Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 683

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Whoosh As a piercing sound tore through the air, Sabino instinctively raised his gun and shot at the
silhouette in the distance.

A shower of sparks flew out, but the silhouette merely waved a hand and conjured a massive shield to
deflect all the bullets.

The javelin accurately penetrated the ship’s hull, and to Sabino’s surprise, there was also a long rope
attached to it.

At the same time, the silhouette that had mysteriously appeared grabbed the rope and began surfing
the waves with the shield.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Loud, crisp gunshots instantly rang out as Two fired his sniper rifle from the highest
point of the cruise ship’s mast.

To his surprise, the mysterious man swayed from side to side and expertly dodged all the bullets. Since
the man was inching closer to the Medev, Sabino hastily grabbed his dagger and jumped off the ship.

Once he had a good grip on the javelin, he hung from it and started hacking away at the rope.

Despite being twenty meters away, it didn’t take long before the Remdik cultivator figured out what
Sabino was trying to do. How could he not when the rope shook violently with every slash of the

The next second, the cultivator ditched his shield and leaped up, only to land firmly on the ship.

“How dare you!” Sabino shouted as he drew his spear and made a beeline for the Remdikian. D*mn it!
That man’s a beginner phase Grandmaster like me!

“Awoo!” With a terrifying roar, the Remdik cultivator’s muscles swelled rapidly, but what proved to be
even more shocking was when brown fur began sprouting all over his body.

In the blink of an eye, the strapping Remdikian had morphed into a half-man, half-wolf monster.
Undeterred, Sabino gripped his spear and thrust it toward the werewolf’s chest. Huh? Is that

Alas, the werewolf merely roared and swiped at the spear tip with its sharp claws.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Within seconds, the razor-sharp spear had been smashed into pieces while the
werewolf remained unscathed.

Then, it swiftly lashed out at Sabino and clawed his chest.

Bang! Following the gunshot, a bullet ripped through the werewolf’s shoulder and tore out a chunk of
flesh. As it turned out, it was Two who had fired the shot.

He got a perfect view of his target when Sabino was attacked and knew he had to take immediate
action. Unfortunately, the shot did nothing more than send the monster into a complete frenzy.

Now that the deck had been shattered, the werewolf sprung up and charged at Two.

Without further ado, the latter jumped down, turned around mid-air, and fired another shot at the


The recoil from the sniper rifle was so strong that it flung Two out of the cruise ship.

Thankfully, Sabino grabbed his friend’s belt in the nick of time and tossed him back onto the ship aisle.

“I’ll stop the werewolf. You guys retreat with Layla and Killian!”

“We’re on a ship, for goodness’ sake! Where the hell can I retreat to?” Two grumbled as he scampered

Just as the werewolf was about to give chase, Sabino raised his dagger and stabbed it in its back.

“I’m your enemy! Come at me!” he thundered before jabbing the werewolf below its right rib.

The werewolf tried reaching behind to claw at Sabino, but the latter was too agile and easily evaded it.

Overwhelmed by the excruciating pain, the werewolf let out a ferocious howl.


With that, two other wolf howls suddenly rang out from the shore.

Sabino promptly turned around, only to see two men running along the shore as they chased after the
cruise ship.

Following their howls, the men leaped into the air and transformed into half-man, half-wolf monsters.
Now that their speeds had more than doubled, they became faster than ever.

Sabino looked toward the river bank, and when he saw the bridge overarching the Lerner River, he
immediately knew what the werewolves had in mind.

“Abandon ship!” Sabino shouted into his communication device. “I want everyone to abandon ship this

Those two werewolves are also in the Grandmaster Realm. If they get to the bridge before us, there’s
no doubt they can board the Medev with just one leap. I’m the only Grandmaster on my team, and I
sure as hell won’t be able to fend off three werewolves at the same time.

Back on the deck, the werewolf stared coldly at Sabino before dashing toward both sides of the ship.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Seconds later, the wire ropes attached to the lifeboats broke entirely.

Even though winter had only just begun in Remdik, the temperature had already fallen thirty degrees
below zero.

If there weren’t any lifeboats, plunging into the icy waters would undoubtedly lead to hypothermia and

Therefore, it was clear that the werewolf was out to destroy all escape routes for everyone on the ship.

Naturally, the entire situation left Sabino feeling like he was at his wits’ end.

I started with fifty members in Blood Squad, but now, only eight are left. In another three hours or so, I’d
be able to disembark near Redlington and safely transfer Layla and Killian. I hate that we have to run
into so many problems! No. I won’t allow my mission to be ruined!

“Turn the ship around and travel upstream. No matter what, we can’t go past the bridge. Otherwise,
we’ll all die!” Sabino ordered before charging at the werewolf.


As Sabino unleashed his force field, an invisible ring of spiritual energy instantly surrounded the

However, the effect quickly dissipated because Sabino was too stunned by his discovery.

Wait a minute… The werewolf doesn’t know how to use force fields!

Alas, the werewolf decided not to waste any more time fighting with the man and made a mad dash for
the control room.

“Stop right there!” Sabino shouted as he once again unleashed his force field.

This time around, however, he didn’t want to freeze the werewolf entirely. Instead, he used his spiritual
energy to bind its feet, sending it crashing onto the deck.


The next second, Sabino lunged at the werewolf and prepared to stab his dagger into the back of its

Just as he managed to do so, the werewolf broke free of the restraints and body-slammed itself into

The latter crashed into the railings as waves of pain washed over him.

Meanwhile, the werewolf pulled the dagger out of its shoulder and glared at Sabino.

“You’re too weak!” he scoffed before picking the man up and throwing him at the control room door.

Right when Sabino crashed into the door, a ball of spiritual energy enveloped him and gently lifted him
into the air.

The werewolf immediately looked up, only to see a man in white standing atop the cruise ship.

“Are you Sabino Quirrell? Karl Hamilton sent me here to assist you. Are his wife and kid still alive?”
Stellario asked while looking at the tracker in his hand.

Having sensed the man’s scarily powerful fluctuations of spiritual energy, Sabino curled his lips into a

“You’ve come at the perfect time, Sir. Any later, and we’d all be dead.”

“Just doing my job.”

With that, Stellario glanced around the ship and casually popped a ball of black matter into Sabino’s

“That’s the egg of a Lupine bug. Even though it’s poisonous, it won’t kill you and will even help ease
your pain. Sit back and relax for now. I’ll handle the rest.”

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