Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 692

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Kill Them All

Ever since its inception, Blood Squad had been one of the most elite special operations units in the
whole of Chanaea.

Even in the international arena, it enjoyed great acclaim. It ranked among the strongest military units in
the world, on par with Remdik’s Team Alpha, Anglandur’s Navy Corps, and Irethiel’s Shiv Forces.

The four different military units were located in pan-Anglandur, Zaewora, North Epea, and South
Aploth, respectively. They had always been legendary, rumored to be invincible as long as they
accepted a mission.

It was during the mission in Remdik this time that Blood Squad and Team Alpha went up against each

Under the utilization of technology, Blood Squad suffered devastating casualties. From the initial fifty
people who made up the entire team, the only survivors were the seven men in the barrack then.

The captain of the squad, Sabino, had established an incredibly close relationship with Jonathan, Karl,
and the others during battle a few years ago. Several times, they experienced life-and-death situations

Back when Asura’s Office was established, Jonathan wanted to appoint him as core personnel to help
train new recruits.

Regretfully, he demurred with the reason of being unsuited for a low-risk job. While Chanaea’s general
environment was peaceful at that time, there were still a ton of hidden dangers both internally and on
the fringes, so someone needed to continue taking up the job.

Precisely because of that, Jonathan assigned him to Karl. From there, the strongest warfare team
known as Blood Squad came into existence.

But right then, the man who had never been defeated on the battlefield was lying prone with his head,
neck, wrist, chest, waist, thighs, and ankles restrained by steel bars.

Sabino and the others were covered in blood. That aside, fine wires littered their bodies, and their vitals
were displayed on the computer at the side.

On a tray by the side were bottles of empty vials.

With just a single glance, Jonathan could tell what Sabino and the others had gone through.

Those vials contained a stimulant that could boost one’s nervous system. When injected with such a
drug, one’s sensation toward external stimuli would be magnified several folds.

On top of that, it would keep the person very much conscious for a short time.

It was a basic drug used in extorting information by torture.

Needless to say, the events that followed after such a drug would be all sorts of inhuman torture.

Jonathan turned his gaze to Sabino’s hands and legs, only to see that the man’s nails were long since
gone. Worse still, screws had been drilled into the pads of each digit.

Dozens of similar wounds adorned the bodies of Sabino and the others. But at the same time, they had
been injected with adrenaline that kept them alive.

Reaching out, Jonathan touched the back of Sabino’s neck. As his spiritual energy burst out, it severed
the latter’s nerves like an invisible scalpel.

He knew Sabino would undoubtedly die once adrenaline stopped pumping into him, considering his

Alas, the only thing he could do then was to relieve some of the man’s agony.

“Sabino, it’s me, Jonathan. Wake up…”

He stretched out a hand once more and placed it on Sabino’s head, channeling spiritual energy into the
latter incessantly.

“M-Mr. Goldstein…”

Sabino’s voice was a mere whisper, but it had already exhausted the last vestiges of his strength.

“It’s me, Buddy.”

Jonathan looked at the man with his eyes blazing scarlet, forcibly suppressing the wrath within him. He
then curved his lips and flashed Sabino a stilted grin.

“You’ve been doing pretty well in the past few years. How did you get caught?”

At that very moment, Sabino’s face was a bloodied mess, only one of his eyes opening. When he
heard the man’s words, the corners of his lips twitched. He wanted to force a smile, but it was beyond

“Mr. Goldstein… Killian is with Ste…”

“Stellario and two other cultivators of God Realm had taken Killian away, yes?” Jonathan queried with a

“Yeah… With the location from Blood Squad, you’ll be able to find him…”

Sabino then fixated his gaze on the man with great difficulty.

“Mr. Goldstein… Hand my jade pendant… to Lynn… I promised to marry her…”

Following that remark, Jonathan could no longer hold his tears back. They started streaming down his
face like a faucet.

Back when he almost died in Summerbank, whereupon Hades brought Jason and the others to the
small mountain village to treat him, Sabino was one of those who kept guard over him.

It was then that Sabino and Lynn made each other’s acquaintance before developing feelings mutually.

After Jonathan had regained consciousness, Hades told him about it, and they all teased Sabino.

Jonathan even once said that he would personally hold a wedding for Sabino and Lynn when the war
ended. Never had he imagined that the man wouldn’t live to see that day.

“I’ll bring you back, Sabino. I’ll definitely bring you back…” Jonathan vowed in a choked voice.

Shouts rang out interminably outside the window, the bodies of the four dead guards outside having
been discovered by Remdikian soldiers.

In the next instant, the window shattered, and a smoke bomb was hurled into the barrack. Jonathan’s
spiritual energy surged into the bronze handbell, upon which the golden protective shield swiftly
expanded to envelop Jonathan and all seven members of Blood Squad.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of rapid gunshots followed, but not a single bullet managed to penetrate the golden shield.

“Mr. Goldstein… we both know… we’re never going back anymore… Hand my jade pendant to her…
and help find her a good man…”

At the side, the computer displaying Sabino’s heart rate started blaring an alarm.

It read: 140… 180… 200… 230…

His heart rate kept soaring abnormally before flatlining.


The alarm no longer changed but turned into a long beeping tone.

Alongside that, the line representing the man’s heart rate lost all fluctuation.

“Sabino… I promise to convey your words to Lynn… I’ll hand your pendant to her. My word is my
bond…” Jonathan said to Sabino while kneeling on the ground, choking up.

He was accustomed to witnessing death, but still, the sight of a close friend dying in such a tragic
manner felt as though tens of thousands of swords were piercing his heart continuously.


The explosion of a grenade made Jonathan’s blood boil.

Additionally, it also had him shake off his grief at long last.

He removed the jade pendant from around Sabino’s neck before turning and casting his gaze at the
other six men.

In the brief ten minutes, half the wall in the barrack had been riddled with bullets, close to collapse. Yet,
not a single Remdikian soldier could take a step in.

Just when the Remdikians mobilized tanks to the front of the barrack, a figure walked out of the door
with a long flaming stick.

Behind Jonathan, smoke billowed from the barrack. He stood within the golden shield, his face devoid
of expression.

“You all want to battle? Fine, then. The number of casualties doesn’t matter.”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In a flash, two broken blades flew out. While Zebedee’s magical item couldn’t compare to Heaven
Sword, it was still exceedingly powerful.

Consequently, the tank splintered into three parts as though it was made of paper.

Jonathan raised his right hand, and two broken blades shot out once more.

Four broken blades spun in the sky, slashing down at the tank.

Not only was the entire tank promptly reduced to pieces, but the Remdikian soldiers weren’t spared

“I hereby declare war, starting with the lot of you!”

Jonathan’s tone was even, but he lifted his hand and hurled out another three broken blades.

At the sight of the seven blades twirling in the air above the man’s head and the tank that had been
hashed into scraps at the side, the Remdikian soldiers backed away with horror etched across their

Unfortunately, it was too late for them to escape.

Flames consumed the barrack at Jonathan’s back. Standing in front of the inferno, he unhurriedly
waved his right hand.

“Kill them all!”

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