Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 695

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Three People Protecting One Person

Agonizing screams never stopped ringing out in Redlington’s military base. As the raging fire burned,
the group of nine people glanced at each other in confusion on the military drill ground in the center of
the base. “D*mn it! F*ck you, Morris! How dare you attack Mr. Goldstein instead of the Remdikians?”

White mist rose from every part of Karl’s body. It was his sweat that evaporated from his skin, which
was caused by the rapid blood flow within his body after unleashing a secret technique. Morris spun the
mace in his hand while grinning.

“I’m not a soldier. Naturally, I don’t have your traditional thinking of putting the country first. My family
was a little too late to the reshuffling of respectable families this time. Since we couldn’t get the Eastern
Army, then we have no choice but to get a share once Asura’s Office splits up. Besides, deep down,
everyone’s no fool.

Though we agreed to work together, it’s all just b*llshit. Your Eastern Army has already split itself from
Asura’s Office, yet you’re still on Jonathan’s side. What you people are trying to do is destroy
respectable families while Wilbur aims to unify all forces.

Even if the respectable families are not destroyed, he’ll never allow them to assert dominance. Now’s
not the time, since everyone’s still using one another. However, there’s already a battle between us.”

As Morris was saying that, his figure flickered and reappeared behind Jonathan, sandwiching the latter
between him and Vicador.

“Since we’re all going to fight one another sooner or later, I might as well kill Jonathan here with the
help of my four Remdikian friends.”

While saying that, Aidan translated his words into Remdikian, which made Vicador and the others smile
at Morris.

Right then, Aidan waved at Morris, saying, “My dear Chanaean friend, we have the same goal of killing
Jonathan. Let’s join forces. Remdik will welcome the Welsh family to start their business here.”

Hearing that, Morris rested the mace on his shoulder and laughed out loud. “That’s wonderful. My
family has always been after profits. We’ll always accept collaborations as long as we get to earn some

His eyes glinted with viciousness as he spoke.

Truth was, he did not mind helping Vicador and the others to get rid of a few more enemies as long as
Jonathan was killed in the end.

Glancing at Xavion, Morris snorted. “Xavion, didn’t we agree on killing Jonathan together? Why are you
attacking me instead?”

“Since when did I promise you that? I only gave you a hum in response when you said you wanted to
kill Jonathan. That only meant I’m aware of your plans rather than agreeing to work with you,” Xavion
responded with a smile.

Morris scoffed, “Pfft. Stop playing games with me. Tell me. What exactly are you trying to say?”

In response, Xavion chuckled and threw the question back at him. “What else do you think? It’s simple,
really. The Osborne family has formed an alliance with Asura’s Office. So, I’ll kill anyone who dares to
kill Jonathan.”

Morris’ eyes widened in disbelief. “Jonathan has agreed to become allies with your family? That’s
impossible. Your family almost killed everyone in the Goldstein family. Why would Jonathan form an

alliance with you people?”

Holding his spear, Sirius piped up, “It’s true. This time, I’m on Jonathan’s side. Not for the benefit of the
respectable families, but for Chanaea’s safety. Thus, Jonathan cannot die here today.”

Karl cast an icy glare at the trio that was from respectable families. They were all Chanaeans and
should back each other in Remdik.

Never did he expect Morris to turn his back on them.

“Mr. Goldstein, Lauryn, Xavion, these Remdikian’s weakness is Antoine. As long as we kill him, the
others won’t be able to run away. They’ll be buried alongside him,” Karl said, pointing his saber at

Just then, Aidan took one step forward and shielded Antoine behind him. “Take a closer look, Karl. It’s
five against four, and we have the upper hand.”

Karl chuckled. “Really? How sure are you that we didn’t purposely involve Morris to put on a show for

“B*llshit!” Morris cussed.

Despite Karl’s casual tone, his words could not be more accurate.

As long as Aidan, Vicador, and the others were wary of him, they would naturally be on guard against
each other when they worked together. If that were the case, their effort would be wasted.

“I don’t need to act to kill Jonathan. I can kill him now!” yelled Morris. However, he suddenly froze.

That was because Jonathan, who had been silent the entire time, finally looked up.

There was a smile on his face, and his bloodshot eyes were filled with killing intent.

There was madness in his gaze that was cast upon Aidan, Vicador, and the others.

“This is the battle you wanted, right, Remdikians? You want an intense battle that’ll leave all the citizens
homeless, sacrifice tons of soldiers, ruin the beautiful landscape, and have bodies scattered all over
the ground, right? Fine. I, Jonathan Goldstein, will make your wish come true. If you want to fight so
badly, then let’s begin! Die!”

A long afterimage appeared out of thin air, and in the next second, Jonathan had already appeared in
front of Vicador with Heaven Sword in his hand.

With a roar similar to a lion’s, a giant axe appeared in Vicador’s hand out of nowhere.

During that exchange, faint ripples that felt as if they could cut through anything that came in their way
formed in the surrounding air and charged toward Jonathan’s chest.


Following a crisp tone, Heaven Sword flew out into the air.

Meanwhile, Jonathan had turned sideways to dodge the giant axe. At the same time, he lunged at
Alexander, who was standing behind Vicador.

“Die!” Jonathan threw out a kick at Alexander’s lower body.

Seeing that, Alexander leaped into the air. To his surprise, Jonathan vanished and a blazing fire rained
down from the sky.

It was a flaming stick.


The sound of a clock chimed.

Jonathan spat a mouthful of blood on the golden light barrier, but the stick in his hand had also struck
Alexander heavily on the shoulders.


Alexander collapsed to the ground, shattering the red bricks with a tremendous force like a cannonball.
In the meantime, a long sword appeared before Jonathan—Aidan and Antoine had arrived.

The trio was Divine Realm cultivators. If all three of them attacked and struck the protective barrier of
Jonathan’s bronze handbell, Jonathan would instantly turn into ashes.

In order to prevent that from happening, Jonathan had no choice but to remove the protective barrier
and find a way to survive while fighting against them.

Just as the golden glow around Jonathan had disappeared, a brief humming sound rang out beside

A silver spear tore through the air next to Jonathan’s ear and flew toward Vicador’s giant axe.

The attack left a few bloody cuts on Jonathan’s face.

That was caused by the shockwave from the spear.

Concurrently, a saber and a sword each stuck out on the front and rear sides of Jonathan, pointing
straight at Antoine and Aidan.

Jonathan had three people protecting him.

All of a sudden, Karl and the others waved their weapons to drive Aidan and his group away.

That saved Jonathan the trouble of taking out the trump cards he got from Zebedee.

Now that the danger was neutralized, Jonathan burst out laughing.

In the meantime, he locked his aura on Morris, who was rushing over.

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