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The Legendary Man Chapter 721

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-After that, Jonathan left in a way more dramatic than his entrance.
He jumped right out of the fifth-floor window and drove off in Leslie’s car.

All of the officers outside the police station stared wide-eyed in shock at the broken glass scattered all
over the ground.

Leslie came running out of the main lobby a few minutes later.

“Leslie, I know you’re Governor Hart’s daughter, but that doesn’t mean you can—”

“We have a chance at cracking the 101 missing persons case, Mr. Hoffman! Hurry up and get in the
car! Tell everyone at Summerbank Mountain to give Jonathan their full cooperation!” Leslie cut him off
excitedly while getting into a police car.

“All members of the Serious Crime Unit, head over to Summerbank Mountain as soon as possible!”
ordered Leslie. Everyone turned to look at Jasper, only to see the grim look on his face.

“Remember what I told you about cultivators, Mr. Hoffman? According to ancient records, only a
cultivator is able to defeat another!” Leslie yelled as she started the car, activated the sirens, and sped
off into the distance.

“What do we do, Mr. Hoffman?” asked the members of the Serious Crime Unit.

Having witnessed Jonathan’s display of power earlier, they knew something big was happening even
though they didn’t understand a word Leslie said.

Jasper shook his head and let out a helpless sigh in response.

“What are you all looking at me for? You heard Captain Hart! Grab your firearms from the armory and
rendezvous at Summerbank Mountain as soon as possible! You will each carry five rounds of

ammunition with you! Also, contact the special police unit for backup! Hurry!”

What? We’re arming ourselves and getting the special police involved? The last time such a large-
scale operation was carried out in Summerbank was dozens of years ago! Looks like something mind-
blowing is about to happen.

Although the police officers knew something big was happening, they didn’t expect it to be this serious.

Thanks to Leslie’s orders, the empty field beneath Summerbank Mountain had been completely
cleared out.

It wasn’t long before a Mercedes-Benz came to a screeching halt on the empty field.

After stepping out of the car, Jonathan simply glanced at the armed police officers in the distance
before sprinting toward the top of the mountain.

It wasn’t until the police officers saw the afterimages Jonathan left in his wake that they realized why
they were ordered to not offend him.

After all, there was no way they could hope to take down a person with such superhuman abilities.

They were snapped out of their dazed state when an SUV came speeding onto the open field with its
sirens blaring.

“I’m Leslie Hart, the head of the Serious Crime Unit! I’m in charge of the 101 missing people’s case!”
Leslie shouted with her badge held high before stepping out of the vehicle.

Noticing that the police officers had lowered their guns, she walked up to them and asked, “Where’s
that guy who arrived before me?”

One of the police officers replied hesitantly, “I think he went up the mountain. He disappeared in the
blink of an eye…”

“Other members of the Serious Crime Unit and numerous police officers will be arriving shortly. Be
careful not to hurt them by mistake!” Leslie shouted before turning around and running up the

The terrain was uneven on the way up the mountain, but that didn’t seem to slow Jonathan down in the

While it would normally take hours for most people to reach Triplex Manifesta, Jonathan had arrived
outside the temple in just a little over ten minutes.

All of the tourist hotspots on Summerbank Mountain have been closed off because of Ryan, so the
place was incredibly quiet and tranquil without the presence of tourists.

The young monk who hosted the auction back then was sweeping the floor in front of the temple.

Huh… This monk’s cultivation level was Precelestial Realm the last time I came here. I can’t believe he
has already reached Postcelestial Realm! It has only been about a month! His cultivation progress is a
little ridiculous! On top of that, he doesn’t seem to be using any special techniques to achieve this. That
means he got this far through his elixir field alone! This young monk truly is a cultivation prodigy! It’s a
shame Sofus and Vladimir have lost their lives in the Secret Realm, so he has no one to mentor his
cultivation training. Now that Phoebus Sect’s formation plate is in my hands, Phoebus Sect will
probably perish dozens of years later…

“I remember you… You’re Sean, aren’t you?” Jonathan asked.

The young monk nodded with a smile and placed the broom aside.

“Please come in, Sir! My master left with you, right? He hasn’t returned even though it has been almost
a month now. Do you happen to know why, Sir?” he asked with an expectant look in his eyes, his
cheeks flushed red.

Jonathan looked him in the eye and shook his head.

“I have no idea, Sean. Tell me, have you seen this person before?” he asked while retrieving a
photograph of Ryan from his storage ring.

Sean frowned as he replied hesitantly, “Yes, I have. I think it was about two weeks ago. He came
looking for someone… Wait, I think he was looking for you, Sir!”


Jonathan let out a chuckle.

If he was looking for me, then I’m definitely on the right track! Ryan is, without a doubt, Quinton in
disguise! I bet Leslie would explode with anger if she were here right now! We have been searching
Triplex Manifesta for signs of Ryan throughout the past few days, but we never thought to ask this
young monk about him. Who would’ve thought Sean had seen Ryan?

“Sean, do you know where he went?”

Sean shook his head. “No, I don’t. He asked me where you guys were headed, so I told him you guys
left the mountain through the side. He then headed off in your direction.”

A murderous glint flashed across Jonathan’s eyes when he heard that.

So, Ryan has been on my tail all this while! The path we took to leave the mountain was not the little
trail in front of Triplex Manifesta. We went with a dangerous route not known to regular people, so it’s

highly possible that Ryan has entered Summerbank Abyss. Still, I only left Summerbank Abyss and
sealed the formation after making sure that no one else was inside… Even though Ryan uses a secret
technique to absorb a person’s life energy and is capable of making rapid progress with his cultivation,
he couldn’t possibly exceed Divine Realm! That formation was able to keep Joselle, whose cultivation
level is above Divine Realm, trapped inside for over two thousand years. There’s no way someone
could just break through it so easily, unless… Ryan entered the formation at the same time that I,
Lauryn, and Irving left. That way, he could easily get past me when the fog walls blocked out my
spiritual sense! But if that’s the case, isn’t that too much of a coincidence, though?

With that in mind, Jonathan decided to head down the mountain to confirm his theory.

He had just taken a few steps ahead when he turned around and asked, “Sean, you look like you have
great potential. Would you be willing to continue your cultivation with me?”

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