator was one of the world’s most negative, filthy things, capable of
suppressing the power of all magical items and techniques. It could also be described as impossible to

As Jonathan recalled the content of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, a thought flashed past his
mind. Ryan’s malevolent aura can eradicate the constraint I put on him with my technique!

“Give me back my grandfather and father!” Following Ryan’s roar, he instantly smashed apart the
restraining force field around him.

As his malevolent aura expanded, he leaped toward Jonathan, intending to slice his opponent’s throat
with his dagger.

Composedly, Jonathan gathered spiritual energy in his right hand and slapped Ryan’s arm. Too slow!
While he managed to break free of my restraining formation, his cultivation level is still too low. There’s
no way he can injure me with this attack of his.

Unbeknownst to him, as he dashed behind Ryan and was ready to kill his enemy, Joselle’s slender
hand had silently arrived at his back.

Gazing at Jonathan menacingly, she swung her right hand toward his neck like a blade.

At that moment, it was as though Jonathan was completely unaware of her actions as he grabbed
Ryan, thus allowing her hand to pass through his neck.

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