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Chapter 694

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A Strange Scene

Jonathan’s sudden appearance caused a commotion in the base at the foot of the mountain. With the
departure of Vicador, it was three against four on the mountain.

However, if Karl and his gang worked together, they could easily prevent their adversaries from making
an escape. However, the turn of events rendered Antoine and Alexander stunned.

What the f*ck is going on? We’re neural cultivators, but they are acting as though we’re not as valuable
as the ordinary beings at the foot of the mountain. Why are they rushing toward the camp? Or does
Chanaea calculate their contribution by the number of enemies they take out? Are they trying to kill as
many people as they could?

Antoine and Alexander hesitated for barely one second before leaping into action. Alexander hurriedly
descended the mountain while Antoine wielded his dagger and charged at Karl.

Vicador and Alexander were no match for the four Chanaean cultivators at the foot of the mountain, but
their lives wouldn’t be in danger for the time being.

It was the perfect opportunity to take out Karl! An icy glint emerged in Karl’s spiritual sense.

He let out a cold chuckle as he plunged his long sword into the icy glint.

Instead of backing away, he chose to get hurt to survive the attack!

“Antoine, get out of my way!”

Standing in a triangle formation, the three of them were locked in a life-or-death battle. If Antoine’s
attack managed to hit its target, Karl’s chest would be pierced, causing a serious injury. However, at the
same time, Karl’s saber would also chop off Antoine’s head.

If that were to happen, Aidan could raise his weapon to avenge Antoine by taking Karl’s life.

However, Aidan dared not risk Antoine’s life.

It was clear Ivanov valued Antoine as he placed his clone on the latter.

He was so devoted to protecting Antoine that he was willing to go to great lengths to ensure his safety,
even if that meant stopping the tsar from going south. Antoine was clearly very special to him.

If Antoine were to die here, Aidan and the rest wouldn’t be able to appease Ivanov’s wrath even if they
managed to defeat Jonathan and the other four.


A white glow appeared out of nowhere as Aidan smashed a crystal in between his palms, turning it into

Following that, a shield that was half as tall as him appeared between him and Karl.

A resounding clang sounded as the saber collided with the shield.

The shield promptly cracked upon impact, but at least he had managed to survive Karl’s attack.

At the same time, it also blocked Antoine’s dagger.

Crack, crack, crack!

Aidan roared out loud and stomp his foot forcefully. An invisible shockwave spurted out and threw Karl
and Antoine backward.

Karl flipped midair and, with a powerful kick, split an ancient thick trunk in two before he was able to
land on the ground safely.

Panting heavily, he glared at his enemies in a menacing manner.

Aidan and the like weren’t the only ones, for even Karl found Morris and his gang’s actions strange.

If Morris and his group chose to engage in combat, they could easily defeat some of the cultivators
from Aidan’s group.

However, should they choose not to fight, they could depart immediately. Being God Realm cultivators,
they could cross Chanaea’s boundaries without any hindrance.

It was peculiar that they opted to sprint down the mountain to the military camp.

Opposite Karl, Antoine had already crawled out of the snow pile.

“Aidan, you should’ve killed him earlier!”

“Cut the crap!” Aidan roared. “Don’t you know that if you were to die, we would all perish as well?”

Karl was fluent in Remdikian, so he understood their exchange without difficulty.

At once, a bold thought emerged in his heart.

Across from him, Aidan noticed his expression and realized what he had in mind.

“Karl, I’m right here, so you won’t be able to take his life!”

“I’m willing to risk my life,” Karl revealed as he pressed his saber to his sleeve. “As long as I can kill
Antoine, Ivanov will unleash his wrath on you, and you will all have to pay the price with your lives.
Remdik will then launch an attack on Doveston. I will no longer be able to lead the Eastern Army, and
you will no longer be able to command the Medved Army, but they will still fight in battle. Then,
Jonathan will take my place. When the battle begins, Asura’s Office will convene once more! Yaleview

Army’s six hundred thousand troops will also be impacted, causing a rapid transformation in Chanaea
and both continents! If my death can bring about such an outcome, it will not be in vain!”

Right after Karl said his piece, his saber started glowing and buzzing softly.

He injected too much spiritual energy into the magical item, causing it to reach its maximum capacity.

That also signaled that Karl wasn’t about to hold back. He was ready to exhaust his spiritual energy to
fight against them.

Once the battle was over, he would die if his spiritual energy was depleted regardless of the outcome.

It was pretty clear that he was burning his own bridges!

“You’re nuts! F*ck, all Chanaeans are crazy!” Aidan cursed angrily before turning to flee the scene.

Antoine also did the same.

All the while, Antoine was proud to be Ivanov’s descendant, for the identity brought him prestige and
paved his future.

However, that same identity was going to be his death sentence right now.

If a highly-skilled cultivator had chosen to give it their all, they could employ a vast array of strategies.

Previously, there were attacks and defends with each side determined to take out the other while
ensuring their own safety.

Now, Karl was going all out. He was prepared to risk his life to eliminate his enemy.

In short, none of them were his match.

Therefore, Aidan sought to minimize the risk of Antoine’s death.

To do that, he would have to head to the base camp at the foot of the mountain.

Their enemies now had one more same-ranked cultivator compared to them. However, that advantage
would decrease if more cultivators were to join the fight.

A cultivator would most probably lose if he were to face two cultivators at once.

However, if four cultivators were to fight against five cultivators, even if they were outnumbered, their
enemies wouldn’t get an advantage over them.

The three of them ran down the mountain one after another. Before they could enter the camp, the
sight that appeared in front of them caused them to halt in their tracks.

Before reaching their destination, the three of them guessed that Jonathan and the other three must
have overwhelmed Vicador and Alexander with their sheer number.

Upon arrival, they discovered that the six cultivators at the foot of the mountain were in chaos.

Naturally, Vicador and Alexander were attacking Jonathan and his comrades.

However, the four cultivators from Chanaea seemed to be lost.

Rampaging through the area, Jonathan indiscriminately attacked both cultivators and civilians alike. His
strength as a high-ranked cultivator, combined with the protection of his bronze handbell, made him

However, Morris was strangely trying to defeat Jonathan. It seemed he had struck a pact with Vicador
to achieve that feat.

Xavion attacked Vicador and Morris ferociously, as he was driven by his determination to save
Jonathan and preserve the alliance between his family and Jonathan. He understood that if Jonathan
were to die, the Osborne family would lose their advantage for Asura’s Office would be disbanded.

Sirius and Alexander were attacking each other, yet neither of them seemed to be attacking with their
full force. It was obvious to everyone watching that they were just going through the motions.

Those at the foot of the mountain retreated in shock when Aidan and the other two stormed into the
fray. Scattering in all directions, they suspiciously kept an eye on one another.

Everyone wanted to straighten out the chaotic situation in order to emerge victorious.

It was an odd sight to behold, as nine cultivators from the Divine Realm stood in an unspoken stand-off,
observing each other silently.

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