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Chapter 693

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What Plan Exactly

In the dark night, the whole of Redlington’s military base was brightly lit. Jonathan wandered around
the place with seven broken blades slicing through the air around him, taking one life after another.

He wasn’t an innate elite of God Realm, and he had several narrow brushes with death during the
previous battles.

With Dragon Guards paving the way alongside Zachary, Dorian, Hayes, Hades, Sabino, and the others
by his side, they had all helped him to fend off countless bullets.

But at present, Zachary was heavily injured while Dorian was in a coma. On top of that, he had even
witnessed Sabino’s agonizing death a while ago. In the end, the final shred of sanity within him
snapped. Boom!

Upon realizing that bullets and conventional weapons couldn’t injure Jonathan, the troops near
Redlington finally began mobilizing the tanks and various heavy firepower.

But with the protection afforded by the bronze handbell, Jonathan didn’t even have to dodge. Instead,
he charged toward the gunfire madly.

An armor-piercing bullet hit the golden shield before Jonathan head-on. Blood spurted into the air, and
the man flew backward, crashing heavily into the barrack a distance away.

The Remdikian soldiers stared at the barrack warily. In the next second, golden light illuminated the
entire night sky. Blurring into an afterimage, Jonathan rushed out and leaped onto the tank.


The long stick in his hand burst into flames, and he smashed it onto the tank’s steel plate forcefully.

Like a child’s toy, the unique steel plate that could withstand a cannonball shattered with a single blow.

At the same time, the seven broken blades that had fallen to the ground because Jonathan had been
wounded flew up again and started a new round of massacre.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions rang out from beside him.

However, he had long since left his initial spot, streaking away in a blur of motion.

“This is the war you wanted!”

He pitched the flaming stick in his hand, turning a dozen soldiers ahead who hadn’t fled in time into a
mess of flesh and blood.

“I’m giving you a war! I hereby declare war upon Remdik! I’m going to kill all of you! Every one of you
has to die!”

Alongside a thunderous roar, Jonathan morphed into Grim Reaper himself. Zipping through the troops,
he slaughtered Remdikian soldiers tirelessly.

In the face of someone of God Realm, ordinary people were no more than ants.

When the person was a cultivator of God Realm, he could only be stopped with a frontal hit by large-
scale weapons or the presence of another cultivator complemented by advanced sniper equipment.

Otherwise, it was difficult to inflict a fatal injury on a cultivator of a high rank.

The same went for Jonathan then.

It was no longer a battle but a one-sided decimation.

By then, the man was already showing signs of entering a frenzied state.

Redlington’s military base had also turned into a true hell on earth.

On the mountain at the side, Karl and the others were likewise craving blood.

As for Remdik, Aidan and the others launched a frenzied attack on Karl and the rest, led by Vicador.

In truth, other than Karl on Chanaea’s side, Morris, Xavion, and Sirius hadn’t planned on joining the
battle between the two countries in the beginning.

Alas, no one believed that they had no malicious intentions when they set up an ambush near the
military base.

At Aidan and the others’ indiscriminate attacks, they hadn’t any opportunity to explain, even if they
wanted to do so.

Furthermore, anyone would be prideful after having attained such high cultivation as them.

Being part of society, they naturally wanted respect and dignity.

Thus, an attack had them disdainful to make any explanations.

Instead, they responded by doing the same.

In the blink of an eye, all eight men were entangled in battle. Brushing past each other, they even
struck out at the person beside them every so often, enjoying themselves greatly.

Without warning, a series of explosions rang out from the military camp below the mountain.

Aidan swung his gaze over, only to see that the entire military camp was already blanketed in thick

Below the mountain, Jonathan, who was in a bloodlust, could no longer be bothered to conceal his
spiritual energy. Moreover, his spiritual energy was explosive due to the blazing fury within him right
then, blasting outward.

Even someone two or three kilometers away could sense it, much less those on the mountain.

“This aura… It’s Jonathan Goldstein!” Aidan exclaimed.

At that, the expressions of Antoine and Alexander, who had fought with Jonathan earlier, also changed

All three of them were well aware of the man’s cultivation level. After all, they almost perished from his
secret technique at River Onxy.

Therefore, the ordinary soldiers at the military camp were undoubtedly in great peril.

“Hold them back!” Vicador roared.

The troops at Redlington were his personal army. As such, his reign as the general would draw to an
end if Jonathan were to annihilate them all.

However, Karl and the others were long-established elites of God Realm.

In the ranks of cultivators in Chanaea, especially, none acted like Aidan and company, letting loose and
making merry after breaking through God Realm. Contrarily, most embarked on the path of
enlightenment and assiduous cultivation.

They all mastered a myriad of methods and had more than an ace up their sleeves.

When they were fighting one-on-one earlier, all four of them didn’t go all out, but they could still deal
with Aidan and the others.

Hence, it was a golden opportunity now that Vicador was all anxious about the military base below the
mountain, abandoning Aidan and the others to deal with Karl and the rest.

“Guys, let’s team up and kill all three of them! Then, the situation at Doveston will be resolved!”

A gleam glinted in Karl’s eyes, and he charged at Aidan with his saber in hand.

They were old acquaintances who had been guarding opposing sides of River Onxy for seven years.
Previously, the latter even orchestrated the Battle of River Onxy that shook the world.

It went without saying that such a deep grudge couldn’t be contained in hand-to-hand combat.

Two afterimages collided before both attacked the other’s Achilles heel frantically as though they had
lost their minds.

At the side, Antoine and Alexander braced themselves for a simultaneous attack by the three remaining
men. Unexpectedly, the danger they anticipated didn’t come to pass.

Conversely, Morris, who stood on the outermost, stared down the mountain in the direction Vicador had
left with his mace in hand.

In the next heartbeat, white snow scattered into the air as he blurred and streaked down the mountain.

“Don’t go, Vicador! Battle me instead!”

His cry was thunderous, but Xavion and Sirius understood his underlying intentions.

Hah! He isn’t chasing after Vicador but capitalizing on the chaos to finish Jonathan off and bring about
Asura’s Office’s destruction! While he looks pretty simple and honest, he’s capable of stabbing others
in the back when he’s up to his tricks!

Subsequently, Xavion asked Sirius placidly, “Sirius, Lauryn has probably sent news about Jonathan
back to the Blackwood family, yes? What’s your choice? To collaborate with the Osborne family or step
up on your own?”

“Is that any of your business?”

Tapping a leg onto the ground lightly, Sirius sidestepped Alexander and Antoine in front of him and
rushed down the mountain as well.

However, no one knew whether he intended to protect Jonathan or planned to eliminate the man, like

Seeing that, Xavion no longer hesitated either. He likewise charged toward the base at breakneck
speed, drawing even with Sirius.

Meanwhile, Karl and Aidan were still in a life-and-death battle on the mountain. Antoine and Alexander,
on the other hand, were wholly stumped.

“What plan exactly does this bunch of Chanaeans have?”

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