Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 696

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Entered A Frenzied State

Buzz! The giant mace which was about two meters long flew toward Jonathan’s head and slammed
down on it with terrifying, destructive power. “Die!” Morris bellowed.

Subsequently, waves of energy burst from his mouth and hurtled toward Jonathan. It’s a vocal attack! A
storm instantly brewed within Jonathan’s consciousness.

However, the method of affecting a person’s spiritual sense by sound was much weaker than
Vladimir’s, which directly attacked the opponent’s spiritual sense.

Hence, not only was Jonathan not intimidated by the attack, but he also lost his remaining sense of
rationality due to the anger within him.


The flaming stick in his hand grew longer.

The moment the mace fell, the flaming stick had expanded into a giant pole that was about a meter
thick and six meters long.

With a muffled sound, the mace slammed into the flaming stick with incredible power.

However, Jonathan had already disappeared.

“You traitor! Take this!”

Strangely, Jonathan’s voice spread out in all four directions. Morris paled with shock, and he quickly
threw a kick to the area beside him.

Suddenly, an afterimage flashed past. Jonathan had arrived behind Morris with his broken blade.

With that, he raised his hand and struck, followed by blood spurting out in every direction.

Seeing that, Morris fell to the ground, utterly mortified.

The moment Morris turned around, he saw Jonathan land on the ground on all fours while holding the
broken blade in his mouth.

Saliva dripped from his mouth as he dug into the brick flooring with his bare, bloodied hands.


The state Jonathan was in gave Morris a fright.

At that moment, Jonathan’s eyes had a gaze no human could possess.

It contained a myriad of negative emotions, including the look of being bloodthirsty and tyrannical.

Anyone would shudder with fear by just taking one look at him.

“H-Have you entered a frenzied state?”

Morris instinctively touched the back of his neck, and his hand was instantly covered in blood.

His neck would’ve been cut off if he were any slower.

And now, he could feel the terrifying spiritual energy exuding from Jonathan’s body. It was at that
moment that Morris knew he had stirred up a hornet’s nest.

A person who entered a frenzied state was scary since they did not fear death, but they would also lose
their sense of rationality, which created many flaws in their attacks. Technically, it gave Morris a chance
to kill Jonathan.

Glaring at Jonathan, Morris tossed his mace and stomped his right foot on the ground while yelling,
“Dragon Mastodon Technique!”

The brick flooring cracked upon impact, and an invisible shockwave tore through the air.

Amidst the shockwave, Morris’ burly figure started to expand.

His shirt tore into pieces as his body expanded until he was about three meters tall.

Meanwhile, Karl and the others, who were busy fighting, turned to look in their direction.

All they could see in that shockwave was Morris, who had turned into a massive rock giant.

His muscles bulged, and his skin was covered in cracks, which had a strange pattern to it.

That was the Welsh family’s trump card. They painted their bodies with the blood of spiritual beasts,
supplemented by secret techniques, to form the runes of the technique.

Apparently, one would be invincible by cultivating that technique to the highest level.

Even so, no one knew how true that rumor was.

Having utilized a secret technique to activate the runes on his body, Morris experienced tremendous
growth in his aura.

Before that, the giant mace looked gigantic in his hands. Now that he had turned into a giant, the size
of the mace looked just right.

“Watch out, Mr. Goldstein!” Karl shouted at Jonathan.

Karl initially wanted to warn Jonathan to be wary of Jonathan’s secret technique. Unfortunately, his
heart sank when he saw the latter sprawling on the ground in an unnatural manner.

This is bad.

Karl’s face fell the second he saw Jonathan’s state.

“Xavion, Sirius! Run!”

When Karl finished saying that, he pushed Aidan back with a swing of his saber and left without a hint
of hesitation. It was as if he was not the one who wanted to fight Aidan to death earlier.

However, Karl’s reaction confused Aidan and the others especially Xavion and Sirius.

Although they were fighting three against three, they had seized every opportunity to attack Antoine
based on Karl’s instructions earlier. Thanks to Aidan’s and Vicador’s apprehensiveness, the other party
had gained an upper hand.

To stop and leave the fight at that moment would be an utter waste of opportunity.

Nonetheless, the duo still left the battlefield with Karl after hesitating for a moment.

It was their first collaboration, but they knew Karl was no coward.

If he was telling them to flee, that meant something terrifying was about to happen.

We won’t make any mistakes if we flee with him.

“Karl, Jonathan is still there! What’s going to happen to him if we leave?” Xavion yelled at Karl.

Hearing that, Karl subconsciously glanced at Jonathan before shifting his gaze to Xavion and Sirius
with a gaze brimming with fear.

“Who do you think I’m running away from? Mr. Goldstein has entered a frenzied state. We’ll die there if
we don’t escape!” explained Karl, while increasing his pace. In just a few moments, they were standing
on top of a hill that was hundreds of meters away.

Meanwhile, Xavion and Sirius, who were beside him, landed softly.

With the gun in his hand, Sirius asked, “Karl, Jonathan has only entered a frenzied state, right? It can’t
be that scary. The spiritual sense of a person who enters a frenzied state is blinded, which creates
flaws in their attacks. He’ll die there if we don’t help him.”

“Can’t be that scary?” Karl repeated, panting heavily while glancing at the duo. “A few years ago,
before Asura’s Office was established, we, the eight Kings of War, belonged to different regions. Each
one of us survived by fighting our way out. In fact, I can tell you bluntly that I dare to fight you guys
even if I fail to defeat the respectable families. Do you think we followed Mr. Goldstein willingly? Do you
think it was because he promised us great things or because of his powerful charisma? Truth is, he
entered the Grandmaster Realm earlier. In fact, he can defeat all eight of us.”

Xavion refuted loudly, “That’s impossible! Even a person who just entered Grandmaster Realm can’t
control the force field. Anyone can defeat a newbie as long as they were seniors in the Grandmaster

Chuckling, Karl commented, “That only applies to ordinary people like you. How long have you been
cultivating? You’ve been cultivating since four years old, right? You’ve recently entered God Realm,
haven’t you? Do you know how long Mr. Goldstein has been cultivating? Surprise, surprise. It’s less
than three years.”

The moment Karl finished his sentence, Sirius and Xavion furrowed their brows.

God Realm cultivators had always been the exclusive property of respectable families. In fact,
subsidiary families could only produce God Realm cultivators after getting support from the respectable


In the mortal world, Grandmaster Realm was the highest level.

Recently, however, people like Jonathan, Wilbur, and Karl had been appearing one after another.
Naturally, the unusual phenomenon had alerted the eight respectable families.

Of course, they secretly looked into the trio’s history. Apart from Karl’s history of cultivating since
young, the respectable families found nothing about Jonathan’s and Wilbur’s history.

Although they once suspected Jonathan of achieving such results in just three years of cultivation, they
were still surprised when they heard someone from Asura’s Office confirm the fact.

Becoming a Grandmaster in just three years’ time was totally unheard of and very unusual.

Who exactly is Jonathan? Is he a monster?

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